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    Hobo JJoe the Crack Dealer

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    Intel i5 4690k
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    Asus z97-p
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    MSI R9 390 8G OC Edition
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    Cooler Master Cosmos RC-1000
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    1Tb Hdd
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    EVGA SuperNOVA 750 B2
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    Packard bell 1080p looking to upgrade to 144hz freesync
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    Corsair h110
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    Qpad m50
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    Novatech stock
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    Sandstrom speakers and Superlux HD668B
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    Windows 10

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  1. pyr0

    Gtx 1080 vs gtx 1070

    So would your advice about my cpu stand with that overclock? I may be able to push it further but I'd have to check
  2. pyr0

    Gtx 1080 vs gtx 1070

    Problem is that since I'm buying used, I can't choose exactly, I can only go with what's available. My cpu is OC'd to 4.5GHZ if that changes anything
  3. pyr0

    Gtx 1080 vs gtx 1070

    Hello. I've found two online listings, one for a founders gtx 1080 for around £225, and a zotac 1070 mini for around £180. Either card would be good, but I'd be able to benifit from the extra performance. Which would you say is the better deal? Thanks in advance
  4. Hi. I've been out of the pc parts trading scene for a year or two, so I'm just wondering whether I'm getting ripped off? I'm looking to buy a 1070 to upgrade my r9 390 to and I'm talking to someone about buying for around £180 Any help is appreciated
  5. Hello. Simple question, I know, but the pinned guides don't talk about these specific models. Which hard drive between these two would you consider to be better? Both are 7200RPM, and the price difference is negligible. The Toshiba is the HDWD120UZSVA, and the Seagate is the ST2000DM006. The reason I'm not considering WD is that their Blue drives are 5400rpm, and their black drives are over £100 (The Toshiba and Seagate are around £60 for reference) I'm also unable to find any new HGST or Hitachi drives. They mainly seem to be used from around 6 to 8 years ago. Is there anywhere I can get them new in the UK, and if so, are they better than the Toshiba or Seagate options listed above? The HDD I buy will be used for further game storage. My OS and commonly played games are already on a SSD. Thanks in advance
  6. pyr0

    £150 980ti worth it?

    Hello. Title says it all. I game at 2560x1080 75hz, but might jump to 1440p/4K/144hz in the future. I currently have a 390, so would I make money off this as well? My CPU is a 4690k at 4.4GHz Thanks in advance
  7. because one of my monitors uses an analogue connector, and I don't want to use an active adapter, as that adds input lag,so I want to run the analogue monitor on the 670, and everything else on the 390
  8. Hello. I am using a PC with a gtx 670 and a R9 390. I use each graphics card with different monitors, and I do need to use both. When I go to install drivers, the nvidia drivers install perfectly, but when I go to install the drivers for the r9 390, the install tells me that the drivers were only partially installed, and now a lot of games run like crap on the 390. This is problematic, given that it is so much faster in 99% of games. What can I do to get both drivers installed correctly? Thanks in advance
  9. pyr0

    R9 390 and 5850 on same system

    That's DVI-a. The adapter I would need would have to use DVI-d, so be an active adapter, which also adds input lag
  10. pyr0

    R9 390 and 5850 on same system

    what adaptor did you find? It needs to be dvi-d to VGA due to other monitors
  11. pyr0

    R9 390 and 5850 on same system

    perhaps, but one of those adapters costs 4 times as much as the 5850 I bought
  12. pyr0

    CRT questions

    Hello. Filthy millennial here who hasn't ever had reason to use a CRT before. I just bought one after hearing about the great response times, and I have a few questions. First of all, when I turn it on and off it crackles. Is this normal, or is that a red flag? Secondly, the modes listed include a 121HZ mode, however eve when I lower the resolution to 800 x 600 windows won't let me go over 64 HZ, even when sometimes the monitor seems to be on a 75hz mode. How do I change the moniotor's refresh speed, on the monitor and in windows? I have a CTX VL701. Thanks in advance
  13. Hello. My current setup had an r9 390 exclusively up until recently. However now, to power a monitor that only has VGA with good speed, I have installed a Radeon HD 5850. How would I go about getting both of these to work simultaneously with their most recent drivers? Thanks in advance
  14. pyr0

    GTX 260 on windows 10

    Whoops guys, turns out I was running a 32 bit version of windows and installing 64 bit drivers. Thanks for your help
  15. pyr0

    GTX 260 on windows 10

    My windows install is 64 bit, but I meant do you mean the automatically installed microsoft generic griver