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  1. Fans are always the first thing to fail it dose not matter how well you maintain the system. What is the Fan RPM and % Fan Speed when your GPU is at 100% load?
  2. If you physically inspect the fans and heat sink; is there allot of dust? It sounds like the GPU fan is jammed up on dust, or it is failing outright.
  3. Is everyone ready for Halloween? We are giving out about 37 pounds of Mars bars and chocolate balls.

    1. James Evens

      James Evens

      No childern in the area, no (kids) halloween: welcome to the village

  4. The only real loss will be full PCIe 4.0 support (And the features that brings); but overall you probably would not notice much difference, if anything. I would recommend downloading the manual for that board as MSI is pretty good about showing what the PCIe lanes do depending on the generation you run in it. At a glance I don't see any issues, especially if you want out of box compatibility.
  5. You can try the following: Resting the BIOS. (Since you upgraded the RAM the system could be trying to run the new RAM at unsupported or odd specifications a BIOS reset can fix that.) If you are running XMP, try turning it off. (XMP is still an overclock and can be unstable depending on system.) Verify you are not overheating. (The FX-8350 has a max temp of 61c, depending on XMP, RAM location, or CPU cooler it is possible you are overheating.)
  6. Then you may have hit the hard limit of what your hardware can do. I am not well versed in overclocking, but you could try posing your question over in the general x58 discussion thread. Those guys know their stuff on working with x58 (Thread may say 2017 but I assure you it is active to this day).
  7. Hi Arun, Welcome to the forums. When you upgraded RAM did you swap in new sticks or did you add to what you already had? Can we also get a run down of your entire systems specifications, including the specifications for each stick of RAM you are currently using?
  8. So a fringe case and installing a BIOS someone else did the work on is still easy? Cool.
  9. @Gegger X58 platform is a triple-channel design for RAM. @Muhammad Osama The number of channels you run should make little difference (as far as I know), but because most x58 CPU like the x5670 have a locked CPU multipliers; ram speed is generally tied to CPU overclock. Your RAMs supported speed or applied voltage could be the limiting factor depending on your setup.
  10. In all honesty, I am surprised that more mobile chips are not offered for socketed desktop applications from conventional manufacturers. But then again that is a fringe case at best, and installing a hacked BIOS is not too hard.
  11. Define erase, you can use a program like CCleaner to do a secure erase, all it dose is overwrite the entire media with garbage data over and over until it is technically nuked. (Someone who wants the data theoretically could pull it with allot of time and effort. But it is as clean as you are going to get the drive.) I like CCleaner because it has an easy to understand UI and good documentation on using its "Drive Wipe" feature. But as others have stated true secure erase is mechanical destruction.
  12. I am doubtful there is a software solution. The motherboards 3.5mm jacks in most cases don't support that type of input. But you can get cheep adapters to make it work: Just go to your favorite online retailer ans search for "Headset Splitter".
  13. Max temp is 98C; you are within safe temps. https://www.geforce.com/hardware/desktop-gpus/geforce-gtx-650/specifications
  14. Additionally if we want dirt cheep searching for "PWM fan hub sata" yields something like this on Ebay: