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  1. xbox 360 controller on PC, problem

    Some games don't work properly with an XBONE controller (F1 2015 is one that I know of), so having an XBOX360 controller is handy.
  2. Sources of Royalty Free Music

    There's a list of usable music in the create section on your creator studio on youtube along with any requirements that you have to add to the data when uploading the video, plus there's a list of policies about what copyrighted music you can use without being hit by content ID claims, viewing restrictions and copyright strikes.
  3. Epic Games Launcher not installing

    According to that file explorer window, there is no E drive which is why it's throwing a hissy fit about it being invalid.
  4. My computer cant detect dvds?

    If you canb't hear or see if there are any signs that the drive itself is reading the disc, then there is something wrong with the drive and it requires replacing.
  5. pc slows down when task manager isnt up

    I think that you have some crypto mining malware running that is turning itself off when you open task manager to avoid general detection. Back up all critical files, drop the tactical formatting nuke and start from scratch.
  6. Windows installation errors

    Dial back any overclocks if you have any applied as from what I've seen, overclocks can trigger that BSOD notification.
  7. Gpu won't work in old inspiron

    first thing you should do is update the BIOS as you're several revisions out of date (current version is A10 while you're on A04) even though I'm not sure that will fix the issue since the BIOS you have appears to be before dell went to the more current UEFI interface (or just didn't bother) that is on my precision T1600.
  8. Show off your latest purchase!

    One new SSD which I was going to use to clone the OS from my dell to, but it appears that all was not right with that install (which came from a restored image that I had to bodge to get it to boot) as acronis (or whatever it is called) started the cloning process but just kicked me back to windows without any error messages, although I did have better luck with macrium reflect as it gave an error regarding corrupt data in the MFT and suggested a chkdsk be run which has been stuck at 13% for an hour now (and the hard drive is still being accessed before anyone asks).
  9. Gpu won't work in old inspiron

    That would normally be for SFF systems which this isn't, but I would suggest checking if the BIOS mode is set to UEFI or legacy as it could be picky running a UEFI card in legacy BIOS mode (I know it the opposite for my dell precision t1600 as it won't recognise a GT610 in the top PCI-E slot when it's in UEFI mode).
  10. I don't understand why my C: disk is almost full

    Did you clear out all but the most recent restore point when you did that clean up as restore points can take up a fair bit of space.
  11. How Intel empties unsold stock

    This event has already come under criticism from at least one WoT community contributor not for the fat that it's sponsored by intel, but because it's causing players to break the terms of service and ruin their records as he uncovered that the top ranked player in the challenge (when he made his video) would have had to have been playing WoT 24 hours a day at least to get the amount of points they had which would have either been done through the use of bot programs or giving the account to others to do some of the work.
  12. CeX (webuy) website, trusted or not?

    With my experience of buying hard drives from CeXUK I wouldn't rate them that well considering their testing software is rather limited as the 500GB WD blue drive (that was a certified refurbished from WD themselves) I purchased from them came up with a caution notice in crystaldiskinfo and in WD's own diagnostics (which it kept on failing) along with other software I used, but the software they used showed no problems (they did at least replace the drive) so it's going to be a lottery if you get a good drive or not. They've also been getting major stick for using fake covers to bump up the sale price of games they get without a cover.
  13. Security risk (EPIC GAMES)

    http://metro.co.uk/2018/03/13/fortnite-players-are-losing-so-much-money-after-hackers-target-epic-games-massive-fanbase-7383830/ Did someone say a hacking attempt as that is exactly what has been happening, but as long as you don't have any credit/debit card details saved on your epic games account, then you don't have anything much to worry about since these scumbags are only doing it to spend money that isn't theirs.
  14. Initializing Hard Drive

    The first thing to check is the cable connections and if that doesn't fix it then change the SATA data cable, but if you're still getting the error after then then the drive in question is junk.
  15. wich drivers do i install?

    You would need to extract the files from the archive first (done by right clicking the archive and selecting extract all) and once you go through about two folders you should see a file called setup which will be what you need to double click to get the installation procedure started. While I would suggest getting all the drivers directly from the motherboard manufacturers website, this time I would suggest getting the LAN driver direct from the realtek website directly since they have a more current version.