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  1. This setup is around 8 years old (Ivy Bridge), with the following components: i5-3570K (but running at stock speeds) Powercolor Vega 56 Red Dragon Corsair Vengeance 8GB DDR3 RAM CS:GO is on a Samsung 860 EVO. The other components probably don't matter much to the FPS, so I won't list them. I play CS:GO at 4:3 stretched (1280x960), with settings all set to low. But I'm only averaging 90-120 FPS in the game. Is this normal for such a setup (8 years, but GPU is pretty new), considering that CS:GO is not a very intensive game to run?
  2. @_Syn_ @RasmusDC seems like it's more trouble than it's worth. Think I'll just pay that bit more to get the piece of mind. Thanks!
  3. i see...i guess i'm just a sucker for the discount. It's around 20 dollars USD cheaper where I'm from.
  4. and there's no way of telling / it's possible to modify the number of operation hours on a ssd? I remember there are some programs that would allow me to check such things.
  5. I saw a 860 evo 500gb online that someone is selling. It's much cheaper because people usually don't like to take the risk on unsealed goods. But, the seller promised that it's only been opened but never used. I'm kind of willing to take the risk, but I want to know if there are any possibility of any downsides. For instance, and this might be paranoid me watching too much sci-fi, is it possible to be hacked and data stolen etc.? Or any other considerations that I haven't thought of? The reason I want to buy this SSD is to download Ubuntu on a separate drive and dual-boot it off my computer, for work purposes. Thanks!
  6. I see, I'm going to mount it though so that shouldn't be a very big problem.
  7. I see, yes I think you're right, I may have been overthinking this a bit too much. Since monitors tend to have a much longer lifespan as compared to other components of the setup, I rather be prepared for the possible scenarios. On that note though, hope you can give me your opinion on a related matter. Suppose I do end up getting the Acer, and I want to use it with a laptop. Power delivery and video aside, is there any way I can hook it up to my wired keyboard and mouse? Is the only way to use a KVM? I don't mind using a KVM but unfortunately, usual KVMs are HDMI inputs which don't support 144hz, so it's going to be very troublesome everytime I want to use the monitor for gaming and not for work.
  8. This is gonna be one of those "choose whichever one you prioritise more" kind of questions but I still wish to get some sort of perspective. Basically, I have had my eyes on these 2 monitors for some time, but I can't make up my mind. Dell U2719DC (USB-C monitor, with really good colours. I had a very good experience with the ultrasharp lineup in the form of their U2415 monitor) Acer VG271U P (144hz IPS monitor) My question is aimed more at people who use their computers for more working, but also playing as well. Do you find it more beneficial to have the USB-C capability or having a high refresh rate on your computer? I'm planning to put my current U2415 into portrait mode, and buying a 27-inch monitor as my main. If it matters, the only game I play regularly is CS:GO, but I think my skill level is capped at silver 3, so you could say I'm a real noob. At the same time, I'm thinking that 144hz helps with regular usage and I could just get a USB-C dock for the extra USB-C capability. What do you guys think?
  9. I just created a separate work account on my desktop, and I'm having certain problems. 1) How to enable and disable access to certain programs? For instance, if I originally had 10 programs on my admin account, I only want to enable access to 5. 2) There are some programs that I do not want (eg. Steam for gaming). How do I go about removing them? Should I just disable the shortcut? Or should I actually go about disabling access to it as well? 3) There are some programs that are totally not showing up on the second account. How to make sure that I can see them from the second account? Thanks!
  10. when you say disable hibernation, it means to basically never let my computer sleep without me pressing it, right? how should I go about checking my RAM? Do I go into bios and click "enable XMP"?
  11. I've had this error for quite some time now. However, this problem cannot be replicated with consistency. All I know is that it only happens sometimes when I wake my computer up from sleep, it will take around 20-30 seconds to get out of sleep as compared to the usual 5 seconds or so. The computer does not go down on me when I'm doing my work (thank goodness!). But, the bigger issue at hand is that I don't want to leave the problem be, for it to cause me trouble down the line when my GPU is out of warranty. I've tried replacing my PSU, as it was faulty, and the problem seemed to disappear for 2 weeks or so, but now it's back. Component List: CPU: i5-3570k (out of warranty) GPU: Powercolor Vega 56 Red Dragon 8GB (~2 years warranty) Mobo: Asrock z77 Extreme 6 (out of warranty) PSU: Seasonic Prime Ultra (12 years warranty) RAM: Corsair Vengeance 8GB (lifetime warranty) I've done a bit of research and it seems like AsRock motherboards sometimes do not play nice, so I'm not sure if that's the issue. I also don't have spare motherboards or CPUs lying around for me to test out the faulty component. I've also tried bringing it down to the IT shop and the guy also said that since the problem cannot be consistently replicated, it's quite difficult to pinpoint and he suggested reinstalling Windows, which I have also done as well. All in all, I would like to know 2 things. Could this pinpoint to a faulty GPU? I really hope not, because this is my 3rd GPU. Secondly, if this problem only comes up when trying to wake my computer up from sleep, would I be better off just ignoring the problem and just disable my computer's sleep function instead? Thanks!
  12. I'm sure most of us are frequent viewers of the channel and have seen the upcoming LG 27GL850 in a recent LTT video. At the same time, there's this other monitor that has been gaining popularity as a cheap option for a 144hz, Freesync, IPS 2560 x 1440 27 inch monitor (Acer VG271U P). Is it worth it to wait for the LG or not? Also, anyone knows if we can expect prices in Asia to be roughly the same as that in US / Canada?
  13. Thanks for the kind words, just gonna hope for the best and buy a new PSU to replace the existing one.
  14. Yeah, I agree. Now that I think about it, it probably wasn't a very wise move, but that was the only way I had to know if the PSU still worked. With that being said, I didn't even turn on the computer the second time round. All I did was turn on the PSU using the switch on the back. How do you think my chances are? I'm gonna get a new PSU today to replace the old one. And yeah, it's a bang. A pretty loud one, such that I could hear it even while wearing earphones and playing CS:GO.
  15. Yes, i also think it's a blown capacitator. I didn't smell any burning though. I'm just gonna get a new PSU to replace it. To be frank, I feel quite good about my computer's survival, with it being a reliable Seasonic PSU and all. I'm just worried about the second time I turned on the PSU if it might have done any damage. But, I didn't turn the computer on. I only turned the PSU on using the PSU's power switch. Is it still gonna be a problem?