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  1. My PC is very noisy and I don't care. I have two HOT R9 390X cards running at full fan speed 24/7.
  2. Be careful the SAS2 cards may not support disks with such a high capacity.
  3. I don't see SATA and USB merging but I do see SATA, SAS, and u.2 merging. The u.2 NVMe host bus adapters are backwards compatible with SAS and SATA. I see SATA ports being entirely replace by u.2 ports in five years.
  4. Virtualize the graphics cards? For the best performance mining should not be done in a VM.
  5. Monero is the easiest coin to get that is actually worth something more than pennies.
  6. Keep in mind that SSD's are getting much faster and higher capacity.
  7. That won't stop the memory shortage that already happened. The only tech prices that have gone up recently are graphics cards and DDR4 memory.
  8. Building can be fairly cheap if you avoid DDR4 memory and newer graphics cards.
  9. USPS is not very accurate. I had stuff say it was delivered and it never showed up.
  10. What do we have here? A pissed off gamer!