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  • CPU
    i7 4770k@4.7Ghz 1.285v
  • Motherboard
    Gigabyte z87 Sniper m5
  • RAM
    g.skill 2133 cl9 16gb
  • GPU
    MSI GTX 1080ti LIGHTNING X (LN2-BIOS) @1.031v 2050Mhz 12214Mhz gddr5x
  • Case
    Corsair 350d
  • Storage
    Samsung 840 pro 256gb, Seagate SSHD 1TB
  • PSU
    Corsair RM 750
  • Display(s)
    Neovo L-W24
  • Cooling
    Corsair H110 with Noctua NF-A14 fans
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    Gigabyte Aivia Osmium (MX Brown)
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    Gigabyte GM-M8000X Ghost Xtreme Gaming Mouse
  • Sound
    Logitech Z313

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  1. maybe you can use the Asus XOC 1080ti BIOS it goes up to 1.2v. But i dont know if you can use it on a FE card. Be carefull. I have a MSI lightning and with the LN2 BIOS i can go up to 1.165 but voltages dont help with clock for me its the temps that are the factor with me. I can sustain 2101 if i hold the card under 47 C which i cant to with the 1.093v it requires. So i use 1.031v with 2050 perfectly stable. and with 1093 2050 istn stable because the temps rise and it crashes. These pascal cards are something strange to OC and totally different what i have been use to in the p
  2. Use the bottom picture one. It is the correct one. //tip: look at how the shape of the conector plastic pins are cut closely, if it fits you cant fail because its designed fool proof gl with your pc
  3. since my 780 sli performs same as an 980ti in sli optimized games i want HBM2 (1180ti ???) on my next card and 150% of an 1080 performance... for that i would pay ~800eur
  4. i would reseat the GPU's and try a different SLI cable, i had same isues with an SLI cable, make sure it sits or flip it the other way around...
  5. do you have the options voltage control and others checked in settings? If yes and still its greyed and cant adjust it you will need a new BIOS. just follow instructions and use nvflash... (make sure to use the correct bios for your PCB and revision else you can brick your card) I have my 2x780 both with new bios one is MSI one is ASUS, they both go to 1.212v with the new bios, the core of the 780ti is the same so should also go safely to that.
  6. 1. your old gt 9400 must have a dvi port, does the monitor work with that? If not, your dvi cable or the dvi on your monitor went... probably... 2. can you connect your pc to another monitor/TV maybe borow or carry your pc to friend to try it out or smth?
  7. with 4770k @4.7 with corsair H110 gtx 780 SLI @ 1150, 7012 1x arctic hybrid cooled, 1x asus directcu ii (max TDP of 780 is 250W) 1xSSD 1xSSHD total 7 fans i pull a max of 580w from the wall, i use a corsair RM750 i consider it to be safe, dont want to come even near the 100w headroom i rather stay well away
  8. no reviews yet but for leaks the rx 460 scored 7700ish in 3dmark 11 for the 750ti the score is 5640. The price for the rx 460 is set at 99$ so it should own the low budget gaming FPS/$
  9. yea good idea, but maybe wait for the new radeon cards that are comming out as @herman mcpootis said
  10. i have a g3258 @4.5 on a Asrock b85m pro4, i could go higher if i had water on that machine, but with a tower cooler and 1.2v its nice
  11. np well yea OC depends if your mobo will let you, and how many OC setting it will let you adjust, if its a oem HP, IBM mobo then OC is usually not possible. I meant a tower cooler, no need for water.
  12. Get a good used 775 cooler and overclock the q6600 to 3,2 ghz-ish and the 750ti will be a perfect combination i had a Q6600 once, it was a huge difference in performance from 2.4 to 3.2. And aim for a Q6600 SLACR - they overclock easier.
  13. GT-750TI and any decent brand 500w PSU and/or just go to a budget AMD or g3258, i3 rig, the q6600 is getting old...
  14. i have it and its very good, mine is 4.5 at 1.2v could do even more. Its paired with an gtx 680. This is my guest friend PC, its nice at 1080p, but at games like Black Desert (MMORPG) and other CPU intensive scenario game it hickups very bad droping fps from near i7 levels to very low levels and back up... I admit the G3258 is a very good budget CPU but if you play racing games and other none intensive games is OK, with mmorpg's like you will lose your mind...