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  1. Remove all the crap M$ shovels down your throat like candy crush along with pre-installed junk apps that you don't need (most of which will have to be force removed via powershell)
  2. IBM

    All PS/2 systems use a 15 pin D-sub VGA connector, so any monitor with a VGA connector should work. Also I would suggest checking the board and seeing if the battery needs changing as some old computers won't startup properly with a dead BIOS battery (it could also be that it has one of the board killer batteries that has leaked and has destroyed some of the traces on the board rendering it completely useless).
  3. 3.5MB/s = 28Mb/s You're confusing bits and bytes, but regardless as has already been said an SSD doesn't speed up downloads for which you need a faster internet connection.
  4. Do you have any addons installed? If you do, then remove or disable them one at a time since it is likely that one has been updated with redirect adware.
  5. Windows 10 can be used without activating it indefinitely since only one item is locked out (that being customisation) and MS is still making money from those installs from all the telemetry they're harvesting and selling on to whomever will pay good money for it.
  6. The gate LE turned up yesterday, but I needed to do an unboxing video so getting it out of the box it came in didn't happen until today.
  7. You didn't purchase it. Micorsoft installed it without your permission (which is the norm for them considering they also shove candy crush down your throats as well).
  8. In that case, you didn't need to do anything but you've now got a second line of defence with 2FA enabled so if they do manage to get through the password, they'll still not be able to gain access.
  9. Since the attempt to log in failed, it's highly likely that whomever tried to log in didn't know your password or was trying to brute force their way in and failed so there isn't anything you need to do (or if the failure was because logmein blocked it because it came from an unrecognised IP address, you should change the password and that for any accounts that share it if you was stupid enough to do that).
  10. Not ordering direct would have saved you money since if it's shipped from outside the UK/EU, you'll be anal raped for import tax/VAT along with any of the couriers handling charges for presenting it to customs for charges which is going to be a lot as well.
  11. It'll be back up in a few days since there is an embargo still in place.
  12. You phone hasn't been cloned as it's more likely that cell broadcast is on (if there's a CB symbol or 200 showing on the display, then it's active) and you need to go into your message settings to turn it off (under the option broadcast messages, but it might be different so do a google for your phone model along with disable cell broadcast).
  13. Actually, it was up to the IBM dealer or reseller to add the additional options and set up the system for the end user at the time that system was manufactured. LGR also got one of those and he mentions that (it was actually on the ebay listing).
  14. Used processors from that socket can be obtained for cheap, so if the board accepts it upgrade to a C2Q and if you can push the budget a bit upgrade the graphics card to a GT1030.
  15. If the install of xp wasn't done on that computer, then it won't have the drivers necessary to actually run and will always instantly blue screen every time since older windows operating systems aren't as robust as windows 8 and beyond and won't change drivers when it runs on hardware it wasn't originally used with during its installation.