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Chris Barry

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    Napperville IL
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    Cryptographic Currencies, Economies, GPUs, Water Cooled Systems
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    I got into computers when I was 12 years old and have been building them ever since. I love working with some of the latest cutting edge hardware and have been able to get my hands on most top end GPU on the market. My entire addiction to computers closely followed my addiction to cryptographic currencies. I have build many computers for family friends and business alike; however, I am still learning every day about the newest parts available to us enthusiasts.
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    Cryptographic Currenciy Mining & Cell Phone Repair


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    MSI M-Power
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    Patriot 16Gb *2x8*
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    Gtx Titan X
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    Corsair 600T White
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    Corsair 256Gb SSD, WD 1TB Black, Seagate 2TB
  • PSU
    Corsair TX650
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    2x Asus Ve247h + Asus ve248
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    Cooler Master Glacer 240L
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    Corsair K70 *mx red
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    Corsair M65
  • Sound
    Razer Hamerhead
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 Pro

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  1. You cant really buy prebuilt miners for Ethereum as it is a gpu based coin to mine. This means that there isn't asic devices available to mine it and there wont be. You can build a mining rig as they aren't hard to put together after a little research.
  2. Nicehash is a great mining platform for beginners or anyone in general. I used it for almost 6 months until I decided to moved to Claymore miner which is a dual miner mining Etherum and another coin at the same time. It is very easy to setup and it sometimes has some inconsistent payouts but other than that it is a great piece for mining software.
  3. Chris Barry

    Ether noob problems

    Sorry but I don't use ethminer I use Claymore Miner I would guess that there is a start Batch file that your are going to have to edit to include your wallet, pool address and rig name.
  4. Chris Barry

    NiceHash Issue

    What version of NiceHash are you using? Is it the most up to date version? If you have these all up to date maybe try re downloading the program and see if that works.
  5. Chris Barry

    Ether noob problems

    Ok, to keep it short and sweet you are going to need mining software which i'm going to assume you have installed on windows and working. Now your going to want to go through that software and find a read me and a batch file that usually says start. Your going to want to read the read me file. Doing this it will show you where to put your pool address along with your wallet address. If you have any more questions I can go into more detail.
  6. I personally use whattomine.com as it gives you the hash rate and power consumption of most gpu's instead of you having to find that yourself. The R9 furys and the Rx 500 series are not on there but it gives you a great generalization of what currency will be the best to mine. Overall, the most profitable coin to mine depends on your gpu's from what i've seen. The older cards like the R9 furys do alot better on Zcash while the newer more efficient Rx 500 series do better on Ethereum.
  7. Your miner should pay out once you hit a payout limit. I normally keep mine at one ether although you can change it. You shouldn't need to create a wallet contract as you already have a wallet.
  8. Chris Barry

    Ethereum Guide?

    I currently mine Ethereum and I can help with this. First off as AugOwnz said you are going to need a wallet to store your coins. This is necessary as is protects against a coin exchange getting hacked as they are very high value targets for hackers. I currently used the Jaxx Wallet and have had quite a bit of luck with it; however, you really should do your own research on what wallet to use based on which one fits your use case the best. I'm not going to go into the profitability of mining because that is for you to decide and discover but I will say that having a power cost of below at least $0.15 per Kwh is almost a necessity. Now, for a miner you really have two main options you can Pool mine or you can Solo Mine. The difference here is that pool mining is your putting your mining power together with alot of other miners in order to get more frequent although smaller payments and you will pay a small fee of usually one to two percent for that. Or you can solo mine this is when you mine by your self and you only get rewards when your miner finds a block which can be very inconsistent although the pay out is alot larger when you do find a block. From what i've read is that solo mining and pool mining pay about the same. I personally pool mine as it is alot easier in my opinion to set up and maintain. With Ethereum mining you really only have two main options in mining software Genoil and Claymore. I started with Claymore because it was the first one I saw when setting up my first mining rig. I like it as it works well and the current versions allow dual mining between Ethereum and an array of different currencies. Dual mining is just mining two different algorithms at the same time without affecting performance. This is nice as it gives you just a little more return from your cards per day. For buying and selling Ethereum as a BEGINNER i recommend using Coinbase but I would soon move to something like Poloniex. I only recommend Coinbase as it is easy to use although it does have high fees and long wait times. Along with them being known to flag accounts with no notice at all. Once you get used to using crypto currencies then you should more to a more complex exchange. Also remember to never store your coins in an exchange for too long: always keep them in your wallet and make sure you wright down your security key so you will never lose your coins.
  9. Chris Barry

    Zcash/ETH closed case rig

    You could get a rackmount case such as the gray matters gpu mining case they are expensive but you could also build your own that is similar with sheet metal.
  10. Chris Barry

    What to do

    So Titan X *maybe water if i can get it cheap enough or more money* R9 295x2 *water*, 2 or 3xR9 290x 8gb *water if i can get blocks* 2 or 3xR9 290x *water*,Or wait for gtx 980 ti *water* or r9 390x *water* I have 1400$ I run 5760*1080 And these my other pc specs CPU-3770k@4.2 MOBO-Msi M-Power GPU-GTX 660 ti SSD-Corsair 240Gb HDD-WD Black 1tb RAM-16gb PSU-Corsair TX650
  11. Chris Barry

    [US Newegg] Sapphire 295x2 $699 + 100 Gift Card

    is this still going cus i wanted a r9 295x2 and when i went to the link it was just the normal sapphire one no 100$ promotional gift card
  12. if i got the r9 295x2 id most likely get a new psu that is like 1000w or more because i wouldent want to max out my current psu and i always can use it in other builds im doing for family for friends
  13. the case i have is a corsair 600t with stock fans i have a corsair h60 also it is an older cooler but it still cools the cpu down and puts all the heat out of the back
  14. the r9 295x2 was 650 and i know if i bought one of the amd options i would probley have to get a new psu considering im running on a corsair 650 watt right now.
  15. I run at a res of 5760*1080 and with my current r9 270 that i had through my spontaneous monitor buying. I got that card when i just ran at 1080 and now i cant do much with it so i have decide on some options but do you have any others or on what one i should go with. most of the games i play are like BF4 Planetside 2 Ets2 tf2 csgo out of those i play the most planetside and bf4 cpu-3770k @4.2Ghz ssd- corsair 240gb Hdd- WD 1tb black ram-16gb patriot mobo- msi M-Power