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  1. demonix00

    I have a virus can anyone help

    Except there is supposed to be a help.exe file in sysWOW64 so it's either a false positive or something has gotten around the permissions and replaced the file.
  2. demonix00

    IBM Model M or some modern mechanical Keyboard?

    You can get a new model M keyboard under the unicomp brand for around $100 which is cheaper then what people on ebay are charging for new original IBM model M keyboards.
  3. demonix00

    Installing Steamlink On retropie

    If I remember correctly, steamlink is in the experimental packages section on retropie and I'm certain that I've installed it from there with no issues (it might also require updating the version of linux that is used for retropie, but I wouldn't recommend that you do that as it messes up all the controller configurations in retropie and breaks the underlying retroarch backend that some of the emulators use). Also, steamlink is available from the raspbian package manager so you shouldn't have to go via steam to get it (unless you've already tried installing that version).
  4. demonix00

    Cemu/Dolphin Settings for full 4k

    You should look up Simply Austin on youtube as he has a lot of videos relating to setting up emulators including dolphin and cemu.
  5. demonix00

    Copying Steam games to me second computer

    You just need to copy the contents of whatever directory you have all the games installed in or the steamapps directory if you've been using the default folder for steam game installs which can be done either with the use of an external hard drive or done over the local network (make sure it's a gigabit connection as a large amount of data is going to take ages if the connection is 100Mbps) although you most likely will have to trigger the installation process on the new computer but all that will happen is that it will verify that all the files are present and only download what is not there.
  6. What you should have done was run the media creation tool on the computer you used to download it and select the create USB media option selecting the USB drive as the tool on its own doesn't do anything and can't make a USB drive bootable.
  7. demonix00

    your windows license will expire soon?

    It's more then likely that you've been given a volume license key which (unless I'm mistaken) get their activation from a specific server within the specific company and since it can't be found your license will expire and the install will no longer be genuine.
  8. I have the same issue with officially licensed wired Xbox one controllers so it must be an issue with the official driver and I doubt that will ever be fixed.
  9. Nuke system restore (every single restore point) as it's likely hiding in there and restoring itself although I'd just go with the backup critical files and nuke the install from orbit approach to make sure it's gone for good.
  10. demonix00

    Help regarding Windows 98SE

    Are you sure that the image is of a version that can be booted on its own as most if not all windows stand alone installers require a second disk that contains the DOS drivers and setup to allow the CD to be read and the install to progress.
  11. demonix00

    Steam can't find installed games

    Did you add the directory to the list of steam library folders as it would auto detect all the games located in that directory and add them as installed.
  12. That's kind of a moot point as windows would have detected the change in hardware (older versions of windows before 8 would have just blue screened and would require a full reinstall) and installed the correct drivers, and considering that I've had similar issues (without any major hardware changes) where I would get lower speeds because the network connection was negotiated (or whatever it is called) at 10Mbps and not 100Mbps all the OP needs to do if this continues to happen is to find the network adapter in device manager, go to properties (or double click) select the advanced tab, find the speed and duplex option in the list and change the option in the dropdown box from auto negotiation to 1.0Gbps full duplex and it'll always negotiate the connection at that speed.
  13. Except there is another one that he's also selling that does have 888,888 games included which are more then likely not legal.
  14. demonix00

    Using Newegg in the UK

    You're going to get stung not only by import charges but also by the handling fees that most if not all couriers charge to present the item to customs for charging and with all that, it'll be cheaper to just buy from a domestic supplier.
  15. demonix00

    Where do I buy Telltale's The walking dead?

    Telltale games went bust, so almost all their games were removed from sale on steam.