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  • CPU
    intel i5 6400
  • Motherboard
    g1 sniper z170
  • RAM
    8GB corsair 2133mhz ddr4
  • GPU
    gygabyte gtx 960 4gb windforce
  • Case
    nzxt s340 special edition
  • Storage
    480 Gb kingston ssd 2tb wd green
  • Keyboard
    ducky shine 3 cherry mx blue
  • Mouse
    Mionix Caster
  • Operating System
    windows 10
  1. ok thank you, the only problem with the alphacool block is that i can't find it in stock near where i live, but i can wait 4 weeks to import them directly from alphacool Germany. Was just hoping there was another option that i could get immediately.
  2. I don't have a 1080 ti or would the same one fit? They do look very similar. Thank you though @andrewmp6
  3. Hey I'm looking for a (full cover) waterblock for my Kfa2 gtx1080 exoc (product number: 80NSJ6DHL4EK) The only one i can find is the alphacool gtx 1080 m11 waterblock. Does anyone know of a block that would fit my gpu, preferably a full cover block. Thank you in advance Jonas
  4. @dalekphalm I only have 2 but will probably buy a third one if they work stable for a while. @phen3x Have you tried plugging something into the the power socket, the manual says that could remove electrical noise and help with speed and stability, or have you checked for any firmware updates.
  5. I do think that is the link speed between your powerlines and that does seem about what i'm gettinf when transfering between my nas ad my pc. When i hadn't switched modes i also got about that speed, it was lowered to about 250mbps after i switched
  6. This seems like a really low price i would not trust this, does the seller have good feedback i would not really buy from someone with a rating of less than 90. Are you sure it is still working and is not burned out.
  7. Did you install the nvidia drivers? Did you plug your screen in through your gpu or do you use the ports on the motherboard? You can find the drivers here http://www.nvidia.com/download/driverResults.aspx/130633/en-us Do you mean your pc doesn't boot. And the gpu should definitly be compatible with that motherboard.
  8. I personally like KZ iems, they are really cheap and with changed tips i think they are amazing. (personally like the kz zst the most) If you are looking at arround 100 dollars i would recommend the one more triple.
  9. Hey, I have fixed it sorry for not answering for a while. For me it was a setting in my powerlines, I have tp-links and they come with some software in wich you can't really do much but in the advanced setting there was a slider for vdsl-mode, this fixed it for me, hopes this helps not sure how you would change this on an other brand. By the way i pay for 50mbps down and 8 mbps up, i really wanna switch to something better but then i would have to lay a cable to a distribution box and that is pretty far away, so that cable won't be cheap.
  10. So i bought a new pair of powerline because my mom hated the cable i had running up to my room. The powerlines work fine when transfering files from my nas to my pc or vice versa. But they hava a very slow speed over internet about an eight of what i have with the cable, does anyone know a fix? Thank you for your help Jonas
  11. I would recommend the smsl sanskrit (or the sanskrit pro if you want bleutooth connectivity) but for headphones you would then still need an amp like the fiio k5, if you want an amp/dac combo i would recommend the smsl ad18 (can power speakers aswell and has bleutooth connectivity).
  12. hi, I am surching for a new monitor. i would like a 1440p one with z color space of 100% sRGB. my max price is arround 500 euro ( 550 dollar). any suggestions? greetings Jonas
  13. thank you a lot i will go with the 6400
  14. Hi, i'm going to build a new computer and don't really know wich one to buy. should i buy the i5 4460 or the 6400 or an other cpu around this price point.
  15. the mionix castor is pretty small