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  1. What you have is the typical self restoring malware which as it states on the tin waits for a bit and then restores itself from system restore, so to rid yourself of these you need to wipe all restore points, disable system restore and then nuke the malware but what I'd suggest is nuking the hard drive from orbit and starting with a fresh install as it's the only way to be 100% sure that it's gone for good.
  2. Disk Usage at 100%

    Drive pegged at 100% with low usage is definitely the sign (in my experience from my western digital drive that decided to get rekt with at least 500 bad sectors) that it is going to give up the ghost in one way or another.
  3. Toshiba 3TB, or Seagate 2TB?

    It does seem to be a lottery with the DT01ACA drives as while the DT01ACA200 I have does have a big issue with noise to the point that I'm now planning to retire it to external enclosure duties once I can get the contents off it does at least have pretty good performance which is the only good thing I can say about it.
  4. Wipeing hard drives and ssd

    DBAN won't work with SSDs, so you have to use another tool to secure erase the SSD.
  5. PayPal to Cash

    If your bank has any form of online security like a device that you have to use with your card and PIN to generate a code, then any criminal can't do much with just your account number and sort code even if they went into a branch since they should also do ID checks unless they're that dumb and just take the information as actual ID.
  6. Toshiba or Seagate HDD?

    Probably because he doesn't have a P300 as that Toshiba drive is a DT01ACA variant which was released before the P300 and in my experience of owning a 2TB version is complete garbage as it's loud enough to wake the dead in both the platter motor and the read/write arm and I'll be turning my DT01ACA200 into an external drive and that is unlikely to keep it quiet.
  7. Show off your latest purchase!

    A batch of physical version PC games whose total cost was less then what the fallout 4 GOTY edition currently costs on steam.
  8. malware help

    Backup and files you can't afford to lose Break out the tactical formatting nuke to purge the drive from orbit Reinstall windows (it's the only way to be 110% certain that nothing remains of the infection) DON'T DOWNLOAD CRACKS.
  9. Steam game download problems

    Considering that there's hard disk activity, I'd have to guess that it's downloading in chunks and unpacking them (installs that come from steam are compressed). If you get Steam: Working when you hover your cursor over the steam icon in the system tray, then that is exactly what it is doing.
  10. What to do with an old Dell workstation

    With a pentium D, you'd be better off using it as a room heater then anything computer related.
  11. Disposing the HDD or keep it hooked up for back up?

    What does the RAW Values column show? If it has all zeroes, then there are no pending sectors that have to be replaced.
  12. Just FYI the version of whole of the nekopara series available on steam doesn't include any adult content and to gain access to that content you have to get the patch from an external site which does require payment by card, and in fact all the more well known companies only have all ages variants of their games on steam with a further patch that can be purchased off site (except for one publisher who only puts their all age versions on steam without any patch available for those that did have an 18+ variant.
  13. Ugh, ransomware.

    If nobody had been able to find a way to decrypt files that were encrypted by the specific ransomware then I'm afraid that you're SOL and the files have been lost for good which is why you need to keep backups and never have the backup drives connected all the time.
  14. If it's that bad and nothing is fixing it (probably because whatever is causing this has put blocks in place to stop it from being removed) then the only thing you can do is back up any critical files if they aren't backed up already and drop the tactical formatting nuke on that SOB and start from scratch as I wouldn't even suggest using any live CD based tools to try and fix it.
  15. Optiplex 790 memory

    I don't think so a I have a dell Precision T1600 with 12GB RAM in the same configuration and task manager shows all of it, so I'd suggest looking at the system part on the control panel to see if it shows the amount of RAM available as 12GB or as 12GB (9GB available).