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  1. rdn

    Intel Core i7 5820K Giveaway

    Hooray! Would be a nice upgrade from my FX-4300 I have to make do with at the moment
  2. rdn


    I really like the Aluminum unibody of the M8. I currently have a Galaxy Note II that I've had since its launch in September 2012, and the build quality is disappointing. The band around the outside that looks like metal is in fact painted plastic. That paint has chipped off around the headphone jack, S-Pen, and top and bottom. I've even had it in a case it's whole life! Samsung won't be taking my money this year.
  3. Yeah, at 30 seconds, I just updated the original post.
  4. My brother pointed it out, cannot unhear. http://grooveshark.com/#!/s/Tickle+Time/lMRe3?src=5 EDIT: Skip to about 30 seconds.
  5. rdn

    Most embarrassing PC part you have?

    My motherboard, MSI H61M-E33 M-ATX, I've got a Titan running on that Or my dual monitor setup, one LG 27" 1080p monitor and a Samsung 20" 1680*1050 :b The colours don't even match, after hours of calibrating...
  6. Upon reading the title, I assumed this was with Apple's Lightning cable, but honestly - who would want to do that
  7. I think we have a slight problem then :P
  8. That's weird, nothing came up in the search. Is there something I'm doing wrong?
  9. So Samsung have recently had their 2013 Samsung SSD Global Summit. There they announced their new SSD's in the 840 line, the 840 Evo. It appears that it is meant to sit in between the 840 and the 840 Pro. Dat metal... So it is to come in five different capacities. 120GB, 250GB, 500GB, 750GB and 1000GB. It is using 19nm NAND memory, and Samsung's multicore MEX controller. Depending on the capacities, Samsung claims the Evo may double or triple the current performance of the 840. Depending on the capacity, we could see 520MB/s seq. writes, and 540MB/s seq. reads, as well as 98,000 IOPS read, and 90,000 IOPS write, Samsung have added a new feature, known as TurboWrite. It uses a buffer from 3GB on the smallest model to 12GB on the largest. In sequential writes, they saw a jump from 140MB/s to 410MB/s on the 120GB just by enabling TurboWrite. On the 250GB we see 270MB/s to 520MB/s and on the 750GB we see 420MB/s to 520MB/s. "Much like that of SanDisk’s nCache, Samsung’s TurboWrite Technology dedicates a certain portion of NAND flash memory to simulate SLC memory, which in turn becomes a pure write buffer that caches all incoming writes. The stored data subsequently completes its storage trip to the memory during idle time and, should the buffer become full prior to this, data is routed directly to the main memory as required. The amount of memory dedicated to TurboWrite varies, depending on SSD capacity, the 840 EVO 1TB SSD having a massive 12GB TurboWrite buffer." -TheSSDReview Now, for what will make or break this drive: the pricing. (USD) 120GB $109.99 $0.91/GB 250GB $189.99 $0.76/GB 500GB $369.99 $0.74/GB 750GB $529.99 $0.71/GB 1000GB $629.99 $0.65/GB These will be available for purchase in August. Check my other post on the 840 Evo replacing the Pro, and the possibility of a Pro refresh. Information sourced from AnandTech, Tom's Hardware, TechRadar and Engadget. Edit: I don't think anyone's posted about this here, my search for "840 Evo" came up blank. I'm new to the forums and I didn't see anything scrolling through, but if there is already a post, feel free to delete this one.
  10. rdn

    Samsung 840 Pro SSD Refresh?

    I assumed someone had made a post about these, considering they were announced about three days ago. But I'll go check, and make a post if someone else hasn't already.
  11. rdn

    Don't you wish your CPU was hot like mine?

    My i7 2600 on the stock cooler at stock speeds reaches the TJ-MAX (Maximum temperature before thermal throttling occurs) which is 98 degrees for all cores. I ran Prime95 for five minutes, and my CPU had throttled down to 500MHz. Yeah, you read that correctly, 0.5GHz. If you want screenshots, I'll have to run it again :3 I think I may need a new cooler c:
  12. rdn

    Samsung 840 Pro SSD Refresh?

    That's gonna look amazing in any build.
  13. rdn

    Samsung 840 Pro SSD Refresh?

    Ahh sorry, looks like I need to clarify. I'm saying that with the EVO being 3 bit per cell Samsung has a big gap they can fill, probably making a much faster version of the Pro, using the techniques from the EVO. But yeah, Sata 3 is maxed out. I guess we'll probably be waiting for Sata 4/Sata Express...
  14. rdn

    $38000 (USD)

    Dual 780's, on water. Then the rest would go towards the most expensive (yet sane) parts I could get ;)