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    Computer Science, Gaming


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    i7-5930k 6-Core 12 Thread
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    16gb 2667mHz
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    Nvidia GTX 980
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    512 ssd + hdd
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    BenQ, ASUS
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    Liquid Cooler
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    Logitech :(
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    Logitech M325 :(
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    Linux + Windows

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  1. Where are the NVME slots on the board? I know the larger ATX board has them, but I don't see any on the mini ITX version that was linked to. EDIT: I found them, hidden under a head spreader
  2. I personally enjoy the minimalist button design. Less is more.
  3. I'm doing this for my brother who has a logitech k750 solar keyboard, a logitech m325 mouse, and earbuds.
  4. I have a 980 (and an Intel chip) in my PC but I'm going to be building another computer soon with AMD tech.
  5. Im using a logitech K360 and the F5 key is broken. I would enjoy a mechanical keyboard, especially one with RGB lighting!
  6. I would prefer the Kiro because of the RGB LED and the customizability / modularity.
  7. 1) http://www.amazon.com/Intel-SERIES-2-5-Inch-Internal-SSDSC2BP240G4R5/dp/B00IF4NGEU/ ( Intel 730 SERIES 2.5-Inch 240 GB Internal Solid State Drive SSDSC2BP240G4R5 <RESELLER KIT>) 2) We really tired of watching Windows 7 boot up slloooowwlly on an old HDD on one of our home computers (shared with my whole family, some of whom are not tech savvy and get extremely frustrated), plus that drive is slated to fail at at any moment. I know how to replace drive and transfer data and I know that SSDs are much faster than mechanical drives.
  8. The Autore mechanical keyboard has a minimalist base design that complements the well spaced keys, logo, and status LEDs. While the font on the keys does not contrast well with the keys themselves, it does match the elegant color scheme and simplicity of the device.