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  1. Oh what the fuck, it is a Pitcairn GPU, 28nm. It is significantly OC'ed out of the box though, 1120mhz Base clock and 1400mhz Memory clock.
  2. Thank you! Same reason I bought a CPU cooler for my locked CPU, quiet cooling. Although, there are no full cover waterblocks for the damned R9 270X.... ..... Can't run crossfire on an mITX board haha. Also the 270X chip I believe is a Tahiti LE, meaning basically a 7930.
  3. But then if I overclocked the R9, it'd still be better. Oh the Sapphire's cooler on my old 7870 is much better than the cooler on the Asus. I fucking hate this DCUII Design, it's awful and loud. It says 20% quieter on the box, I only imagine they mean 20% quieter than a Boeing 747.
  4. Nice! I could, but why? It was like a $10 price difference for a 10%-15% slower card.
  5. Many thanks! Shine II indeed! Its so lovely to use, Cherry MX Browns
  6. F/2.0 lens. Not availabe in NZ until late Novemeber, plus I love the look of the Prodigy!
  7. Oh its ridiculous how little space there is for cables. <3 Its a lovely card. Why thank you! Its my testing mouse, the DeathAdder 2012 I have sometimes doesn't like to play nice with UEFI.
  8. Well, I just sold this build..... Haha. https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/65066-mitx-prodigy-i5-4570-and-an-r9-270x-first-r7r9-build-on-ltt/ Check out my new one!
  9. So I built a computer back in December 2012, and my goal with that PC was silence. I wanted it as quiet as possible, and spent a lot of money doing so over a long period of time. Heres the Build Log and photos in an Imgur Album One of my friends actually offered to buy my build 2 days ago, and for not much less than I payed for it, so I decided to take him up on the offer and build a new system, one which suited me better and in my favourite case, the Prodigy. I kept my 2 SSD's and sold him the rest of my build. I still need to fix up the cable management, but I can't be bothered at the m
  10. I never really cared about temps when I was building this. Silence was the objective. CPU was around 30-35c idle and 50c-ish while gaming. GPU 20-25c while idle, 60c while gaming. They are really nice! I do love the colouring. Cheers Noctua's are great. 7870 and 3570k is pretty midrange! Like a high low-end build. As do I, they're great. Cheers The noise foam, really makes a difference, it's really good. Noctua stuff is also insanely quiet. Haha it was a risk! But it payed off, cheers Where'd y'all come from anyway? Was I featu
  11. Neither? It isn't "PC" either. Oh so as long as he's having fun, its ok to insult people?
  12. Oh so because people agree with you, its ok? I care because everyone here is jumping to defend Linus, when in fact, he was in the wrong.
  13. Just because Linus isn't homophobic, doesn't mean it wasnt insulting.
  14. Oh so it's ok then? As long as I don't go to the south? Ridiculous. I lucky live in New Zealand, where homophobia is frowned upon. Soft? Are you kidding? You're a disgrace.
  15. You should all be ashamed of yourselves. I'm gay, and I was extremely offended by, a) Linus sprouting "Homo" like it it was not offensive to gay people at all. B) All the immature people justifying him doing so, and saying "I've got a gay friend, its cool". "Homo" is a highly offensive word to someone who is actually gay. Because it is used in a malicious way to bully gay people. Even if it is not used in a malicious way, it still hurts.