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    IT Systems Administrator


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    i5 8400, i7 8700k, 3330S, 3770
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    A LOT
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    Nvidia 1080
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    Corsair Carbide 300R non-window
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    NVME m.2, SSDs, HDDs
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    EVGA 650W G3
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    W10, Linux, Hackintosh, Win 7

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  1. Board probably needs an update.
  2. When you say it won't go past 30hz, are you referring to the laptop not powerful enough to push more, or there is a problem with the monitor? You need displayport cable as far as I am aware. I suggested mid range 2k, high refresh, as you said 4k was basically too much.
  3. Why are you upgrading? What is it struggling with? Asking because I see so much of this unnecessary upgrading just to say you have the latest stuff, which if is the case, I find pretty pathetic.
  4. And what about without any "Sync" of any kind enabled? Still happens? Are you overclocked on the GPU? What about when you monitor the performance (using proper applications) while playing. You should see something happening. You're probably bottlenecked by the 1070Ti I hate to say, but I couldn't be sure.
  5. Yes agree, always go newer, reviews/tests allowing.
  6. Unless this card is causing you grief, don't touch it. If it develops a temp problem then perhaps look into a cooler replacement for it instead. Definitely don't try and bend anything back anywhere. If the OCD is that bad, put a non windowed side on it
  7. But the HDD is a secondary drive right? Are you running anything from that or is it purely storage? What app told you there was a repair needed? What kind of repair?
  8. Best of luck. Hope you are driving at least a 1440p 144hz panel with all that lovely gear
  9. Very nice. Yes I think a 1080Ti would be a very wise choice here. I don't think you'd regret that.
  10. Ok so Kernel power is just telling you the power went out unexpectedly don't worry about that. Yes see what CrystalDiskInfo says on that drive. So it was running fine before you put it in a new case and put the new cooling system on?
  11. Well it depends on the rest of that gaming system, the monitor you are using, the games you are playing, and what you are hoping to achieve.
  12. Gainward are absolutely fine. If offered a cheap card, it has usually been used for mining.
  13. Run a check on your hard drive. Event Viewer in Windows is where you should be looking for the answer, not just pulling things apart.