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    Asus x99 Deluxe U3.1
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    16GB (2x8GB) DDR4-2133
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  1. I would use a very small ssd for the os
  2. Could you have dark theme support on the Floatplane Club extension?

  3. I like the attached picture I learned something today!
  4. So you are mixing up two things interfaces and transfer standards. Interfaces: SATA supports IDE and AHCI M.2 supports AHCI and NVME PCIe supports AHCI and NVME Data transfer standards: AHCI: limited to 6 Gb/s NVME: limited to 32 Gb/s if using Pcie3.0x4 interface this is M.2's maximum speed Please Note: M.2 can be deceiving because not all M.2 slots support NVME
  5. Lol, Your welcome!
  6. Make sure secure boot and UFEI are disabled in your bios and reinstall windows
  7. best

    Please don't double post Format the drive using disk management. Delete all the partitions and then add one partition to take full advantage of the space
  8. best

    Do you want to keep the data on the HDD?
  9. Have you ever used thermal paste?
  10. You removed the bottleneck and latency of your wifi by connecting over ethernet. Allowing you to "hog" all the bandwidth easily. You can try throttling yourself by changing your ethernet adapter's link speed to 10Mbps/Full Duplex this will only work if your isp provides more than 10Mbps. If that is the case you will need to find other solutions to throttle yourself.
  11. What do you have coming out of the wall? Cable, Fiber, Ethernet, Phone line If cable or phone line buy a modem and router and it should work like residential internet access. If fiber I would suggest keeping their modem in place and have a router or switch behind it. If ethernet just connect a switch to get more ports or an access point to control your own wifi.
  13. Use clonezilla to clone your old 500gb hard drive to the new 500gb ssd
  14. Never mind i'm not used to that date format had to look that over a few times
  15. Fix your system date https is likely breaking