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  1. No shit sherlock, you can see tha PPPOOOWWAAARRR now they will use all the cores soo it will take some xtra power
  2. BTW csgolougne doesnt give money (i thought they did but they dont) but i dont now what opskins charges exactly, but i thought it was like 10%
  3. at least go with like 6 or 9 curved monitors haha jk.
  4. Opskins or CSGOlounge (maybe some people here even want to buy something...) and if he has something special people will give more money (look at the float on opskins to gain extra money) or ( for csgolounge the float and or layout (and rarity) of the skin (blue gems etc.) heck maybe even try reddit if you he has something special! (BTW be very careful my friend made 1000 dollars from 50 dollar and he betted everything away so know when to stop and cash in! )
  5. alot of games would wan to use all the vram you have to be the best and smoothest possible + you are "future-proofing" your pc until the next heavy game or new cpu/gpu comes out...!!
  6. BTW if you have the money go for a ASUS VIII Formula its the best one out there!
  7. if you look at the worst 980 and best 970 (price difference ~100 dollar) it would be like 10 fps difference
  8. yes sorry i didnt ment fully broken mobo, but just some parts that would explain the problem....
  9. yes, if it isnt this than the mobo is just broken.... or idk
  10. where do you have the monitor plugged in, cpu mobo... ?
  11. yes true but if you have a 10 year old laptop it wont like it... newer once will do great and i dont know why but my laptop doesnt want to treat the TV like its own display... probably just a windows/old laptop thing....
  12. great mouse, (trustworthy seller) GREAT!
  13. it will take some battery and cpu/gpu power... but is certainly possible! 1) i think screen has to be open (or off) 2) yes possible!