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  1. Then why is it still 99% functional without activation.... The answer is because microsoft doesn't give a shit if an installed copy is paid for or not since they're still making money from the non activated installs of windows 10 because of all the telemetry they're harvesting from those computers and selling on.
  2. what are the possible boards that it could be

  3. You only get the motherboard with none of the accessories like the IO shield which is why it's so cheap.
  4. The amount of components that PC world has is laughable since it all ends up in one small area and the prices are higher then all of the online computer component stores that also have a brick and mortar store of which pretty much all of them also have a brick and mortar store (if they have a collect from store option, then they do have a store). Also CEX don't take motherboards so you can't really get everything from there even with the dedicated PC store.
  5. Do you want the possible list of around 14 boards since that is a placeholder image from an intel system (note the stock intel cooler that you wouldn't see on a ryzen system), plus there seems to be some specification BS going on since the processor in question has a base clock of 3GHz even and not 3.1GHz.
  6. Apart from not being able to change your desktop image (which you still can through the right click menu) and having that watermark on screen telling you to activate windows (which I believe you can also disable) there are no restrictions since M$ is still making money off all that telemetry that they're harvesting from your computer (which is why they're happy with a 99% functional version of windows 10 being available to download and install).
  7. That's the third season of Sailor moon complete (I even managed to get a certain online stores bonus item with my order), and I'm now going into frugal mode for the remaining purchases of this kind for the rest of this month and the next month. I've also been getting as much liquid based coolant as I could to survive this little heatwave.
  8. Just remember that paypal will always mention you by name in all their emails, so if you get an email that starts "dear paypal user" then it's 100% a scam and even if you get what looks like a genuine email from paypal go to paypal directly (don't use any of the links in the email in case it is an actual scam email) to check the balance.
  9. I'm referring to all of it as that's pretty much how my toshiba 2TB HDD acts when the system is powered on (except for the noise those two make just after power is applied, but there might be differences depending on the manufacturer or it could be an imbalance of some kind).
  10. You'll need to remove the nvidia drivers (using DDU would be the best option to make sure 100% of the drivers have been fully removed) since you would have to get the latest drivers for the new card from AMD.
  11. All you had to do originally was install windows 10 onto the SSD as license keys are hard coded into the BIOS. You didn't have to purchase a new OS key.
  12. TBH that sounds pretty normal for hard drives starting up when a computer is powered on since all you're hearing are the motors spinning up and the read/write arm going through its self test process.
  13. I think you missed the bit below that as they did it probably because the test transfers raised some flags at paypal relating to possible fraud or criminal activity and they need verification that it wasn't the case.
  14. Or you could try to find them under their alter ego (probably just for the EU/UK) of KFA2.
  15. Simple method: Buy a one to four PWM fan splitter (if you don't want a clutter of cables in sight then this isn't the best plan). Slightly more expensive method: Buy a front panel fan controller which is a better option if you want everything cable managed since you can hide the cabled for both the fans and the fan controller out of sight.