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  1. External GPU with a All-in-one PC?

    Incorrect. TB2 systems can use TB3 eGPUs using adapters. It's x2 3.0, which shouldn't be all that bad for a midrange GPU like a GTX 1060 or 1070. It's equal to x4 2.0 or x8 1.1 in this graph.
  2. Notebook for Lightroom. i3 or i5?

    More cores are always, always.. good. Even with stuff like web browsing Chrome and Firefox use multiple cores in an attempt to speed up page loading and JavaScript. Lightroom will utilise the extra cores to their fullest when doing final exports and saves, especially when you are dealing with large files at a higher resolution or RAWs.
  3. Notebook for Lightroom. i3 or i5?

    i5-8250 has double the cores and 4x the threads of the i3, making it one hell of a speed boost over the i3.
  4. Budget Leage/CSGO/SC2 Build

    You could also make kids bring in their own gear to save costs. My school has a DOTA club and I see people bring in shit like extended mousepad and bags with headphones and mechanical keyboards inside, and it's being plugged into a fucking Surface Pro :^)
  5. 1440p with i58400 & gtx1070ti

    ^^ Agreed. I have 4670k @ 4.0 and a 1070 and I game at Ultrawide 1080p 75Hz. People say it's overkill and yet I can't max out details on certain games. Mind you that's not my systems fault (fuck ubi) but point still stands.
  6. Budget Leage/CSGO/SC2 Build

    all of my what why the 4300 why is the motherboard $10 why is the ram 6gb?? why the 400w housefire PSU Listen. Get yourself a bunch of cheap HP/Dell prebuilts. Elite 8200 or 8300 are fine. Get a chip like the i5-2400. Get the SFF or full tower models. Then throw in GT1030/GTX1050 (make sure they're the low profile version) and you will have a machine that absolutely demolishes that shit.
  7. What can't I fix with a software camera?

    Suggestions? Definitely try Open Camera. If you're willing to install sketchy stuff (and have a phone with a Snapdragon 820/821/835/660) try modded Google Camera APKs. On Android the driver is called a HAL (Hardware Abstraction Layer). The HAL is usually made by the camera manufacturer, which is usually Sony or Omnivision. What can't you do: super high resolution or super high framerate video or photos.
  8. what are you on and where can I get some
  9. no it is only compatible with 6th gen chips. 7th gen chips don't have the DDR3 support on their memory controller.
  10. Pc restarting on its own

    Not worth going from 980Ti (essentially 1070/1070Ti) to 1080. Someone here did that upgrade as their 980Ti died and they didn't notice much of a framerate difference. Plug both cables into your GPU. Temps are fine.
  11. Droidbot's Long Ass SATA 3 SSD Tier List Arranged in the following order: Tier 1 (Amazing), Tier 2 (Still Good), Tier 3 (Mediocre), Tier 4 (Not The Greatest), Tier 5 (Avoid) Performance are what SSDs are rated on, value is mentioned based on price at current update. Keep TLC/MLC/SLC in mind before purchase : https://tinyurl.com/slcmlctlc (Does not apply to 3D VNAND, different) Current Update: 6/04/16 (Changenotes at bottom) Tier 1: - Samsung 850 EVO/PRO (Generally the highest performing SATA SSDs, hands down) (TLC-3D VNAND) - SK Hynix SL308 (Very good value, almost 850-tier performance for $50 less, as well as low power usage, good for laptops!) (TLC) - OCZ VX500 (Very good performance and value, better than Trion/Vector) (MLC) - Corsair Force LE (Very good value at high capacities with good performance) (TLC) - Corsair Neutron XTI (Very good performance, but high price) (MLC) - MyDigitalSSD BP5e (Very good performance, very low price) (TLC) - Crucial BX100 / Mushkin Reactor (Not as bad as BX200, and surprisingly amazing performance) (MLC) Tier 2: - Crucial MX300/MX200 (Very good value with strange capacities) (TLC-3D VNAND) - ADATA SU800 512GB (Good value, good performance) (TLC-3D VNAND) - OCZ Trion 150 / Vector 180 (Very good performance, but can choke in some situations) (TLC) - SanDisk Extreme Pro / WD Black (Good performance, high price and not good value) (MLC) - PNY CS2211 (Very good value with better performance) (MLC) Tier 3: - ADATA SP900 (Decent performance, decent value) (MLC) - WD Blue / SanDisk X400 (Decent performance, very mediocre.. expensive for what it is) (TLC) - Intel 540S (Not the best value, but not the worst either. Decent performance) (TLC) - OCZ Trion 150 (Not the best value, not the worst performance either) (TLC) - Samsung 750 EVO (Mediocre SSD, above average performance. Dies in the ass under heavy loads) (TLC) - Intel 530 (Decent average performance, handles load quite well) (20nm MLC, be careful of endurance!) - Crucial MX100 (Doesn't handle load very well, similar to the M550, but good overall performance besides that) (20nm MLC, be careful of endurance!) - Intel 730 (Good performance, handles load quite well) (20nm MLC, be careful of endurance!) - ADATA SU800 128/256GB (Decent performance, dies in the ass under heavy loads) (TLC-3D VNAND) - SanDisk Ultra II/Ultra PLUS (Alright average performance, doesn't handle heavy loads that well) (TLC) - Mushkin Triactor (Good performance, good value) (TLC) - PNY CS1311 (Very good value with good performance) (TLC) Tier 4: - SanDisk SSD PLUS / Z410 (Inconsistent performance, pretty cheap. Changes components often.) (MLC) - Kingston HyperX Fury (Good read, mediocre write speeds) (SMLC) - Plextor M6S (Doesn't handle load very well, worse than MX100, but average performance) (MLC) - OCZ Trion 100 (Mediocre performance, slow as fuck writes, not recommended, the 150 is better) (19nm TLC) Tier 5: - Samsung 840 EVO (has issues with the cells wearing out quickly, don't buy used) (19nm TLC) - Kingston SSDNOW V300 (reviews are good, but sketchy shit pulled by Kingston make this bad) (MLC) - Crucial BX200 (bad performance for the money, horrible latency and service times) (early TLC) - Kingston SSDNOW UV400 (mediocre performance, slow reads, go for something better) (early TLC) - OCZ TL100 (VERY SHIT performance, 94MB/s Seq Writes for fucks sake) (TLC) - ADATA SP550 (Trades blows with the BX200, a little faster and without the BX200's flaws, however APPARENTLY has cell drift like the 840 EVO as reported by @zMeul) (TLC) How I rate SSDs: Any requests for new SSDs to be added with proof or other SSDs to be changed with proof are welcome.
  12. Droidbot's SATA3 SSD Tier List

    Fairly sure it's AU/NZ saying yeah
  13. What are some good completely wireless earbuds.

    Besides the airpods (which trade audio quality for battery life and that toothbrush head aesthetic) I'd recommend the Samsung IconX (make sure you get the 2018 version!!) or the SoundSport Free by Bose (these are the best wireless earbuds ever)
  14. Best 500 gb SSD under £150 (uk)

  15. Minerd.exe using 95% of CPU

    dude forgot to name the exe to something less suss and turn down the intensity so it doesn't fucking kill the system smh
  16. Minerd.exe using 95% of CPU

    definitely miner malware. scan with malwarebytes and hitmanpro
  17. XPG or evo 850

    Yeah I based it off 128gb benches for both SSDs so it should be fair game
  18. "Yeah but it was to retain that SoT that you got on day one" Then fucking tell us! Don't hide it away for us to find out and then pull out the anti-trust lawsuits. and instead of drooping to the lowest possible multiplier step of the CPU, making the device as useful as a fucking paperweight and making Snapchat look like a PowerPoint slideshow, get someone to figure out the lowest possible frequency while still keeping the device somewhat usable.
  19. Compared to what? It's faster than a good chunk of the CPUs on the market right now
  20. XPG or evo 850

    Yeah, the pro was for comparison's sake. It's based on more reliable but slower MLC VNand, whereas the EVO is based on faster but less reliable TLC Vnand. TLC has matured from what it used to be in the early days. The 850 is better for everyday performance. The SX6000 is better for video editing and other tasks that rely on sequential operations. Your choice.
  21. XPG or evo 850

    You'd be surprised, Samsung have optimised the shit out of their controllers to make the wear on the NAND less than normal. 850Pro 1TB lasted 7PB of writes before dying during a stress test. Meanwhile the SX6000 is based on a brand new Realtek chipset that isn't used in many other products, and according to a lot of reviews it gets throttle-causingly hot. Using benchmarks sourced from the Newegg reviews for the SX6000 (reputable, eh?) and Legitreviews' 850EVO review, I found that the SX6000 achieves higher sequential (lots of files in the same folder, good example would be videos) (usual behaviour for NVMe) but loses out in 4k random reads and writes (best example comparison would be smaller files stored in different directories) at both queue depths.
  22. XPG or evo 850

    XPG is good performance wise due to the fast NAND and decent controller. The EVO however is imo more reliable, and Samsung's warranty is really good.
  23. External Graphics Cards and Mini Barebones PCs

    Yep, you can. eGPU.io has a few systems using the AsRock BeeBox and an m.2 dock, and Intel showcased the SkullCanyon NUC with tb3 eGPU.