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  1. The spacebar from the set you purchased does appear to be slightly longer then the original and the points where it sits on the stabilisers are out of place as well which probably means that the keyboard isn't 100% compatible with that keycap kit.
  2. The only other suggestion I can give is kodi, but that doesn't have blu-ray playback support out of the box which requires either the AACS key file that works with VLC (which is going to be a lottery since it doesn't cover all versions of AACS encryption as I have found out) or something like redfox any DVD HD which can strip the encryption on the fly allowing it to play without restrictions (but that is going to cost over $100 for a lifetime license).
  3. Do you have java installed as it is required for menus to be shown correctly.
  4. https://www.amazon.co.uk/HP-USB-Gaming-Tastatur-Pavilion-500-black-Noir/dp/B07D968VKG/ Red mechanical switches and RGB for £50 (if you don't want to wait the month for Amazon to get stock, you should be able to get it directly from HP for the same price as long as they have it in stock). I'll be getting one in a few days time so I'll be more able to give an opinion on if it's worth it.
  5. Well who else are they going to go after since services like this allow people to hide any contact information that will allow companies to go after those whom are committing the offence, and if cloudflare know that the content being hosted on their systems from a specific site is being done so illegally and do nothing about it then they would be putting themselves at risk of legal action since they are the only people that copyright holders can take action against as the actual offenders are hiding behind a cover of anonymity provided to them by services provided by the companies that hide contact data.
  6. Overclocking would be unnecessary in this instance since all the GPU side of the CPU is doing is decoding video as all graphical rendering for the games is done remotely. I would suggest updating the GPU drivers or even nuking and installing the OS from scratch to remove any OEM bloat and any possibilities that said bloat is causing the issue.
  7. The line in that tweet should read "don't play any multiplayer games that use anti cheat programs (and some that don't)" and not to isolate it to just EA multiplayer games as there are a lot of anti-cheat solutions that don't play nice in linux and consider what is being done to make the game playable to be considered a hack.
  8. Don't bother using the steelseries engine software with the arctis 3 headset even with the extra software as it does absolutely nothing and the extra software is just a CPU hog. Just use the control panel for your on board sound to change the EQ settings as it will do something.
  9. Domain registered 2 months ago. That should be all the answer you need as to the reputation of that site.
  10. CCL Computers They also have a brick and mortar store so I would say that they are safe to purchase from (although I haven't used them).
  11. Considering my EGS install didn't add those folders I'm guessing that epicnet Inc thing is unrelated to anything epic games related and is more likely some mining malware that is trying to post as something from epic games.
  12. 1. As I said the card was purchased from Overclockers UK which is a REPUTABLE computer components seller. 2. I'm not stupid enough to install a version of windows that doesn't have native USB 3 support along with the required drivers which is why I installed windows 10 and not 7 3. You continue to believe all that garbage that old components don't have what it takes while I laugh in mostly 60fps (mostly because some of the games I have can't hit 60 because of the GPU) with my i5 2400, 20GB RAM and GTX 1050Ti. Anyone else with any further input on this.
  13. To not go into too much detail, I decided to go from garbage to something a bit more decent in the gaming arena by getting a refurbished HP Z210 which doesn't have any USB 3 support so to get around that I purchased a Dynamode 4 port USB 3.0 card which worked at least once I had it correctly seated. Move on to when I had to press the system into service (which only required adding an SSD for the OS and moving another 2 hard drives (the one that was acting as the temp OS drive was nuked and put into use as extra storage) to it) and while moving other data that wasn't on the 2 drives I moved over without a hitch the logitech USB webcam I have plugged into a Amazon basics 7 port USB 3 hub (which is powered before anyone goes down the not enough power route) was another issue where while it worked, during one live stream last week the image started glitching out and only worked properly after I disconnected and reconnected it (and made sure that OBS studio picked it up and displayed again) but there was another issue that at first thought was just a glitch. When I first plugged a controller (which was a third party wired xbox one controller) into the already mentioned hub it connected and then disconnected which didn't happen the second time which made think that it was a glitch, but after another third party wired xbox one controller started disconnecting or just not working after a short period of time (again the controller does work in a USB 2 port and worked previously in the hub on the old computer so again the controller wouldn't be the issue) which is now making me think that there is either an issue with the USB 3 card or something else at the motherboard end is causing problems. I did some digging on the card first going back to overclockers UK (which is where I got it from) to see if there were any details on the controller used, and all that was stated was that it uses a D70200 or equivalent USB 3.0 chipset which my card has an equivalent USB 3.0 chipset in a VIA Technologies VL805 USB 3.0 Host Controller which was making me think the card was the issue considering the D70200 is an NEC chipset (regardless of the fact that at least one of the other four USB 3 controller cards uses the same chipset and another uses another VLI chipset) and a lot of the no name brand USB 3 cards that are sold on Amazon that are more expensive then the card I got use a similar NEC chipset. My current thoughts regarding this are to either replace the card or just get a more current system with integrated USB 3 and do another parts move (although it would require purchasing another CPU since all I can get are barebones that don't have a CPU), but that depends on if those here think that I was stupid going for the cheapest option in a USB 3.0 card.
  14. By constantly pestering you to upgrade to their paid version that has more features then the free version (the free version wouldn't be their only version).
  15. Which isn't required for windows 10 as it has native support for it and games will pick up the controller without issue (I have a wired xbox 360 controller which I have used in windows 10).