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  1. In theory yes there is a small difference. This will only make a difference if you are making large file transfers between two devices on the local network and both are connected to a switch vs a router. These kinds of tasks don't have much of a load on the router anyways. You are better off connecting everything to the existing router because adding the switch may introduce a few more milliseconds of latency.
  2. You think windows 7 knows what nvme is lol update your os
  3. You are asking for a very niche product. I find myself using Disk Management for all of my basic needs and the cli diskpart for any advanced needs on windows. I always use clonezilla for cloning due to it's reliability and speed. Clonezilla would fix your disk sizing issue on migration, just clone the used sectors to the new drive and use disk management to expand the disk. On linux I love using gparted, and on OSX I just use the builtin Disk Utility. Why don't you like clonezilla? It can be a pain to boot if you do not know what you are doing, but after it is booted it just works everytime The only solution I see to your problem is an expensive hardware solution that will be out of date the day after you buy it
  4. Try to force a reboot after the screen goes black and boot back into Windows If it is still black reboot again and spam F8 as it is booting. You want to boot into safe mode and then install the latest drivers from the nvidia website If spamming F8 does not get you into safe mode force shut down the computer mid boot to get safe mode on the next boot If none of this works you will need to uninstall all of the software from nvidia and manually install the driver using Device Manager. You will also need to research how to stop Windows Update from updating the driver as well. But this scenario is unlikely and should be fixed above
  5. You might be able to buy bitcoin with Paypal
  6. Looks like you have the option between Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, or Bitcoin
  7. RIP have you tried begging and pleading on the phone lol
  8. I suggest getting this modem and this router From the research that I did here the modem should be supported by your ISP because it supports DOCSIS 3.0 but it wouldn't be a bad idea to call you ISP to make sure
  9. What internet speed are you promised? I'm trying to suggest a modem and separate router for you
  10. Your talking nsa level stuff lol
  11. Wat just wat I will try to decode what you are trying to say Format = Destroy all Data by getting rid of the partition table Safe = Save files you want If both of these are what you were meaning then you should manually copy all of the files you want to keep to an external drive and make sure you have the windows product key. Then put your windows installer disk in the computer, boot it up select custom mode and delete all of the partitions on the os drive, and proceed to install windows. Note you will lose all of your installed programs and any data you did not back up. There is no way for a virus to still be present if you go this route
  12. did not know about this will have too keep on my radar thanks!
  13. If you want new I would get a 250gb 850 evo. It is not high speed but is prob the best thing you can get at that price point. if used is ok I would scroll there is nothing in your price point right now, but if you look mid day tomorrow you might find something
  14. *I do not wish to be judged just throwing this out there if you are seriously looking for powerful system on the cheap. I love hardwareswap and have had good luck. If any of the items I have listed are not available they frequently show up and it just requires a quick search to find them. Be patient and hunt deals for about a week and you will have a very good build. Restrictions are dumb 5820k with decent cpu cooler and mobo $500 $200 Gtx980 $78 16GB of DDR4 $778 for a system running x99 5820K Gtx 980 16gb of DDR4 Just steal the power supply and case from your previous build
  15. Did some quick research and looks like you can add additional adapters