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  1. Ryzen 1600 DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_HUNG error

    Try reseating it.
  2. would hands down recommend the note 4x i've got the 16gb/3gb model - it's smooth, fast, and the battery is 1-2 days with heavy use.
  3. Ryzen 1600 DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_HUNG error

    reseat the gpu, maybe faulty. dxgl_error_device_hung is your GPU hanging/crashing while gaming dx = directX gl = graphics library
  4. My friend just got his new $4600 setup.. 8700k, x62, z370, 16gb 3200mhz, 1080ti, 750w psu, tg case with a 4k monitor


    and the RAM's faulty..


    I'm slightly envious even if the RAM is fucked lol

    1. dizmo


      With pricing like that, you must live in Australia.

    2. Droidbot



  5. Using Windows Server 2016 as PC OS: My experience

    LTSB is rare as well, only available to Software Assurance customers. I can see why they do so, thanks for the tidbit.
  6. accidentally synced my discord avatar with my forum account.


    fuck it, maga grill always stays. 

  7. Laptop for RDP

    Yes, and those public exploits don't work on anything above 2008r1.. as long as you have a secure password and a cert to verify server integrity, you're set.. 2fa using duo is good too also, the amount of unattended access hacking reports for tv kept me away from it (2016)
  8. Please help!!! I3 to I7

    Haswell too. They stopped it in Broadwell tho.
  9. i5 8400 or R5 1600 (Mainly for gaming)

    No, because the extra cores allow for background tasks (Windows updates, apps, etc) to be done while you're gaming without slowdown.
  10. i5 8400 or R5 1600 (Mainly for gaming)

    It's not 'tracking' it's just because the Ryzen CPU has 6 more threads which these games take advantage of. Most games don't.
  11. Please help!!! I3 to I7

    Not worth it - Arrandale cannot go to a quad core CPU, so the max performance gains you get from upgrading your processor are very little.
  12. Laptop for RDP

    It's RDP. It uses the same authentication system as Windows does, and since around Windows Server 2008R2, it's fairly secure, especially when compared to TeamViewer.
  13. i5 8400 or R5 1600 (Mainly for gaming)

    8400, beats Zen by a long mile in single core for a goddamn reason. It's the best value gaming CPU right now, and it comes close to the 7700Ks performance for a much lower price. For productivity, Zen is still the winner, but for gaming CoffeeLake wins.
  14. Laptop for RDP

    RDP is hell over inconsistent networks (school WiFi for example) In the 14" range, I'd recommend a Lenovo T430 or T440p, or a Dell E6430/40.
  15. AMD FX

    What's his budget? You could go for AMD Ryzen instead of FX, it's significantly faster
  16. Average person doesn't OC. It's simple as that. Even when at 3.6-3.7Ghz (which is probably what you'll hit with a 1600 and stock cooler) the Zen fails to keep up, leaving only upgrades as its strong suit.
  17. Not particularly. For programs like Photoshop, even the 8400 comes out on top. And it doesn't require much of an extra budget to get higher performance in games for the average joe, which is good. https://pcpartpicker.com/list/jvWdcc - $351 for Zen https://pcpartpicker.com/list/gKtncc - $365 for CFL (not incl. cooler) and yet even the lowly 8400 manages to beat all the Zen chips and the 7700K in gaming performance and come close in productivity. Not all productivity applications use all cores. They are like modern video games. This is why even with a thread deficit, the 8400 is still a good value, imo more than Ryzen when the boards go down in price. And maybe Intel will price drop to put the final nail in the coffin. We'll see. https://www.computerbase.de/2017-10/intel-coffee-lake-8700k-8400-8350k-8100-test/4/ It's in German, but you get the point.
  18. Java doesn't work on modern versions of Chrome and Firefox. And that's good, because it's shit.
  19. W510 upgrade

    Can you grep /proc/cpuinfo for me? I'd suggest checking the BIOS for what is enabled and what isn't - HT and Multicore may be disabled.
  20. W510 upgrade

    the 720qm is a quad-core, hence the "qm" tag - quad mobile. check your bios.
  21. Even with OC in the equation even the 8400 still wins in gaming and is just behind in productivity. Mobos will go down in price with B360/70. 8400 is literally just behind the 1600X in productivity tasks according to computerbase benchmarks. 8400 = 7700K in games, which if you have Zen with 3600Mhz and the compass turned to North and you've summoned Lisa Su, you may be able to beat.
  22. CoffeeLake is a better value all around, but motherboards and availability are a concern.
  23. Redundant cores

    some people on reddit are recieving r3 CPUs with 8/8, and r5s with 8/16.. Zen yields must be getting good if they're using fully unlocked dies for lower end parts.
  24. preowned laptop under £350 for linux

    Lenovo x230 and 9cell
  25. 41-63 is literally just "system didn't reboot cleanly". What brand is your power supply? Does it happen with any of the single cards?