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  1. Fastest Single Slot Nvidia Quadro

    tesla p4 however, it has no outputs probably 1070 Katana or Quadro P4000
  2. I have no preference. But I mean, people are petty as fuck if you judge over their choice of platform. My best mate uses a fucking Note 3 still with the stock ROM. Why? Because it works, it's cheap, and it does what he needs (texts, music, video) and it looks semi modern.
  3. @ 4.5 the 3930k rivals the Ryzen 5 1600 @ 3.7ish, so stay with it. If you want to upgrade, though, the x79 platform is still hella expensive, so you'll get a high price for your parts.
  4. NVMe SSD Worth It for General Consumers?

    Depends what size RAW tho. If you're working with a 5DSR or A7RIII then go NVMe. Us plebians with 16-21MP cameras, just run HDDs or SATA SSDs
  5. NVMe SSD Worth It for General Consumers?

    Do you work with large files (RAW images, large video content, etc)? Yes? Then buy NVMe. If no, buy SATA. That's the simple answer.
  6. Balckmagic eGPU

    It's very much like a lot of the other eGPU solutions on the market, such as the Sonnet Breakout Box - it's just an eGPU. Should work well, as BM have validated it with Apple and it should work with both Macs and PCs a treat, as long as you have TB3 and the latest firmware.
  7. CPU PCI Express Lane Budgeting

    Distinguish first the difference between PCH (or chipset, but PCH is the proper term from Intel) and CPU lanes. PCH supplies 24 lanes, and these are used for: - NVMe SSDs - WiFI cards - Gigabit Ethernet - Thunderbolt 3 - SATA/USB3 Gen1 through HSIO (this is why using M.2 disables SATA ports) and whatever the hell you want to - mobos often have extra x4 or x1 ports wired to PCH. CPU supplies 16 lanes, and these can be wired in the three PCIe configs that PineyCreek put above. 1x16 would be used when there is ONE PCIe device present, 2x8 would be used when there is TWO PCIe devices present, and so on. For example, if you plugged a GPU into PCIe x16 #1, and a dual-drive NVMe housing onto PCIe x16 #2, it would use the 2x8 config and provide these devices their lanes.
  8. Yes, but you can push them up to 45w using XTU if the OEM has unlocked the power limit. X1 Carbon G6
  9. This is a mid-cycle update. These things would be INSANE though, 4.3Ghz all-core when tuned to 45w. But these chips never turbo that high stock anyway, and end consumers are bound to not give that much of a fuck. also @AluminiumTech - your status - Intel are not getting desperate. On the desktop, maybe. But on the mobile scene AMD are BARELY competing outside of North America. I still haven't seen a Ryzen U laptop for sale here in Australia, and we're the original launch region for most of Lenovo's shit.
  10. The Steam Scam System

    No longer censored now that we got R18+ ratings on games. Ty Gamers4Croydon for bringing the R18+ debate to public eye :^)
  11. Powerful but simple Gaming PC

    Maybe a 1080 and 1440p instead of the 1080Ti and 1080p? Might free up the money you need for better peripherals too.
  12. If you're going for WR - RAM speed can make the ms difference that you need to hit the WR in benches like SuperPi.
  13. Contact MSI. This is their BIOS update and their fuckup, and they should fix it regardless. Especially considering this is a board where you cannot remove the SPI flash if a flash goes wrong.
  14. Something about Surface GO

    I think it's damn cool. Cheap, fanless, and efficient - with LTE, too. I'm a heavy OneNote user, as well as O365 - as my school uses it. If I didn't already have a Surface Pro 4, I would probably pick this thing up.
  15. Proper surge protector. Power surge killed my OG Pentium D system. Never again. I don't do mission critical shit, so I don't need a UPS.
  16. Budget gaming laptops - Need help!

    Haha, you can barely source Ryzen APU systems outside of the US at the moment. Let alone a place where this dude can only get 2017 model laptops. 100% the Helios. The extra power given to you by the 1060 allows for higher FPS in all the titles you listed, and it's worth the extra money. Plus you get an extra 1TB of storage. Can't argue tbh.
  17. We're close. I can tell you that. Chinese startups are at the point where they can design products that can compete in the global market. Take Huanan for example - they're a chinese OEM you've never heard of, but they build X58, X79, and way more motherboards for the Chinese and Global markets. I mean - places like Superbuy exist, allowing you to purchase products off Taobao, China's version of eBay. Taobao has some INSANE shit that you've probably never heard of - LGA1356 (not 1366, 56), ES chips, unreleased CPUs, China only stuff, etc. I mean, where else can you purchase an LGA1356 board with M.2 brand new for less than 50USD? So in that sense, when a lot of this gets decommissioned, I think that Chinese OEMs like Huanan, who release boards like this, will get on the case and start building consumer Epyc boards to house these China only chips. These CPUs will definitely "leak" (is that the word) outside China eventually, and when they do it's gonna be x79 2.0 baby.
  18. Gaming/Streaming/Productivity Build

    Yeah, I'd heard a lot about QSV. 3AM brains like "hey that's good enough"
  19. Gaming/Streaming/Productivity Build

    Significant performance improvements. https://www.pugetsystems.com/labs/articles/Premiere-Pro-CC-2017-1-2-CPU-Performance-Core-i7-8700K-i5-8600K-i3-8350K-1047/
  20. Gaming/Streaming/Productivity Build

    SCDKey's keys are overpriced. Go elsewhere. eBay is not the most reputable place, but at least the keys work and PayPal is willing to back you the fuck up if shit hits the fan. What kind of programs do you use for photo/video editing? If you use Adobe, 100% go 8700k.
  21. Already happening. It's the Japanese economic miracle, 2.0. Would be nice to see the prices of these, maybe can pickup some NICE AMD shit at the end of 2-3 year contracts.
  22. Are mousepads necessary?

    I prefer consistency when using a mouse, and that's what a cloth mousepad offers over my desk. It's not perfectly flat, and it has bumps. So - I use THICK pads
  23. is it possible? yes. (https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16815158190) is it advisable? no. the x16 suggestion above is the way to go imo
  24. I mean, it's still fast as fuck. Keep it until you're thoroughly annoyed with it.
  25. not me but my friend now has a 5t after upgrading from his 3t in like March? nearly bought it off him but I bought Nokia 7 Plus, which got lost in the post lol