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  1. My monitor weights a little over 5 kg. I could really use that space for other stuff.
  2. I am moving to Canada for post graduate studies and i was wondering if i could bring my desktop with me on the plane. I won't be bringing the cabinet (weight restrictions) and will be packing the parts individually. Should i check-in the parts or keep them in hand baggage? Also i would like to know if it is feasible to bring a 24'' monitor? P.S- I am travelling from India. I'll be using Vistara (Domestic airline) connecting to Emirates.
  3. Doesn't matter how powerful the laptop is most people end up watching YouTube on it. Blade For me. It is far more safer to watch porn on a laptop when compared to a desktop.
  4. Currently using a GTX 770 and the reason i want to win is gibe nao pls. :)
  5. Hmm..Lets see how that goes. I don't trust MSI any more. Probably won't be buying any Msi product for rest of my life.
  6. yes thats what i thought but people at MSI say it is perfectly fine. Also i have checked the jumper it is the same way it was a year ago.
  7. I know jumper is that two pins that are sticking out of the motherboard. Its open for my motherboard.
  8. I have checked all that. I have changed the CMOS battery twice nothing happens.
  9. @TyleredbowersI asked for a replacement and they said if it is repairable they won't replace it. MSI is a shitty company and they don't care about there customers.
  10. Hey, Well to start of i own a MSI Z87i Gaming AC motherboard. I purchased the motherboard in May 2014.On 3rd January 2016 i was using my system as usual and suddenly it stopped working.I checked my system and found that the motherboard was not working.It was dead.I then talked to the MSI customer care here in India and was informed that i was supposed to send my motherboard to Aforeserve.com Limited India for the RMA process.I did the same and after approximately 20 days i received my motherboard.After a week i discovered that the WiFi, bluetooth and the rear audio jack was not working. Again it was sent for RMA and when it returned all the stuff was fixed except when i boot into the BIOS it won't responding to the mouse or the keyboard.I talked with them and again all the shit happened and finally i received it back.But unfortunately on receipt i found that every time i switch on my computer, bios settings get reset automatically to the default one. Again it was send for RMA and surprisingly they believe nothing is wrong with it and everything is fine. So they send the motherboard back to me.Now this time when i got it back the problem was still there. My system resets the bios on boot everytime. And also the rear audio jack is not working (Something they added). All the above story occurred between 3rd of January and early April. I haven't talked with MSI since then. I had my exams and other college stuff to do. Now i would like to get some suggestions from you guys about what should be done about this. Should i sent a request to MSI for rma or should i throw it in the bin and get a new Asus or Gigabyte motherboard and bear the expense? This would be the 5th time in past 6 months that i will be sending a rma request and i think i won't be able to handle the disappointment this time. I have attached an image of the message that i get on bootup. I hope you will help me decide and also i hope my story will help you guys in making better decisions when shopping in the future. Thanks.
  11. If someone is reading this.. Hello!!!!!
  12. Well firstly i want to thank linus and his team for free Vessel sign up and that for 1 year..Thumb UP for that. My Vessel username: gurkamalbedi And two of favorite videos (There is a lot more from where that came from) Wet Laptop Recovery AGAIN - Dell XPS 13 https://www.vessel.com/videos/Su_Wqd7Vl AND HighLANder - The Highest Mountaintop LAN Party EVER - LTT Official Video https://www.vessel.com/videos/EskapF9Yn Twitter: https://twitter.com/GurkamalBedi/status/580427589594062849
  13. well prices of both the models are almost same so price is not an issue.