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  1. ................................................
  2. Thank you for the info, I was looking at the settings and explanation from startpage and I am impressed, a lot of nice features and it saves settings with no email or signing in but having the same results as google is not interesting to me, google filters a lot of pages, I want more results not less. I thought encrypted google had something with more secure connection but it seems to be the same as https google except for more control on leaking info to http sites or going to http ads, still good to know, thanks again
  3. Not expert here but that does not sound like my whiny PSU, if I am not wrong about what I am hearing, it sound like a fan problem, wait for the experts
  4. Never did it, should have, what's your results/findings in general? For me google is longer what it used to be, it's a very capable company, no doubt, but since a very long time I started noticing that their results are getting less useful, too much "played with", also you notice how they they show you like 1 million results but if you keep clicking you only find 10 pages at best, what's that about? when they say 7 pages you click and they shrink to 3... the problem is the competition is very bad but I stopped researching new things on the internet, never even heard of startpage.
  5. I google DuckDuckgo even through I have it in bookmarks toolbar and also expect google have ways to know what sites I visit without using google, just to let then know I hate them She is at least contributing to her site rank?
  6. A plain text with passwords on "my" PC is safer than Lastpass Install a remote connection software on her PC with full control feature and prank her like those ransomware stuff, she will understand
  7. I was looking for articles about this and last thing I read is that Samsung built or already building a new facility/ies to cover the shortage and people were expecting decrease in price start from November/December which is not happening, some people are expecting it in March and some people say it will be gradual so to reach same prices as before, maybe a year and since DRAM 5 is on the way am not even sure we'll see a decrease in DRAM 3, the suggestion is buy and don't wait, who knows really.
  8. Record it if you can so people can understand.
  9. I rarely download new stuff, Google alone has 1/3 of the apps lol, I already mentioned that I am trying folders but I don't like folders, I will keep looking, maybe I will find what I need, thank you!
  10. It is set to custom and I am feeling like a person with Alzheimer, I keep flipping and flipping and miss the app I want 2-3 times, it's just not working, manual update is the normal for me, I never use automatic, isn't there an app to lock apps location, it should be part of Android system, you would expect more from Android in this regard.
  11. Domestic retailer? one of them selling Logitech G900 $224, that is not an option, that's a horror show
  12. Ah this is a waiting game, the problem with buying international is that you need everything to be on discount at the same time so you could save a fortune on shipping, can't buy one by one, what I am facing now is, the mouse pad is on discount but the ram isn't, the third item will be on discount after two days but mouse pad deal will be over, with free shipping that's cool, with costly shipping it doesn't work, for price history I use Keepa, it's way better than camelcamelcamel, you even get info about coming lightning deals, I am still new to these tools.
  13. Used it to join, not sure how this site works wit Amazon, it should have thousand of coupons for it to work
  14. Page 14, pick what you like from top, read the details and charts for more insight about what suit you http://www.av-comparatives.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/avc_prot_2017b_en.pdf
  15. I don't want a launcher, maybe I confused you talking about one, I just want an app that help me control app arrangement