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  1. That's on response of what I said or a comparason to the mobo-cpu link that I said before?
  2. The idea is a CPU with decent high frequencies, ddr4 and price around 200$
  3. I found this one and looks pretty decent: Kllisre-placa base X99 D4, combo con Xeon E5 2678 V3 LGA2011-3 CPU, 4 Uds. X 4GB = 16GB 2400MHz, memoria DDR4 ECC https://es.aliexpress.com/item/1005001287701107.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.50c863c0VfOFEo
  4. I "fixed" it. I used the DVI-HDMI cable I had (HDMI on monitor, DVI on GPU) and everything looks smooth and perfect
  5. PSS: apparently resolution goes crazy when there is a screen on that monitor; if I move everything to the TV one and turn it off and then back on, it stays on 2K, but if there is a thing on the Asus (like a Chrome window), even if it's minimized, it goes dumb-mode 640p when I turn it off and then back on
  6. I'm gonna use it on another PC. This is my workstation and 1050 Ti works a tiny bit better with Premiere Pro
  7. Hellou!!! Today I swaped the GPU of my PC. I went from a RX 580 to a 1050 Ti. I'm using an Asus Monitor PB278 27" and a Sony TV as my secondary monitor. So everytime I watch a movie or something, I turn off the Asus (since I watch it on the TV). Problem comes today when I try to turn back on the Asus and the resolution goes from 2560x1440 to 640x480...every single time!!! I re-installed the nVidia drivers but nothing changed. Anyone has any idea why this happen and how to fix it? PS: Main monitor is on DP and TV on HDMI PSS: apparently resolution goes crazy when there
  8. Hellouuu there!! ^^ So I kinda wanna have a comparasson of a standard gaming PC and a Xeon one, but there is SOOO MANY models that I'm going nuts already. So I decided to come here for global wisdom. Budget for the CPU should be around 50-60$ so I'm open for the best models around that price. Thank you all in advance
  9. I'm doing recording in 4K but my timeline is in 1080p at this point. So according to what you said maybe it's a bit pointless to go for a 2nd NVMe. I also have a Ryzen 7 1700 with 16Gb of RAM
  10. Hellou there!! So I've been checking online ways to increase the performance of working with Premiere, and I've seen than some people use a secondary EXCLUSIVE NVMe just to locate all project files, and some even a third one just for the Cache files. My question now is: how much of a difference is from going one single NVMe to two or three?? Right now I've a 970 EVO Plus for everything. Maybe I should mention that my video editing skills are very basic, and so my workflow. Also I record in 4K with my Sony a6300 Thanks in advance!
  11. That is one of the options that I have, among the Mi 10T Lite Pixel 3a uses the same sensor than Xiaomi's Mi 8, which is an old version. Is it better than the new Sony's sensors that are getting used now, like in the Poco x3 ?
  12. Better a Samsung than Xiaomi? I thought quality-price-performance Xiaomi was waaay better. iPhones are out of the picture on this case
  13. Hellou there!! I'm looking to buy a new phone, since my Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 is getting kinda old. The two things I'm looking for is for it to have a GOOD photo/video camera and good battery. My budget is around 250€ Thanks in advance!!
  14. I ended up using iCue. Apparently Dragon Center is supposed to work with this mobo, but I had no time to find out why it didn't. Thank you all for the help <3