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  1. Total garbage.... It's also the command scammers use to make you think you've got spyware and malware on your computer.
  2. Getting that should fix the issues I had in sonic generations (because is seems to suck balls with any direct input controller) and allow me to play all the controller supported games that only have xinput controller support (along with those that work better with a 360 controller).
  3. All under budget, and all have at least 6 3.5" bays (that's about all I could find considering I'm partly factoring the around £10 shipping charge into the total).
  4. Then I would suggest using an external host like photobucket where you can upload the images to and not worry about any attachment limits as you can just copy and paste in the direct image links and the forum software will do all the work.
  5. Since you're only using around 10 seconds of audio it's unlikely to get caught by the content ID system if the guy ever decides to force copyright on his music since that requires about 30 seconds of footage to make a match, but this won't stop chancers from making a false copyright claim (you'll even get these scum trying their luck with content from the youtube audio library when other youtubers use them in their videos) although regardless you'll have evidence of permission and since you're only using a small amount of the song you can claim fair use (regardless you should always give credit either at the end of a video or in the description for any material like that you have used).
  6. help

    I think the only way you can get them as files is if the creator has uploaded them to Nexus mods, but once you subscribe the files are downloaded to the workshop folder where you have the specific game installed
  7. TBH I'd steer well clear of malwarebytes as their policy to class specific programs as PUPs even if you actually installed the program willingly and the program is something you use, and it's become a complete mess with it becoming a CPU hog and not being able to close any of its processes either through task manager or by using the taskkill command in command prompt.
  8. No, because the WD blue 4TB would only have a spin speed of 5400RPM while the 2TB WD black will have a spin speed of 7200RPM which is going to have a slight effect on access times (and I've done some actual tests between a 5400RPM hard drive and a 7200RPM hard drive and the 7200RPM hard drive beat the 5400RPM in load tests every time). If you want a 4TB drive I'd suggest the toshiba x300 as it would give near 4TB WD Black performance (according to the specifications they have the same spin speed and cache) for around (according to the prices I've seen, so do your own investigations to see if the same is true elsewhere) the price of a 4TB WD blue.
  9. The PSU (which should be pictured a few dozen pages back) is non modular and is only designed for cases where the PSU is mounted on the top and not the bottom, and since this case has the PSU mounted in the bottom of the case extensions are required. My logic regarding vibration is based on if the side panels have too much play to them and the case is made cheaply like the current case and I don't have much faith in the piece of plastic called a 5.25 to 3.5 adapter (plus I might be able to hack job some corsair HDD trays in as they seem to be of a similar configuration to what is in the case and can be purchased directly from corsair) and since that case is on the budget level I don't want to take any risks and not have anything physically tied (either directly or via an adapter) to the case.
  10. The 24 pin and 8 pin power connectors aren't long enough to reach their respective connections on the motherboard which means that I either have to get extensions or get a whole new power supply with cables that would be long enough to reach everything (the latter is likely to be the cheaper option since I was planning on getting custom sleeved extensions for the 24 pin and 8 pin power connectors, plus I'm likely going to have to get a heck of a lot more extensions for SATA and molex power connectors). I'd also not want to be working with adapters considering I don't want to end up with another resonance box if the vibrations from a mechanical hard drive are channelled through the entire case (the case actually comes with space for 7 hard drives, but only supplies trays to fill two of them).
  11. I finally decided to pull the trigger on what will be the case the refurbished system will end up in (not until I get a few more parts as I'll need to get power extension cables before I even bother transplanting any hardware plus I need to find an extra hard drive tray as it only came with two, and I need more then that). And I can't finish without a few actual pictures of the case in question (which I actually got for less then what it's normally priced at as it was B grade stock).
  12. Domain registered in China brings the legitimacy of their products down by a fair bit (plus they used an outlook email address as well).
  13. Have you tried using the repair option in origin to fix the damaged files.
  14. Why do you need any more as that board comes with 2 USB 3.1 Gen 2 type A ports. Also all the cards I've seen either have one type A and one type C, two type C, two type A or two type A and one type C As @CUDA_Cores has stated it's a waste of money since there are already the ports you want on the motherboard, and you can easily multiply them by buying a hub which is likely to be cheaper then getting another card.
  15. If you've tried scaling the picture through the GPU settings and gotten nowhere, you might have to look in the monitors menus to see if there's an image scaling option that sets the aspect ratio correctly instead of stretching it out.