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  1. And unfortunately, despite all the efforts by the left to exercise "inclusion", the result is fascist dictatorship. If free speech is only acceptable to you when people agree with you, then you're not in favor of free speech. You have to fight for your opponents right to free speech too. As long as nothing illegal is being said or promoted, it shouldn't get removed from any platform. When you ban people from a platform in order to protect peoples feelings, you end up down a rabbit hole. There's a girl who had to be protected in her university against sauce on food. SAUCE ON FOOD. SERIOUSLY. I hate to be the guy that says "toughen up", but people like this leave me no choice.
  2. Oh boy, people just got pushed further into the shadows. Dissenter has been removed from the Google Web Store and the Firefox Add-on page. I'm seeing some real authoritarian nightmare coming from the left with this, and it can't possibly end well:
  3. These days, when a leftie says Nazi, they really just mean someone more conservative than themselves. The word has lost all meaning. If you ask someone if they're a Nazi, and they say "yes" proudly, then fair enough, it's true. But you have a slew of people today laughing and shaking their heads because they receive that accusation when it's anything but true. And now when I hear "Nazi", I have to think "Oh, here we go again". I'd really rather those waters didn't get so muddy. I don't want to have to question that, but I don't have a choice. That depends entirely on the maturity of both parties involved. I have plenty of productive conversations with people I don't agree with. I've learned to make a simple ground-rule: no anger allowed. That's the beauty of it. If someone get's the 3rd degree for being a jerk, maybe they'll start to re-think things a little. Exactly. If we let this trend continue, certain political views could become outlawed. Then what? 1984? Yeah, there's extremism on both sides. And they're both nuts in their own special ways. The trouble is defining hate speech. If you're going to enforce something by law, it has to be rather clearly written. But there's so much subjectivity involved that a judge might let a real jerk off in some situations, and punish someone innocent in another. Currently this system is based on what the victim claims they've felt in terms of offense. But if that victim is really shedding fake tears, and abusing the legal system to attack someone they don't like, that's seriously dangerous.
  4. It's not good to take peoples access to discussion away. You push them into the shadows where they find others they agree with. An echo chamber. And that's how you get radicalized. Better to keep them engaged in conversation with smart people who might change their minds. I was personally a hardcore conspiracy theorist. After hundreds of lengthy conversations, I've become much, much more sensible in my thought processes. And now I see people in the same trap I used to be in. And I want to help them out of it.
  5. Nope, those things are illegal; Threats, incitement of violence... They shouldn't be allowed on any platform. But I'm talking about things that are far from illegal or promotion of illegal activity. There are simple opinions that some people are offended by very easily. Those things should not be banned just because a fragile person says so. How do you define hate speech? It's very hard. What if I accused you of hate speech for this message you sent? And what if the "believe the victim" mentality is all that matters? Then you're banned for simply bringing valid points to a conversation.
  6. Diversity of opinion is very important. And people are SO easily offended these days, that you could be saying something as simple as "sperm fertilizes egg" and the gender neutral camp loses their minds. So unfortunately, we now have to push the right to offend, not because we want to be jerks, but simply to have conversations about things that exist in reality.
  7. Ah, but that's not true much of the time. Some people are being banned for nothing of the sort. Just simple disagreements. The left likes to loudly yell "racism and sexism" when they get challenged rather than try to have productive conversations.
  8. Ah, fair enough. I figured it was quite similar to the kind of tech news they tend to discuss on WAN show, but I guess they even joke about how real tech news rarely ever happens!
  9. I agree with everything you said except 1 thing: This is certainly tech news. You're right, nobody HAS to looks at comments anywhere. But they do. A lot. If a content creator gets banned from a platform due to political views (something happening more and more these days), they still have a voice. Who's listening is a valid critique. Bending to the loud minority happens far too often. It's refreshing to see something come up that refuses to.
  10. Damn right it will. And that's very interesting to me.
  11. I want to know, have any of you heard of Dissenter before now? Have you installed it? There are side chats happening on a lot of YouTube videos, twitter feeds, etc. For example, in the video I linked in the OP. I can even comment on this page. And LTT can't stop it. I could say ANYTHING. But I won't because I'm nice like that.
  12. Not sure I understand what you mean. A comment platform is social engineering? Dirty laundry? Xplan plz.
  13. And you should ban them from your platform for disagreeing with you. Oh, but what's this? Now you can't? BOOM!