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  1. How do I get 2 pcs on different IPs to talk?

    If you can enable bridge mode on your ap
  2. Windows Server 2008 R2 Crashed

    If you have a fully operational backup, I would migrate to 2012R2 and call it done. Have you tried removing SEP to see if it is causing all of these issues?
  3. Remove DNS server from pfsense

    If pfsense is hosting its own DNS server or is caching DNS is the record refering to itself. AKA local host. I will try to get a record locally from it self first to save time if it does not have that record it will refer to for that record and possibly store it in its cache for future use.
  4. Need advice, no flow in loop

    Reverse your pump direction pump > gpu > cpu > ekrad > nemesis > res > pump That way it is pulling water from the res
  5. How to understand these specific lines of code. (javascript)

    This is a classic example of functions returning functions you can read more about this here https://stackoverflow.com/questions/7629891/functions-that-return-a-function-javascript
  6. Atrocious WIFI speeds

    These adapters are great! I use them at work for communicating to offboard computers on multi rotor aircraft. We have 10+ of these adapters connected to a ROG Rapture Wireless-AC530.
  7. Atrocious WIFI speeds

    Download and install this driver. Does your brother get those speeds with the Asus AC56 adapter? http://dlcdnet.asus.com/pub/ASUS/wireless/USB-AC56/DR_USB_AC56_2111.zip
  8. Atrocious WIFI speeds

    Are you using the included antenna, and what OS are you running?
  9. Does antenna position matter?

    It will not make much of a difference in performance, in a normal household use case. If you are already getting good signal to your router it will not change anything. The multipath effect (signals bouncing off things like walls) make it possible to get a reliable signal outside of the normal Taurus shaped pattern of an omni-directional antenna. Think of it as a doughnut with a hole a couple of feet in diameter and the size of your house, and the antenna intersecting the doughnut like your finger.
  10. where do i put this pci adapter? xd

    Your motherboard does not have any PCI slots you would need to purchase a PCIe adapter. Your motherboard has 2 PCIe 1x and 2 PCIe 16x slots. You can put 16x, 8x and 1x cards in 16x slots.
  11. 2mbps on 80mbps speeds

    Complain to your ISP, they should fix it
  12. 2mbps on 80mbps speeds

    What are you using to measure your speed? Go to speedtest.net or fast.com
  13. Using a switch vs router's ethernet ports

    In theory yes there is a small difference. This will only make a difference if you are making large file transfers between two devices on the local network and both are connected to a switch vs a router. These kinds of tasks don't have much of a load on the router anyways. You are better off connecting everything to the existing router because adding the switch may introduce a few more milliseconds of latency.
  14. Samsung 960 PRO driver missing?

    You think windows 7 knows what nvme is lol update your os
  15. The "END ALL/BE ALL" DiskMan tool...

    You are asking for a very niche product. I find myself using Disk Management for all of my basic needs and the cli diskpart for any advanced needs on windows. I always use clonezilla for cloning due to it's reliability and speed. Clonezilla would fix your disk sizing issue on migration, just clone the used sectors to the new drive and use disk management to expand the disk. On linux I love using gparted, and on OSX I just use the builtin Disk Utility. Why don't you like clonezilla? It can be a pain to boot if you do not know what you are doing, but after it is booted it just works everytime The only solution I see to your problem is an expensive hardware solution that will be out of date the day after you buy it