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  1. Windows 10 Home to Pro not working

    It's most likely giving that error because it's not an upgrade code (this is just a guess since you can upgrade to pro directly through the OS), and the reason why you're getting no option to enter a product key during the windows 10 install is because the original license code is hard coded into the BIOS and the installation media is reading that and proceeding with installing the original version of windows that the key is linked with.
  2. health HDD cannot format

    Have you tried using tools that don't run in windows like Gparted or DBAN to wipe the partition and remove any of the current issues that you're having (I'm not sure if they can, but it's worth a try).
  3. Does Windows 10 download have a product key with it?

    The "download" version only comes with the product key as you would have to use the media creation tool to obtain the installation media, but as you already have the installation media that part isn't required.
  4. What does AMZ mean?

    It states "Dispatched from and sold by Amazon" in the for AMZ style where the other only has listings for resellers (and one of those is the Amazon warehouse deals) so it's likely that they made a new entry for one reason or another.
  5. Software to get rid of malware

    If your problems haven't stopped, then all I'd suggest is backing up any critical files, dropping the tactical formatting nuke on it and starting from scratch since any majorly infected computer shouldn't be trusted even if everything is cleared out since you don't know if there's anything remaining in the background.
  6. Dell optiplex 990 No Display

    Is the power light blinking orange or solid blue? If it's the former, then it's either a motherboard, PSU or peripheral failure, but if it's the latter then it's a memory issue and the RAM modules either need to be reseaeted or replaced.
  7. My Acer Aspire 5551 also doesn't have GPU monitoring in task manager, so it's possible that it doesn't work with older GPUs (or at least laptops with dedicated graphics).
  8. Weird Issue... is it my RAM?

    Considering that you're using a dedicated GPU, I would suggest taking that out and running off the iGPU since any issues with the RAM would mean that the issues would still crop up.
  9. Seagate Firecuda vs WD black for gaming

    The 3.5" firecuda drives are 7200RPM, only the 2.5" firecuda drives are 5400RPM.
  10. I wouldn't even touch any sandisk memory card or USB drive since every one I've gotten ends up getting rather hot.
  11. Weird cheap GPU's and SSD's

    Domain registered just over a month ago using a cheap domain registrar and uses whois guard to stop any contact details from being made publicly available. Seems Legit..... NOT!!!
  12. Is This 2TB HDD Dead?

    Considering that the process thrashing the hard drive is system and compressed memory and once I googled that, the first thing it showed was to fix the 100% disc usage caused by that process and the list of fixes start with scanning for corrupt system files and go onto disabling the specific process and disabling superfetch along with changing the paging file size back to automatic. Before doing that, if the intel rapid storage technology software isn't installed then install it to see if that makes any difference and if it doesn't then try disabling superfetch.
  13. hd audio manager missing

    This seems to be typical with the most recent version of the realtek audio drivers as the HD audio manager doesn't seem to be allowed to run since I used the most recent version of the realtek driver for my dell precision t1600 and I can't get the audio manager to run. What I would suggest is to remove the current driver along with the installed software and install the driver again from the most recent version of the driver listed on the driver page for your board which should work since I checked the driver list and there are drivers for windows 10.
  14. steelseries rival 100

    It actually controls what steelseries refers to as the CPI (or DPI as most other manufacturers call it) by default, but it only has two settings which can be altered in the steelseries engine software (you can also change what the button does in the aforementioned software).
  15. Dell Optiplex 7010 unlock BIOS

    If all dells are uniform then mashing F2 should get the BIOS up or F12 will bring up the boot menu which should also have an option to access the BIOS, but there isn't going to me much to configure in a dell BIOS and I doubt that there would be any XMP settings for general dell systems since they're going to be very locked down.