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    Intel Core I7 4770K
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    2X 8GB DDR3
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    GTX 1070 STRIX
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    Corsair Crystal 460X RGB
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    220GB Sandisk SSD
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    Corsair RM750X
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    ViewSonic 1080p 24''
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    NZXT Kraken X62 (With 120mm Fans)
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    Corsair K95 Cherry MX Brown
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    Corsair M65
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    Windows 10

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  1. Usually I'd say that neither is ideal, but since you're only cooling a pentium, the stock cooler should be totally adequate. A heatsink with no fan is a bad idea, especially since as a router, it might be tucked into a corner and forgotten, accumulating dust.
  2. In terms of safety, no matter how far down you undervolt/downclock the CPU will be fine, it just might not be stable. The power saving are tiny at best since idle power usage isn't much on modern CPUs anyway, but you could try undervolt the CPU until it stops being stable.
  3. That CPU seems more than capable, especially with an SSD. My two thoughts are that either the OS is extremely bloated (if you haven't done a clean install, I'd do that first), or that it might be trying to GPU-accelerate video playback, and is ending up using a terrible/weak GPU which is bottlenecking the CPU. I'd clean install if you haven't done that already, and then try to take out the GPU and see what happens.
  4. Since the 2080 is a generation newer, any 2080 model you buy will be much faster than any 1080.
  5. StoreMI is pretty much a gimmick IMO -- unless you plan to use it, it's basically worth nothing.
  6. try opening up the partitioning utility -- called "create and format hard disk partitions" and see if it's partitioned or not. if not, make a partition which is the whole size of the drive.
  7. True if it's being kept at stock speeds -- however, @SzaboAttila, if you're a tinkerer, the top overclocked speed of Ryzen 1000 and Ryzen 2000 are pretty similar (4.0 vs like 4.2ghz), and especially if you're fine with spending a few hours to get high RAM clocks, a 1000 series CPU is totally a viable option.
  8. You totally can - the reason it doesn't work is because windows can't be installed on existing partitions. Delete all partitions on the drive (which will format it, obviously) and then select the empty space to install into.
  9. Remember ONLY A YEAR AND A HALF AGO when Intel released a 4 core, 4 thread i5 onto their X299 platform...

    Seemed stupid then -- seems even stupider now.

    1. Nowak


      especially because a couple months later they released 6c6t i5s on Z370


      and 6c12t i7s on Z370

  10. Slightly, but since the 10 series is still a very good option (and better value), not as much as we would like.
  11. Yeah, $500 seems pretty decent. Maybe you can get lucky and sell it for a bit more, like $550 or $600. By the way, running games on less than max settings doesn't do anything for GPU lifespan. Unless you're mining on it 24 hours a day, it basically won't do anything to lifespan. (and even if you are mining on it 24 hours a day, it'll probably still be okay for years, so it will most likely outlive its usable lifespan anyway.
  12. Why not just create a separate paypal account for each mission? You would need to create the selection menu on your website, and depending on what mission they want to donate to, you present them with a different paypal account.
  13. A Friend needs to get time-sensitive stuff off of her external hard drive, and lost her power adapter. And of course these things are hard to find, so the only way to get the files will be to either order a new one, which won't come in time, or to possibly crack open the casing, and extract the drive inside. I don't want to do that unless i know for certain that it has a SATA or IDE interface inside, and not something proprietary. So: Do all external hard drives contain an internal hard drive inside (with a common standardized connector)?
  14. IF you can change something, get a 6GB 1060, but if not, 3GB is still fine. It's definitely overclockable, and you can probably get 5Ghz on that 8600K pretty easily unless you lost the silicon lottery. you could also OC the GPU, but not that much because GPU boost does most of the work for you. Make sure that the RAM is running at its rated speed (becuase it might default to 2133) other than that, make sure that you have enough room to upgrade to 16GB later. (so, motherboard with 4 DIMM slots, which you probably have). 8GB is okay for now, but once RAM prices finally drop to reasonable levels, you'll probably want another 8GB