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    AMD A10 7870k
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    Asrock FM2A68M-HD+
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    8gb Corasir Vengeance Pro 2400mhz
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    Gigabyte 1050ti
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    Deepcool Tesseract SW
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    1tb Seagate Barracuda 7200rpm
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    Corsair CX430M
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    16:9 1080p (main) & 4:3 1024p
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    Cooler Master Hyper 212 evo
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    Old Microsoft Keybord
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    Old Microsoft Mouse.
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    Old speakers, cheep gaming headset.
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    Windows 10 home (free trial)

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  1. I've played KSP over the in home streaming on steam before and as long as you are careful on your timewarps, so you don't crash into a planet, you should be fine. You do lose some quality if you are playing with lots of mods and 8k textures, but the gameplay is fine. Can't speak for any other in home streaming thing though.
  2. Another option, and the one I went for when I was in the same situation you will be, is to just move the fan up a couple of mm. Though be aware this may make the cooler taller depending on how high you move it.
  3. Cryorig's universal line up don't interfere with ram slots, so I'd suggest taking a look at them.
  4. THat should work, make sure you save any data you want on a separate device before reinstalling though
  5. Try unplugging the keyboard, uninstalling the drivers, then restarting, then plugging the keyboard in.
  6. number of youtubers I recognise: 4 (+Jake Paul, but I don't recognise him from youtube) number of youtubers I watch/Have watched: 3 (ASAP Science, Markiplier, Slow-Mo guys) Dead memes: Shooting stars x2, All star. TDLR: its a collection of advertiser friendly people who no one has heard about. (And dead memes)
  7. They should have a 'phone' when they really start to need it, which for me was about 5 months ago, but most people it will be when they start secondary education. Reason I said 'phone' is because I would start out by giving them something really low power (I currently own a Nokia brick type thing), then if they would like a smartphone, it should be organised with the parents.
  8. Race is irrelevant to me when choosing characters, mostly I try to make a character than seems interesting. This can include things like making them racist or homophobic(Only in single player games) or making them into a murderer (Usually in single player games). I don't care about the characters race. The only religion I've come across in games is in Civ V (When the characters introduce themselves) and Skyrim (Daedra/Aedra worship). I liked what they did with Skyrim (talking to the gods) not because it was diversity, but because it made the game more enjoyable. I also liked it as
  9. (I know you're replying to a different person but i thought I'd share my thoughts) None of the games I own have sexualised female characters, though I am aware lots of people do not have the same experiences. Usually there are no differences in the characters, and I think this is because of the type of games I play. Ill list them below in a quote. Also I don't play many PvP games, and when I do I have my mic off anyway. With most PvP games the community is too toxic for voice chat. I think sexualisation and things like that are only really in certain games, and they are mas
  10. I've done it. A few suggestions, on the second to last question you might want to make an option for buying 0 cables. (All mine came with products I bought). Also for the final question, it would be helpful if you included metric distances because not everyone can convert between metric and imperial very well in their head.
  11. 24" 1920x1080 60hz user here, feeling very happy with the resolution and the refresh rate, the main problem is the colours as its a cheep Chinese brand that my dad brought. After all, its the same amount of pixels at the same refresh rate, so it will look the same right?
  12. I'd recommend borderlands 2 if you haven't already played it (since its fairly old). It's a good single player experience but it gets really great if you play it with some friends.
  13. I think I saw someone do this while I was on pcpartpicker or something. The guy had (if I'm remembering correctly) 10l of fluid in one massive tank, and it worked fairly well because the fluid sat in the tank so long it managed to cool just enough so after one full loop the fluid was as I started.
  14. I dont have the time to do it again, but everytime I've tried that I've allways been INTJ-A.
  15. If they both use SATA 6gbps and assuming you have a SATA cable, I don't see why they wouldn't work unless one was broken. Could you explain a bit more, perhaps giving model numbers or what you have tried?