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  • CPU
    I5 4460
  • Motherboard
    Msi b85m gaming
  • RAM
    8gb random cheap ram
  • GPU
    R9 380
  • Case
    Raijintek styx
  • Storage
    2x 1tb wd caviar blue
  • PSU
    Seasonic s12ii
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    Lg 22mp68mp
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    Stock cooler

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  1. Guys is this psu good? https://pcpartpicker.com/product/ZkV48d/lepa-power-supply-n400sb its dirt cheap here
  2. Nobody sells evga here in my country. My coubtry is shit
  3. What is the cheapest, smallest wattage, but still decent psu that can last >5year? The system is gonna be http://en.colorful.cn/product_show.aspx?mid=102&id=248 and 320gb hdd. All of them only consume 100 ish watt. Thanks
  4. I dont know why you guys shitting on amd right now. They actually delivered what they promised. Yes the benchmark isnt as good as the presentation but its still near the performance of 6900k while just losing a little bit of performance. Aand also considering the price which is half the price from the competitor while losing 15% performance, this is really is a kick to intel's ass Oh wait this is zmeul's thread thats why
  5. Well, based on my observation, cheap laptop usually are heavy, made of plastic and horrible battery life. Tablets usually are made of metal and decent battery ( low power soc ) cmiw tho How's chromebook support for programming tho? I heard chromebook dont support several programs
  6. Hi. So this year i am entering programming class in collage. I do have powefull computer that i usually use for gaming, but i still have to bring computer to the class. So my i dea is, i will buy a cheap $300ish chinese windows tablet and when i am at home i can just transfer the project to my computer and do my project there. What do you guys think about my idea? Thanks
  7. thanks dude. there is an option in the osd menu called "osd lock" and it was enabled. i disable it and i can access freesync option.
  8. the option is greyed out somehow on the amd website r9 300 series do supported
  9. yes i use hdmi cable that is provided in the box
  10. i do use the hdmi cable that provided in the box it does
  11. o wait wrong forum. someone move it to troubleshooting pls
  12. Yo guys I bought a new monitor which is a freesync supported monitor. But i cant turn in on in the radeon setting even though my gpu is supported ( r9 380 ) What i've tried to do : - Install the latest driver - Reinstall the driver with ddu - install the monitor driver manually via device manager - pray to lord gaben thanks
  13. What's wrong with g402? I have it and its pretty damn good
  14. Both of them are priced the same here. Which on should i buy? thanks
  15. If i do full disk formatting, is there any possibility to somehow fix bad sectors?