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  1. Is fake win 10 legit?

    If you don't want to pay for windows 10, then just install it and don't enter a product key as you'll still get around 99% of the functionality and M$ will still be making money off all the data they're collecting and selling on to the highest bidder.
  2. Steelseries Arctis 3 laptop connection.

    Just FYI, the 4 pole 3.5mm jack adapter is just a pigtail connector, and since the base length of cable is short, you'll either need a 4 pole extension cable or a 2x3 pole to 4 pole adapter if you want a longer cable run either way.
  3. Free Games (For Free)

    Just to make it completely clear, the humble trove is normally only available to active humble monthly bundle subscribers, but they do open up some of the available game to everyone. Also, these games won't be added to your humble account and you have to keep the installers that you download to be able to keep the games since you can't redownload them once access to those games in the trove are locked back to bundle subscribers only.
  4. Lost my windows 10 upgrade

    It is impossible after this amount of time for windows 10 to just up and revert back to the previous version of windows that was installed because all the files that were moved to be replaced by the windows 10 variants would have long been deleted either by the system a few months after the upgrade or through the first major feature update. Has anyone else had access to your PC during the time before the upgrade and before you swapped the graphics card as the only way I can consider this happening is by someone taking an image of the drive back when it had windows 7 installed and restored it before you did the GPU upgrade.
  5. I think i have a virus

    Have you tried ninite to get malwarebytes downloaded and installed (I'm guessing that this nasty is only browser based and only triggers a closure if certain key words are entered into search). If nothing can get anything downloaded to remove it then you'll have to back up any critical files and drop the tactical formatting nuke on it to start from scratch as it'll be the only way to be sure that it is gone.
  6. No 1050Ti requires external power as it takes power directly from the PCI-E slot.
  7. Amazon is confusing me.

    If you are purchasing from a marketplace seller, they might not allow items to be shipped outside the US and even with Amazon themselves there might be policies in place that block certain items from being shipped outside of the US. They also won't ship internationally for free and depending on the shipping option chosen will also include extra charges that cover any duties that have to be paid for bringing the items in if the total is above the threshold set for importing goods into the country. The only solution is to check to see if you can get the items for less on another of Amazons regional sites or find another site that will send the items to you (just remember that you have to factor in shipping and any import duties into your costs first).
  8. Asus and Realtek and headset

    Check the driver to make sure that it's an actual realtek driver and not some generic MS driver, and also make make sure all the realtek software is installed (even if it is a realtek driver, download the latest version from the asus website as it will have a skinned version of the audio manager which if it's not installed might be the reason why it isn't picking up the microphone as it might be needed to detect a 4 pole device is plugged in). (I am, of course, guessing here, although windows 10 is recently been blocking the realtek audio manager from the latest versions from running).
  9. Vivitar = Crap (just like their cameras) That USB drive is likely knackered and should be sent directly to the bin.
  10. AFX MK0217 mechanical keyboard

    Unfortunately, I only have the AFX firefight K01 so I can't really say anything about that version (also it's already broken, but that was from a bit of anger induced abuse).
  11. BDXL drive won't read 4K Blu-Ray discs

    It's more then likely that while the drive supports BDXL, it doesn't support 4K UHD discs which requires a specific UHD capable drive (plus there's the locked behind current gen core i intel processors DRM to deal with if I remember correctly which could be another reason for it not being able to read, but I'm only guessing here).
  12. AFX MK0217 mechanical keyboard

    AFX like with ADX is a Dixons Stores Group own brand label and they're more then likely not going to be sending out units to the major tech hubs for review since they're just made in China keyboard with a massive markup on the price.
  13. How to deactivate Windows key temporarily for gaming?

    Does your keyboard have a FN key or any key that isn't what you would normally see like one that has the manufacturers logo on it as if there is a windows key lock function included but not shown on the keyboard then pressing that key and the windows key together will activate the lock and pressing them again will deactivate the lock.
  14. Unknown File Type In Game Files

    It might be that those files never had a file extension to begin with and the type column would have just said File before that real deal thing hijacked it, and as the most likely way to fix this is to go through the registry which might cause more issues the best way to restore the associations is to wipe the hard drive and start from scratch.
  15. It could be something simple causing the problem like a faulty SATA cable or a faulty SATA port on the motherboard, but it might be that the hard drive has given up the ghost. I'd suggest ruling out both the SATA cable and the SATA port first before considering that the HDD is dead.