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  1. I would return at this point.
  2. No way you will be able to find one in stock
  3. It's obviously the EVGA Kingpin due to the high power limit. You have been around the block. Seems like you already know this and are just posting for attention.
  4. Obviously a 10900k would be best, but the 10700k will be almost as good. That is what I have. I couldn't find a 10900k in stock. Even with PCIE 3.0, these chips are faster than anything AMD has for gaming.
  5. I smell a closeted poor person!
  6. The z490 boards support PCIe 4.0, but the CPU's don't. It is safe to get a 10700k, then replace with a 4.0 supported CPU when they come out, as it will slot into the z490 board.
  7. I built a system for my GF using this chip and cannot get over 4.8. Seems pretty normal. If you bought it from amazon you can return and try for a better chip.
  8. Why would it be sad? They are most likely wealthy so the money doesn't mean as much to them as the person waiting for the $400 card.
  9. That generation of AMD cards are just buggy in general.
  10. Agreed with this. The few dollars saved is not worth all the issues.
  11. It is HDMI 2.0 though. Currently no cards have HDMI 2.1. HDMI 2.2 doesn't exist yet.
  12. I would say no at 1440p. I struggle to hit 165fps on a lot of my games at 1440p with one monitor at ultra settings.