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  1. Its a MSI Z97 S02, which i believe is some kind of special edition from one of the retailers in Sweden.
  2. I checked from my router and it wasnt showing up.
  3. I mean i have one, which i used for the install, but its pretty loud and annoying so i'd rather not have it. My motherboard sadly has no video outs so i couldnt use the igpu
  4. Hey, just finished installing proxmox, however after removing my GPU that i used for the install my server simply doesnt seem to boot up. It doesnt show up on my network and you cant reach the control panel. If i put the GPU back it works just fine though. Is this some kind of limitation of proxmox or is there some kind of setting somewhere that iam missing?
  5. One server with multiple VMs is definitely the way to go, if you go with the VM route you'd want to use some kind of VM OS, like unraid, proxmox etc. If you need more network speed depends on what you do, if you do a lot of big file transfers or high res video editing you could probably use more, 10gbit can be expensive though. SSDs are probably too expensive to hold all your data, so HDDs for mass storage is probably better, although 1 SSD for things that needs the extra speed is nice to have. Buying a used server like R710 or somthing seems pretty popular around here, other than that if you have old desktop parts that works as well, as long as its not too ancient.
  6. Are you just doing this over a network share? definitely seems weird. Have you tried another video player?
  7. Should easily be doable on the 4670, before i put a 4770k in mine i used a AMD Phenom II x4 for some similar tasks and it worked just fine. OS is up to you, but for the most part i dont think you will notice any big difference between the linux ones, other than some difference in commands if you do something thats not debian based. If you havent used a linux command line before though there will most likely be a bit of a learning curve. Genreally security isnt that big of a deal since the majority of your services will just run locally, but the worst thing would probably be a DDOS attack since you are using your home connection, but you usually have to piss someone off for that to ever happen. Of course doing the obvious things like not running things as root and what not will help to keep the security up also.
  8. Well i wasnt sure and i had no way to check them individually so the store i bought them at just told me to send everything pretty much and they would test it. From what they told me it was the motherboard. Im not sure i understand exactly what you mean, but if i remove the cooler then there is still space and wobble yes. It should be the correct ones as i have the rest of the mounting parts stored away and the ones i showed are the only ones i have. It does feel like a issue with the standoffs but i have so many questions. Like, isnt the backplate supposed to be mounted by it self somehow? from watching build videos it seems like it is pretty rigid while they are mounting the standoffs. The only thing i can do is pretty much stick it through the 4 holes on the motherboard and nothing more. And it does seem like a lot of places shows standoffs like these, however i dont have those.
  9. Hello! So recently i had to send in my motherboard, cpu and ram for RMA as one of them were making my PC unable to boot. And so now that i got my stuff back the motherboard came back with the backplate off from the motherboad, now im unable to mount it correctly. From what i remember this thing used to be able to sit on the motherboard without my CPU cooler being on, however im not able to do that anymore, it feels like im missing some mounting parts or something. The screws are definitely screwed in tight, i even went a bit harder than i usually would. This is what it looks like when i've used all the screws and parts i have available (not secured properly) The related specs are: AMD Ryzen 1700x Asus Prime X370 Pro Kraken X62 CPU Cooler These are the things im using to try and mount it: If you need any more pictures or info to help me fix this let me know and i can provide. Ty in advance.
  10. Can you upload the log file from OBS? If you press help -> logfiles -> upload last
  11. It will be fine, CPUs really dont break just because they get pushed to their limit.
  12. Proxmox looks nice, i might give that a go to start with.
  13. Hey! So i recently sent in my mobo+cpu+ram for warranty which i now have gotten back. The problem i have is that i got it back with my back plate taken off, and im pretty sure i sent it in with it on, and i dont know how to put it back properly. I've done some googling but i cant really find anything helpful. So the relevant specs are: Mobo: ASUS Prime x370 Pro CPU: Ryzen 7 1700x Cooler: NZXT Kraken X62 I have mounted it somewhat, but it doesnt really feel "secure" its like the backplate is supposed to be attached to something which i dont have. Basically what i did to attach it is i took the backplate, stuck it through the holes on the motherboard and screwed in the standoffs to the backplate. Then put the pump onto the standoffs and screwed it on. Heres a video of what i mean when i say it doesnt feel secure And this is what the backplate looks like: https://i.imgur.com/mS3sEYR.jpg https://i.imgur.com/SSpo84l.jpg Is this right and am i just being worried about nothing? i just dont remember it being this loose before.
  14. I dont really have a "real server" so to say, it's just consumer parts serving the server role. I'll look into compatability though since i use a i7 4670k but i would assume the hypervisors arent super picky. And that's good about the raid array, i dont really have any solutions to move my existing one over so if i just can mount it again that would be great.
  15. Hi! I've been planning on moving my current setup, which is just a linux debian setup, and move over to some kind of hypervisor, and just turn it into a VM pretty much. However i do have some questions, the first one would be which hypervisor should i go for? my plan is to just have my server as it is already, just as a VM instead, and then have the ability to start up a windows VM if i need something that cant be run on linux. I havent really looked into hypervisors too much outside of hyper-v The second concern is that i have a linux software raid setup for my storage, will i be able to mount that in the VM ?