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  1. It depends on the manufacturer of the hard drive as most of the vendors have their own version of acronis true image which will do the process with just a few clicks.
  2. It looks like I'll be upgrading my black and blue wedge for a black and turquoise slab after it has been released since I'll unlikely be able to find all the cash needed, but hay, at least I'll be able to exit pokemon moon and not get that please wait notification as it reboots the system.
  3. Pentium D's were just two pentium 4's glued together to make a dual core processor, so the logic is the same (the same goes for the celery processors of the day as my old celery system always left a nice heat spot on the back of the case whenever I was trying to run games).
  4. It isn't a pentium D...
  5. People can sign up to the content ID system (if that is the correct way of stating it) and once they're in they can just claim copyright on anything and google will just do their bidding without actually verifying that they have legal claim over the material in question (this happens a lot with chancers like YAM112003 endemol and the like who can freely claim whatever they want and it's up to the youtuber to call their bluff). You can also do this with any blog on blogger by reporting it as a phishing scam site, and google will just erase the blog from existence without even checking to see if the report is valid and the blog creator has to then file a counter claim stating that the report is a load of BS.
  6. This is what happens with an automated system where no manual checking is done to verify if claims are valid. It's too easy to abuse this kind of system and google (and I really mean google here and not just youtube since this kind of thing exists beyond that) really needs to get their head out of their ass and put checks in place to verify if a claimant has full legal claim over the content (this also extends to where fair use comes into play) to weed out those that abuse the system including big companies and the chancers who think that they can get away with claiming copyright over what they have no claim over (and as a content creator who has been hit (not struck) by one of these scumbags it needs to happen soon).
  7. TBH there are a lot of free alternatives like auslogic disc defrag which is miles better and a lot faster then what I would laughingly refer to as a disc defragmenter tool that is included with windows, acronis true image which most hard drive and SSD manufacturers offer for free and (as has already been mentioned) 7-zip. Also anything with the iobit brand should be avoided since they can't be trusted since they were caught stealing other companies code a few years back (even though I wouldn't trust the latest version of the related software released by that company since it gave me nothing but issues) and the true abilities of their software showed its face when they had to remove said code.
  8. Steam mover is kind of pointless now as moving installs from one location to another on the same computer can be done from within steam itself.
  9. Retail keys (the ones that come with a USB drive to install windows) can be moved from one computer to another (as long as the original install is removed from the other computer), OEM keys can't but probably like with upgrades it should be flexible when it comes to replacing the motherboard due to failure.
  10. The replacement interviews with monster girls turned up along with the third place item in my little Amazon marketplace challenge.
  11. There might be something wrong with that installer as I compared it between the one I have for WLE and its a whole 53KB larger. I'll attach my copy of the installer to see if it works any better... wlsetup-web.exe
  12. Did you listen to the whole thing? If you did, then you would know what his reasons are for not liking certain tech channels that just rattle off the product specs like it's an Amazon listing.
  13. As has already been mentioned, the hard drive in encrypted to that specific console and putting it into another console will cause a request upon starting the new console for it to be formatted and encrypted to that console. You also have at least 2 system activations available in regards to downloaded content, so you should log in to your account through country specific sony portal and remove the old system activation so that you have the maximum amount of system activations available (since it was a hardware failure you couldn't have done this through the console, but if you did call sony they should have told you to do this already).
  14. That's likely because the boot record is on the hard drive and not the SSD which is why the OS can't be booted with the hard drive disconnected as it can't figure out what it has to use to find the OS.
  15. Ignore it... They're only basing that on all the results for that drive and read/write speeds can vary greatly between driver (I think).