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  1. i would say go for macbook air 2019 one if those accounting software are not limited to windows only, should cost you under 1L (you might as well get a student discount on top of it).
  2. well, it was so sudden that I panicked. The artifact was somewhat related to interlacing. To give you a perspective, here is a picture having the exact same effect/artifact that I saw on my monitor.
  3. All of a sudden my screen was full of artifacts, multiple super close horizontal and vertical line making everything pixelated. I tried switching my monitor on/off (Acer predator xb271hu) it didn't work. - Although it was fixed automatically after restart (it took a few seconds more to shutdown down the pc than it normally does). what could be the problem, is the GPU dying on me? or was it power related?
  4. Hello! I have recently bought Acer predator XB271HU - IPS 144hz Gsync monitor. While in Nvidia settings I am quite confused whether to: - use GPU scaling or Display scaling? - Default color settings or Nvidia color settings? PS: whenever I try to change my resolution in CSGO, csgo gets stuck and won't open until I have to force close it and open it again. (while opening it screen flickers, first desktop resolutions changes then again flickers and csgo opens with the specified resolution. Any fix? it didn't use to happen before.
  5. Replaced my surge protector with a high quality one, issue is fixed. Thanks for help. It was definitely a sine wave issue.
  6. The ups doesn't have any pass through sockets, it used to work before in the same socket but now it doesn't, i have tried all the sockets available on the ups. Power adapter's (router) power led flashes for a second when the ups switches to battery backup and then it turns off.
  7. Phone charger works. I guess router's power adapter is at fault though it works fine when not connected to the ups
  8. Whenever there's a power cut my router turn off while the PC still keeps running. I have tried plugging the power cord of the router into a different socket but result is still the same. I tried dropping the load on ups after power cut the result still remains the same. The router was working perfectly before with no issues even when on the ups battery backup. Is the router at fault? Router: D-Link dir-825ac Ups rating - 1000va
  9. Also, check if the power plan is set to 'high performance' in windows power options
  10. Try performing any stress tests, cinebench/realbench and check if this occurs again at 100% CPU load. Recheck again by gradually increasing the load on the CPU. After this, you should be able to diagnose it easily. About the screeching sound, the pump might be faulty, try running it in silent mode then in performance mode (check the difference in sound). I had a similar issue with my aio (was making crackling sounds) while running mirrors edge catalyst on max settings only but turned out to be due to air bubbles inside the aio.
  11. hi, I have just changed my patch cable from my router to pc and for some reason, i can hear a buzzing sound coming out of somewhere near my ethernet port while downloading or just testing internet speed. please help!
  12. I wrote an email to them as well, they just told me to get it replaced by the seller. ask if they (razer) or the store (if they are the authorized distributor of razer) can arrange for on-site pickup!
  13. i use my mouse at 1600dpi everywhere just with different in-game sensitivity. (g403)
  14. i had this issue with my deathadder 2013 just after 5 months of use, bought a g403 instead. RMA it!
  15. I am looking to buy a new mouse pad please suggest me some. I do play csgo competitively, my settings are : - 1600dpi @ 3.83 in-game sensitivity with Logitech g403 and cm storm swift rx mouse pad. I have been using this mouse pad for 2 years now and I now feel like my mouse is having tracking issues with it, I have tried washing it but that did not help although I see no damage at all (visually) it started having tracking issues recently. I replaced my g403 as old one that I was using had rattling issue, new replacement performs better but not upto the mark as I was used too. I need a mouse pad similar or preferably better than swift rx as I feel it has good balance between control and speed, I do own a qck as well but I do not like it (so please do not recommend that one). Currently what I have in mind is Logitech g240, glorious xxl, zowie gsr, etc. - Stitched edges is a plus
  16. Even after that I felt only a minor change but not this much, and it does gets back to the original sensitivity if I surface tune the mouse or change the usb port but the change lasts for like a minute or so then it becomes slow again.
  17. sensitivity is same in the game. But I did turned off the acceleration in "ease of access center > make mouse easier to use > setup mouse keys > acceleration option under pointer speed".
  18. Since few days I feel like my mouse (Logitech g403) is slower at the same dpi (for eg 1600) as it was before. I found out that if I switch usb ports or use surface tuning in the Logitech gaming software it gets back to its original sensitivity at that dpi(1600) but only for a short period of time, after that it becomes slow again. If I need to get it back to that same sensitivity as before I have to increase the dpi from 1600 to 2000 to get same sensitivity feel. I am not sure what's happening! Is something wrong with the mouse lens?
  19. yes, its stable! I am overclocking this time by changing the bclk for fine tuning, I guess that may be the problem?, one more thing I have noticed about the motherboard that while checking for overclock its takes 0.5 - 0.7 sec more than it took before completely starting up!
  20. My pc is getting stuck on post screen with ROG logo along with an error code 64. I had my cpu overclocked ever since I built my pc but 2-3 days ago i increased the overclock slightly and since then I am getting this error(can't really say its because of that even after the increased OC it ran fine for a day). Though when I ran prime95 , aida64 and memtest everything was stable, this is something out of the blue. I have figured a workaround by removing all my peripherals , it seems like after removing my mic (blue snowball ice) it boots up perfectly, also even if its connected and gets stuck if I quickly remove my mic it quickly loads the windows. not sure what's happening!
  21. Whenever I boot my pc , just right after the motherboard logo splash screen it shows blinking underscore which blinks twice then moves to the next line does the same there then after that windows logo shows up loading which stops midway and flashes a black screen then starts again and loads to the lock screen/sign in page. What's with the underscores blinking?
  22. s_technogeek