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  1. Depends on what was controlling the Raid. If you set it up on your motherboard you will need to use the old motherboard to recover the data. If you did it through software just make sure you boot the same boot drive as when you had raid
  2. When you are port forwarding you are telling your router to take all incoming traffic from X port ex. 80(remote) and send it to a specific local ip address over the same port. So you fundamentally can't forward the same port to two systems. If your router supports DMZ you may be able to add both systems to the DMZ network. But, if both systems are hosting something on port 80 at the same time you will run into the same fundamental problem. Also, DMZ opens that device up to a slew of attacks, because it is not protected by the firewall. The safest way to do this is to disable your port forwarding rule whenever it is not being used.
  3. Contact Virgin tell them your issues and you may get a free upgrade to the superhub3
  4. The only reason I would suggest getting a separate router would be if you were doing a lot of internal transfers. Plex server, SMB shares etc
  5. What is wrong with the builtin functionality of the virgin media superhub2? You do not have that many clients, your bottleneck is likely your isp
  6. If your cheap wifi card has antenna ports I would buy some 9db antennas
  7. WAT explain the problem
  8. Blame TrendFocus not the writer for this mistake. It is possible that it was done to skew the data
  9. I've avoided Linksys since they were purchased by Belkin. I would buy a high end netgear or asus router if you have the money. It makes a big difference if your isp provides 80+Mb/s internet
  10. Source:
  11. An average ssd weighs 70g. The price of gold is $38.73 a gram. 38.73*70= $2,711.10 Apparently some people value their ssd equal to $3k lol jk #forthememe
  12. Sorry for not quoting above
  13. Ask him on stream for a cheaper one
  14. ask louis now!
  15. Nevermind he is streaming right now lol