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  1. Can't really go wrong with ASUS IMO. But none of these will limit the performance of your computer -- some might just not offer all the features you want.
  2. Help needed from a pc expert

    Firstoff, no. a 120mm radiator will not fit in a case that doesn't support 120mm fans. However, like @herman mcpootis said, the H60 and 120mm radiators in general aren't worth it. something like a Cryorig H7 would cool your CPU similarly, and for a lower price. (but you'd need to check height compatibility). if you really want to go all-out, you could buy a dual-tower air cooler like the Noctua NH-D15 or Dark Rock Pro 3, which are as good or better than 280mm AIOs
  3. Well, unless you know that it exists and can reasonably remove it, then it's fine AFAIK. One example of this is Snapchat. Snapchat stores pictures that are sent on its servers, some of which are inevitably nude pictures of people under the age of 18. However, Snapchat isn't committing a crime, since they can't feasibly sort through and remove all pictures of CP. Same with sites like mega, who host lots of pirated content, but can't conceivably remove it
  4. How the fuck.... outlook already takes as long as a decent-sized game to open.
  5. Rig is built, but what do i do now?

    Installing drivers from NVidia's website automatically installs Geforce Experience unless you explicitly tell it not to. DDU does a completely different thing, DDU removes all existing drivers, so then you can install GPU drivers on a clean slate. it's not super important if you've already updated your drivers through GeForce Experience. as for antivirus, I personally despise anything that isn't defender, and would advise against using panda antivirus, since usually antivirus programs use up lots of resources, are annoying, and don't do anything better than defender does. It's still your choice, but I'd personally advise against it.
  6. Rig is built, but what do i do now?

    Install GPU drivers first if you haven't done that already. windows install basic drivers, but you should install the latest version. cleanest way to do this is to download a program called DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller), hit the "Clean and restart" option, and then install new drivers from the manufacturer. I would personally recommend against any antivirus, since the built-in defender is totally good enough. common sense is the best defense though, so make sure not to run random files you get from shady websites. other than that, all drivers should download automagically, so there's nothing more to do!
  7. What do you guys recommend?

    6600K is still totally fine unless you're gaming at high refresh rates. I'd recommend just getting the 1080Ti, but there's no real need for the card to be liquid-cooled. Just get the cheapest 1080Ti you can get that isn't a blower-style cooler. you also might want to consider an upgrade to the 7700K.
  8. Any new AMD GPU on the way?

    Nah, not really. at medium/high settings, the RX480 can last for a long time -- don't look at new GPUs right now, since this is literally the worst time to buy a GPU, and we're in the middle of the worst GPU shortage in history.
  9. 2nd Gen Ryzen

    those security flaws are fake and were designed to make AMD's stock go down.
  10. Flash drives use slower NAND, but even there the price drops that should happen with normal advancement of tech hasn't happened. the price is just staying where it was 3 years ago. However, RAM is where it really sucks. 16GB DDR4 goes for $150USD (200CAD) for the slowest set, and nicer kits can cost upwards of $200USD
  11. Any new AMD GPU on the way?

    Navi is coming sometime before the heat death of the universe hopefully.
  12. Ryzen 5 1600 with a GT 1030

    the 1030 is really bad for a desktop gaming system. I have the mobile version (MX150) in my laptop, and it can barely run rocket league on max settings 1080p, and it won't be able to run AAA games at anything but low, sometimes at 900p or less. 1050 at least, or a used 770 or higher.
  13. My thoughts of Ryzen so far

    It's still getting worse...
  14. PCIE Lanes and Ryzen

    If you need your quadro to have the full 16 lanes, and you also want your 1060 to have enough lanes, then you might need to either settle for an X4 link to your 1060 with an X370 chipset, or upgrade to a better platform altogether like threadripper (64 lanes)
  15. PCIE Lanes and Ryzen

    You don't need a X16 link for each GPU. X8 is more than enough. in fact, the B350 motherboard you already have should support 2 GPUs, only with one of them running at X4 speeds, which is totally fine and isn't a bottleneck unless you have a Titan V