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    Intel i5 4440
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    Some Random Asus Board
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    8GB Hyper X Fury (Blue)
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    Gtx 980 Inno3D Reference
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    NZXT S330 Elite Black and Red
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    1TB HHD, 128GB SSD, 10TB Barracuda Pro Seagate HDD, 500GB Seagate HDD
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    Seasonic 750W 80+ Gold Semi-Modular
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    ViewSonic VX2263smhl 21.5"
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    Hyper 212 Evo and NFF12 LTT Fans
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    Anne pro RGB Bluetooth 60% With Gateron brown switches
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    Roccat Kova
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    Windows 10 Home

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  1. Are you just using this system for gaming?
  2. msi repair

    It can depend on where in the country you are for the pick up time, the repair time can't really be estimated so nobody here would be able to give you a exact time frame, if you need one then its much better to contact MSI customer support
  3. I don't really believe that you actually own this card, a article was posted in 2015 on PC Authority and featured the exact images that are in your post. I guess its a good thing I used google like you recommended.
  4. From my previous experience its likely a issue with memory, a solution for now would be to run a stress test 24/7 so your computer is not idling ever.
  5. My Hyper 212 evo didn't come with an Am4 bracket, if it doesn't then you can contact cooler-master and they will likely ship you one, free of charge, providing you have proof of purchase.
  6. What country is it being shipped to? Just so that we can look on websites that ship to your region
  7. Very little cheating from what I've experienced, although it does exist. The community varies between games, sometimes you get a nice team, many other times its like any other Fps filled with people shouting and intentionally trying to ruin your game. But overall, it is a fun game, the operators can be expensive and require alot of grinding to unlock (Past the base operators) but if you enjoy playing with some of the base ones then thats not really a deciding factor. Fun game, ok community, I would say its worth it.
  8. Humble Bundle Partnership

    Nice to see there are more ways in which we can give back to you guys, will defiantly be making use of this soon!
  9. So while I personally cannot answer this question, I asked my friend who recently setup a freenas machine. He has a Q6600 overclocked to 3Ghz, a Gtx 560 and 8Gb of ddr2 Ram, according to him the machine works perfectly for backups and file sharing, however he recommends getting a Cpu that supports ddr3 as it can help during large file transfers.
  10. Friends screen is a 90's Mess

    Nevermind, we ended up fixing the issue
  11. Friends screen is a 90's Mess

    Nope, the refresh rate is correct, tried changing it to be sure when I was troubleshooting earlier but didn't change anything.
  12. Friends screen is a 90's Mess

    Tried different cables, didn't change anything. Used the cable on another device and work fine, plugged pc into a different display and it worked fine, plugged a different device into monitor and it worked fine. Already reinstalled the drivers and don't have any parts in hand.
  13. Friends screen is a 90's Mess

    They used the tool that was located on nvidia's website to uninstall the drivers. It is not overclockeded. This was a issue before reinstalling the drivers.
  14. Swapping Graphics Cards (solved)

    Looks great!
  15. So my friends monitor decided to go back to the 90's and add some colour to his screen, anybody know what the issue could be? Tried installing new drivers for the graphics card but had no affect, also tried a new monitor, it didn't have the rainbow issue and tried a different hdmi device on the monitor below and it worked.