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  1. the whole point of the software is the fact that it shows the performance across the disk platter, there isnt really anything else out there like this
  2. So i found out about this program called HDtune, and it scans across the surface of a disk and tells you the performance as the head goes from the inside to the outside of the disk i thought i should try that on a raid that i have 4 600GB 15K RPM SAS drives Raid 1+0 so the low access time is pretty explainable, but whats with the wonky graph? does the Raid controller make some disks go outside - in and inside -out for performance or something???
  3. welp, i dont use reddit or anything else really so this is my last place to turn to for help. I lost my wallet 2 days ago and i still cant find it. Im getting extremely pissed and angry because i know for a fact that i came out of the car and i felt my wallet in pocket as i took off my shoes inside. But i cant remember ANYTHING after that at all, even after 2 days. I've checked my entire room and all my cloths, and all around the front door and i still cant find it. Im starting to think maybe it literally moved on its own plz help.
  4. yeah didnt like 4k, none of the players did....i guess its really just a chipset limitation.
  5. tried 1080p at 80mbit and it worked fine! 80 might be too high for 1080p but it works
  6. Banned for mentioning the Spartans which reminds people of the movie 300 and made everyone feel really out of shape.
  7. the problem is new ultra-books with the exception of Thinkpads dont have docking stations...note that ideapads Dont have docking stations
  8. a slightly older dell precision workstation laptop u can find on ebay with the docking station is pretty cheap and is very powerfull (but not too big or too hot or any of the problems gaming computers have)
  9. can you tell if it is failing and it wants to keep retrying? also just diable windows update, u dont have to update..just do it once every 2 months or somthiing
  10. u dont have to use it, doesnt take up even a gigabyte of space, also the older programs im talking about obviously are THAT old, what i mean by old is enterprise applications and hardware that could have been made even fairly recently. Even my newish Brother mfc-7360n printer that has a web interface works best with IE and doesnt like chrome or any of the other stuff
  11. well edge the edge compatibility mode only works because the old IE is there and it uses runtimes and components of IE...so if you remove IE, edge compatability doesnt work either
  12. I recoreded the 4K video with a samsung galaxy s9, and even if i just transfer over the bare video from the s9 directly to the a10e it still doesnt like it.
  13. it has an 8 core Arm cpu soo i donno...doesnt make sense
  14. They wont remove IE because there are legacy applications that are ActiveX powered and also servers that have remote management like iLO2 and iDRAC also work best with IE and they dont want to break compatibility.
  15. the chome based edge replaces the old edge but internet explorer 11 is still included in windows 10 and is totally separate
  16. ima be honest with you, used windows 10 since it came out and never once gave me trouble, You CAN COMPLETLY disable windows update in windows 10. You can do this through the Group Policy editor if you have windows 10 pro, Or if you have home, you can disable the WIndows update service in services and in the registry editor pretty easily. Most system stability issues come from 3rd party software and also if the user shuts down the system while it is updating, in which case its not windows 10's fault.
  17. So I made a 4K video with Adobe Premier Pro and exported it in these settings: H.264, 4K 59.94 Frame rate, CBR 80mbps I transferred over the 45 second 4K video over to my mothers phone (Samsung Galaxy A10e with andriod 9). And when i try the play the video on that phone it plays the audio, but there is just a black screen and it says unsupported Video codec. I downloaded VLC and VLC also did the same thin, played audio fine, but it says unsupported video codec. plz halp.
  18. Can i copy over the entire Outlook file from appdata from my old computer and put it in this one, then start outlook and hopefully it detects it??
  19. But it asks me to make an account so i cant skip this …
  20. So this is Outlook 2019, I cant sign into google because the tiny little window that outlook brings up seems to be internet explorer based, but when i open an IE tab, I CAN sign into google. SO the issue is not the browser.
  21. If the hub has its own dedicated power input separate from the data input then its most likely fine, and if the product doesn't feel overly cheap.
  22. weird because i have chrome...firefox...steam...office..vlc working fine...oh well
  23. all bsod's have a stop code thats like 0x00000007b or something...can you give us the code?