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  1. NoobNeb

    Razers Edge

    I really like this case but if I owned one I would do something about the front panel because I think it would look better without any break for an odd even if it is slimline it still stops it from being a smooth panel. It's just a small thing but maybe another window?? cause the stock paint is really nice so filler and then paint might not be the best option, I don't know maybe it's just me
  2. the sooner we see it without the stock cooler the better, you made pretty much the same choices as I would heave had I the money love the look of the rig so far can't wait to see how it shapes up :)
  3. Not a big fan of that Phobya test bench cause it's a bit industrial for my taste but please moaaar pics :D
  4. love your build and room but just can't take that case seriously
  5. Thanks :D as everybody has said it looks awesome, that HyperX red is really nice not too common either
  6. mmm nice, give us a shot facing in from the side directly??
  7. yay look forward to the update lovely rig, let us know what you think of the accelero too after you've used it for a while :)
  8. Equally it's worth remounting before you start an RMA just in case, also would I be wrong in thinking there's an issue with the mounting of the H100i in general?? Think I heard it during some of the Haswell coverage so it might only be to do with mounting to Haswell chips but still could just be a few washers to fix it if it's a general fault.
  9. lol probably the most significant factor in fairness :P It's coming along nicely, gonna look reaaal nice when it's done. Any reason for the 860W PSU though?? Seems a pretty high wattage for Sandybridge + a single GPU.
  10. This project is awesome read it for the first time today and will definitely be keeping up with it now. The amount of time you're spending on sleeving is insane :O This is going to look amazing though love Case Labs and the SR2.
  11. awesome sauce Twitter: https://twitter.com/BenGHarrington + Tweet: https://twitter.com/BenGHarrington/status/350932455349428225