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  1. This is just an empty threat from someone whom has most likely gotten those details from the dark web and is trying their luck that someone is going to be gullible enough to believe what is in the email and send the money (the fact that it went into your junk folder is proof that it's a scam).
  2. demonix00

    8 bit armies - where can i buy used?

    It's only been out for a little over a month, plus there are already scalpers selling it new on the Amazon marketplace for over £50 Whilst Amazon themselves are selling it for £25 https://www.amazon.co.uk/Soedeco-PS400637-8-Bit-Armies-PS4/dp/B077V4S33W/
  3. Because malware also uses it to restore itself when removed which makes it 100% useless in this case as it would just restore itself.
  4. It looks like it's infected with malware, and since any standard solutions haven't found and removed it I would suggest a backup of all critical files and nuke the whole install and start from scratch along with a long lecture for your brothers friends regarding what they download and what sites they access.
  5. demonix00

    Motherboard went nuclear, what now?

    If I'm looking at that picture correctly one or more capacitors went thermal, so there's a chance that the CPU is still good but that can only be confirmed with a new motherboard and socket FM2+ board are relatively cheap at the monent.
  6. Back up any critical files, nuke it and start from scratch It's the only way to be sure it's gone for good.
  7. The humble monthly bundle is a subscription service and even if you wanted one month only you would have to cancel it afterwards as you would have set up a month by month subscription and not a one time only charge.
  8. demonix00

    How bad are "Reallocated Sectors Count" ?

    It might be that the reallocated sectors aren't enough for it to fail as crystaldiskinfo makes notes based on the SMART information provided by the drive, but I would still advise backing up the drive as a precaution as it could jump from 14 to 140 just like that and then the hard drive is toast (I had a hard drive go from no bad sectors to 500 in an hour). It'll still be good for storage at the moment, but I would suggest not keeping it as an internal part of the computer as when it does go bad the computer might throw a hissy fit and not allow it to boot into the OS with the bad drive connected.
  9. demonix00

    Modern setup Host hogging my cpu

    It's upgrading to the latest feature version which is the only time you should see that process, and considering the low processor speed and tiny amount of RAM you might be better off getting the latest version via the windows media creation tool nuking the drive and installing fresh.
  10. demonix00

    Error in game installer

    That error isn't because you don't have sufficient space to install the game, it's because the name of the directory that is being used for that related component isn't liked by the system and it can't be created because of that.
  11. demonix00

    Windows 7 to 10. Where did my files go?

    Since windows 10 doesn't support windows media centre, it's more then likely that as you had it set for that drive to be storage for the recordings the upgrade picked up on it and removed the files because they would no longer be usable afterwards. I would suggest that you don't do anything that could cause any change of movement of data on the drive and use a data recovery program to see if it can recover anything.
  12. demonix00

    how do carriers lock their handsets

    It would be done during manufacture as network locked handset would normally have network specific apps pre-installed along with a network specific starting screen not to mention those handsets would most likely go down a different packaging line to be placed into packaging that would have network specific branding on it.
  13. demonix00

    Old Windows 98 PC "your system is now locked"

    @Mattata At no point did I say it was linked to the lock on the back of the computer and the users manual does state that a chassis intrusion detector can be set up, but it requires that an administration password is set up before it activates so if you aren't being prompted for the administrator password when you get that 176 error code (which is required to clear the error) then it's likely that there is a fault in the BIOS (which would require the replacement of the BIOS chip) or the chassis intrusion detector has become disconnected in some way or another (considering that I can't see anything that could look like a chassis intrusion detector in those pictures that might be the case or there wasn't one to begin with which would go back to a BIOS fault). Do check the system and specifically the riser card to see if there is some form of connector for a chassis intrusion detector since if there isn't one, then it would support what I've said about a faulty BIOS.
  14. demonix00

    Fake Huaraches?

    If that colour combination isn't actually available at all (meaning that nike doesn't produce those trainers with that colour combination) then it's likely that they are fakes (considering that I can't find any data from the UPC code, it more then likely means that they are fakes).
  15. demonix00

    How much of 1809 windows 10 update rumors are BS?

    I'm afraid it isn't scare mongering as the only PC that has been upgraded to 1809 has had files vanish which were the graph html files for crystaldiskinfo and the language files for crystaldiskmark thus far although I haven't dug through everything yet