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  1. I will definitely use safety gear, already thought of that. I could do that but I really want to keep the cost down as low as possible and buying two sheets of glass would probably be cheaper than paying someone to do it. Plus I'm a big DIYer
  2. I decide that I'm going to go with glass since it doesn't seem that hard to cut or drill into. Would glass like this work? http://www.homedepot.com/p/24-in-x-36-in-x-0-125-in-Clear-Glass-92436/300068389
  3. I want to make a full, not partial, glass window for my Define S and I am wondering what material should I use to make it with. I could do Glass but that will cost at least around $100 just for it. I am wondering if they is anything scratch resistant plastic that I could use instead. Also I am wondering how I should mount it. I am thinking 4 screws into the corner of the case like a lot of tempered glass cases do. I would put some sort of padding around the case to protect the window.
  4. Make sure you have a good molex to sata adapter.
  5. The fastest RAM that is 8GB or greater. RAM speed can make a difference during gaming.
  6. A Ek Preadtor 360, currently the best AIO on the market. Or just buy a custom loop kit from EK and replace the rad with a 560MM one and get 140MM fans.
  7. The Fuma one of the best HSF's on the market at a unbeatable price and if you tighten it right it will even out perform the D15 by a fair amount.
  8. A Sytche Fuma. Also the amount of heatpipes doesn't always equal performance. The Fuma is a great example. Its capable of beating a Noctua D15 which is taller and has more heatpipes.
  9. Define hot. If its hot to the touch that is to be expected and is nothing to worry about. Now if the VRM is running at like 95C that is something to worry about.
  10. Its within budget. http://pcpartpicker.com/products/case/#m=229&t=3&u=1&X=0,7645&sort=a8&s=1 There is also the Pro M which is similar to the P400 internally but has a different front, a 5.25 bay,supports 360mm rads on top, and while I am not sure I am wanting to say it has no LED controller.
  11. The Phanteks P4000. All around better than the S340.
  12. I have a Fuma but no other dual tower coolers or 240mm/280mm AIO coolers to compare it to unfortunately I really don't hear any clicking from the fans and they overall are pretty silent at full speed but then again I haven't measured the dba and I have a bunch of other fans.
  13. Yes. Also the fluid inside of them does too when the performance can drastically drop off.
  14. http://www.overclockers.com/scythe-fuma-heatsink-review/ According to this review its only about 2 dba louder than a D15 with both at full speed while the Fuma cooling about 4C better. In that review you linked two they didn't run the D15 at low speed. Also mounting pressure is key for its performance which is likely in the frostytech review its behind the D15 performance wise. True but the D14 is still ahead.
  15. Its decent but not the best. The TC14PE or the D14 would be your best option with both getting similar performance and imo the Phanteks cooler looks better.
  16. That would all depend on how much amps each fan pulls. If its low lower fans that only draw like .15A you could easily run 5 without problem off a single header. Now if its a Delta fan that draws like 5 amps the header would be fried with just a single fan.
  17. I would go for a Corsair 450 or 550 watt CXM. Both should be under $60 and are unbeatable for their price.
  18. Ehhh I wouldn't call the NexG1 bad, sure its not good but it definitely isn't bad.
  19. Oh. I would go for a Nocta D15 or a Cryorig R1 then, whichever is cheaper. Also you could try contacting Scythe to see if they will sell you one directly, its worth a shot.
  20. A Sytche Fuma. It out performs the Noctua D15, Cryorig R1, Dark Rock Pro 3, etc. While being smaller and cheaper and about just as quiet.
  21. The issue is your BIOS version which isn't compatible with the 6800K without a update.
  22. The toms tier list is total dog shit, its like it was made by a 10 year old without any research that won't take advice from anyone. I would suggest either a Evga G2 or a Corsair RMx or if you are lucky and will use MiR a Seasonic Prime which is iirc the best PSU out there.
  23. Bottlenecking all depends on the game and graphical settings. Any CPU is capable of bottlenecking any GPU under the right circumstances. There isn't a blanket yes or no answer to your question. Bottlenecking isn't something that you can instantly say yes or no to.
  24. For $50 the 450 watt Corsair CXM, its is better than a Seasonic M12II and really any PSU in the $40 to $60 range.