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  1. GPU was instaled on main PCIe; I tried to put it on the other PCI but no work
  2. Hellou there!! I'm having an issue. I have this MSI mobo with a very old HD4350 GPU and a XPG S11 240Gb NVMe. I just bought a Corsair MP600 to install on the other M.2 connector but it doesn't recognize it. If I remove the other NVMe, then it does. Why does that happen? Thanks in advance
  3. PS: I've seen this graphic, and 970 has more NVEC apparently but some down the road....no idea what it means though
  4. I have both cards right here, so buying a M5000 is out of the picture for the moment. Also I play from once on a while
  5. Hellouu!!! I was wondering which one of this two might be better for video editing on Premiere Pro at 4K 100Mb/s. Thank you all in advance!
  6. That's on response of what I said or a comparason to the mobo-cpu link that I said before?
  7. The idea is a CPU with decent high frequencies, ddr4 and price around 200$
  8. I found this one and looks pretty decent: Kllisre-placa base X99 D4, combo con Xeon E5 2678 V3 LGA2011-3 CPU, 4 Uds. X 4GB = 16GB 2400MHz, memoria DDR4 ECC https://es.aliexpress.com/item/1005001287701107.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.50c863c0VfOFEo
  9. I "fixed" it. I used the DVI-HDMI cable I had (HDMI on monitor, DVI on GPU) and everything looks smooth and perfect
  10. PSS: apparently resolution goes crazy when there is a screen on that monitor; if I move everything to the TV one and turn it off and then back on, it stays on 2K, but if there is a thing on the Asus (like a Chrome window), even if it's minimized, it goes dumb-mode 640p when I turn it off and then back on
  11. I'm gonna use it on another PC. This is my workstation and 1050 Ti works a tiny bit better with Premiere Pro
  12. Hellou!!! Today I swaped the GPU of my PC. I went from a RX 580 to a 1050 Ti. I'm using an Asus Monitor PB278 27" and a Sony TV as my secondary monitor. So everytime I watch a movie or something, I turn off the Asus (since I watch it on the TV). Problem comes today when I try to turn back on the Asus and the resolution goes from 2560x1440 to 640x480...every single time!!! I re-installed the nVidia drivers but nothing changed. Anyone has any idea why this happen and how to fix it? PS: Main monitor is on DP and TV on HDMI PSS: apparently resolution goes crazy when there