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  1. FN key is nuts

    An FN key shouldn't be mapped to anything in game since it's only used by the keyboard itself to send specific commands when pressed in combination with another key on the keyboard, unless it's a different type where you have to press it to activate other functions in which case you just need to change its state whilst playing the specific games where it's required.
  2. How to bypass

    If you never set that up (which can only be done in the BIOS and isn't linked to any windows OS log in) then you'll have to find out who did it and extract the password from them. Otherwise, you'll have to hope that the laptop has a password clear jumper or pulling the battery clears that password as all you have is an expensive doorstop.
  3. Windows 10 Un-Activated

    If by old laptop, you mean a laptop that had a license key for an older OS (like windows 7), then it's likely that the license on the laptop is still active since the original license would have been forgotten unless the install that was upgraded was the factory install in which case the license on the laptop would still be active since factory installs of windows before windows 8 used a generic install that was already active.
  4. 3TB HDD in Dell Optiplex 960 (MT)

    From what I read on the support article from the seagate website, legacy systems require a third party driver for it to be able to fully format a hard drive larger then 2TB (unless I've misunderstood the article in question).
  5. 3TB HDD in Dell Optiplex 960 (MT)

    Since it's a socket 775 system and wouldn't have a UEFI BIOS, it wouldn't support hard drives larger then 2TB since it would only allow access to only 2TB of any hard drive larger then that, but you would need a specific driver to allow a larger hard drive to be fully formatted which with the case of seagate hard drives would require their discwizard software (and would probably be the same for western digital hard drives since it's using the same software).
  6. SMART test returns Caution

    It's just flagging that there are bad sectors that are waiting to be swapped with sectors that are kept in reserve in case of failure. It isn't serious yet, but it can get really serious to the point where the OS will load and will cease up part way through because of the amount of bad sectors. I would suggest that you make preparations in case it does decide to go bad by just having another new HDD on hand to take over.
  7. My mouse feels weird!

    Windows 10? If so, turn enhanced pointer precision off and make sure that pointer speed has no multiplier. Windows 10 loves screwing around with mouse settings and makes the pointer move slower then it should.
  8. Show off your latest purchase!

    That's because it isn't fulfilled by Amazon, so it's shipped by the seller.
  9. Pubg sues fortnite

    The only things I'll say is good luck with that, because you are so going to need it and I hope they have another game engine in their back pockets as epic is likely to end all dealings with them and tell them to stop using their game engine.
  10. If you can't get rid of it, then it's time to back up any critical files and drop the tactical formatting nuke on that windows install and start again from scratch.
  11. PS3 - Restore Defualt Settings

    If the file system can't be restored, then the hard drive is screwed and will need replacing. Also, if you do replace the hard drive you will need to download the latest PS3 firmware and put it on a USB drive as there are elements that are installed on the hard drive plus the drive has to be formatted and encrypted for use with that PS3.
  12. Royalty-Free background music?

    Haven't you looked at the create section in your youtube creators studio as that contains a lot of royalty free music that you can use.
  13. Best Buy Code works out of US?

    It wouldn't work anyway since digital download codes for playstation games are region locked which means that you'll need to have a US PSN account to redeem it.
  14. Show off your latest purchase!

    I decided to upgrade my Siberia 150 headset to the Arctis 3 and I wish that I hadn't since it has no bass no matter what I try and the additional software and the setting within the steelseries engine and more annoying and a placebo since the former kept messing around with settings that you couldn't change within the engine and the latter being completely useless because all the EQ settings were being controlled by the audio control panel for the on board audio since it's connected via 3.5mm jacks and not USB (needless to say, the steelseries audio software was removed instantly and I'm not hiding the siberia 150 settings since I might be needing them). At least I only paid £54 for them and not the full £90 that steelseries want for this monstrosity called a headset.
  15. Domain registered about 3 months ago Uses privacy protection to mask the addresses of those involved I'd have to say that the site has very little reputation and it's products aren't exactly genuine.