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  1. GPU Price Skyrocket

  2. Hot Deals of 1/15/2018

    Sad that the 1070Ti closest to MSRP is well above the 1080's MSRP.
  3. I need help with External GPU's

    It would perform extremely poorly
  4. I need help with External GPU's

    eGPUs over thunderbolt 2 aren't good at all. not enough bandwidth.
  5. No bootable device fresh windows install

    Nah, not really. just that splitting up posts is slightly annoying, and that some people really take pride in their post count.
  6. Only using 4GB out of 8GB, or only recognizing 4GB out of 8GB? if it's only using 4, but all 8 is recognized, that's fine. if it only recognizes 4, that's a problem. try reseating the RAM, making sure they're in the same channel, trying the other channel, etc.
  7. No bootable device fresh windows install

    Yes Then just follow the instructions, mute Cortana (not a required step, only required if you want to stay sane), and then you're done.
  8. No bootable device fresh windows install

    I get that you're not post farming, but people might think you are since you split a message like this into 2 posts.
  9. No bootable device fresh windows install

    Have you tried getting to BIOS? Try F2, F9, and then Esc. it might only work on legacy BIOS, so if you have any option to switch to legacy, try doing that. failing that, you could try a different USB port on your sister's laptop, or create your own install media using a spare USB stick, and see if your own will work.
  10. No bootable device fresh windows install

    Why? It'll just have an old version of windows on it in a few months. personally, I re-create my own install media every time I reinstall windows.
  11. my pc is broken

    Um.... is everything OK? CPU dead? that's bad, but it shouldn't cause popping sounds or case bending.
  12. if you already get 150, there might not be any reason to upgrade. the only bummer is that you can't overclock your CPU with the motherboard you have. might be worth it to get a B350 motherboard to overclock in the future. Yeah sure no harm in trying. also make sure it's actually running at 2666, since it may default to 2133.
  13. Other than installing the latest GPU drivers, making sure your BIOS is updated, there's nothing short of overclocking that can improve performance. However, if you do want to overclock, one of the best and safest things to overclock is your RAM. with the latest BIOS update, you should be able to get your RAM to at least 2800Mhz, but go as high as possible.
  14. Will this work for IPhone 7 Plus Optical Zoom ?

    I'm not sure how well it will work for the 7+ simply because both cameras are in one piece of glass, and there might be a bit of light bleed, but other than that, yes, it should be the 2X of the iPhone, plus the 8X of the lens.
  15. Cheapest DDR4 ram.

    Cheapest RAM is 2 years ago. RAM shortages are devastating, and it really sucks. Used DDR4 is your best bet, especially since RAM doesn't really degrade at all. (but then again, neither do most computer components)