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  1. How do I clone Windows from 500GB HDD to 256GB SSD?

    If one of the drives in question is from seagate or western digital then you can use their respective cloning tool which is just a reskinned version of acronis true image which as long as there's enough free space should be able to resize the partition to fit on the new drive, but I've never been able to get the clone drive part to work constantly with OS drive clones since it'll work on one computer and not in another due to some UEFI error. However, if the system in question is from either HP, dell or any of the other general system builders then the license key would be hard baked into the BIOS and it would be detected and automatically input during the pre installation process.
  2. I'd have to guess that installing was only for the other update that came alongside the FCU as it downloads and installs separately. I've gotten the FCU installed and the first thing I've found is that the num lock/caps lock/scroll lock lights on my steelseries apex raw keyboard no longer function even though they still actually work unless I have to do a reboot (or something else has screwed things up).
  3. I'm starting to guess that having windows 10 work faultlessly is pretty much like the silicon lottery when it comes to processors and overclocking. Once I'm going through the initial parts of the setup, I never use the express settings and turn pretty much everything off (and check it again in settings to make 100% sure everything is off). Once I'm through all that, I go on to removing the bloatware that is shovelled into the OS like candy crush (I haven't bother with any of the garbage that can't be removed, but that can be done through commands in powershell), and it's pretty much stable apart from when what I refer to as windows crap-ality telemetry rears it's ugly head which always gets an insta kill in task manager. There is supposedly a way to disable all the telemetry without any third party software by locating the hidden folder all the telemetry data is stored and removing all access permissions to it, but I don't know if it is indeed accurate and if it is where the folder is located.
  4. I'm already on double update duty with both of my computers getting the FCU directly from windows update, so I just have to wait and see what's broken at the other end (my laptop isn't even on the creators update since it hasn't been used for a while and hadn't had all it's updates and is now waiting for the creators update to actually start downloading).
  5. What device is connected to the TV? If it's a roku, then you can stop external devices from connecting to it in the system settings (it's system > advanced system settings > external control), but if it's a chromecast then you'll have to find that out yourself if it is at all possible.
  6. Best way to reinstall Windows

    Windows operating systems from windows 8 and up are more robust when it comes to those changes and will automatically update all required drivers if it is run on a new motherboard.
  7. Mounting images?

    Actually what they are are parts of one whole compressed archive. All you need to do to extract the contents (it's an archive and not a disc image) is to install your decompression tool of choice (I'd suggest going for 7-zip), right-click on the first file in the list, move the mouse pointer over to the 7-zip option, then move said pointer over to the new menu that has appeared and select the extract here option and the contents will be extracted to the exact same location.
  8. Show off your latest purchase!

    Two 7 port Amazon Basics USB hubs (one USB 2 and one USB 3) and a fractal silent series R3 92mm fan.
  9. Malware Please Help

    1. Backup any critical files 2. Hit drive with a tactical formatting nuke 3. Reinstall Windows 4. Profit
  10. Dell Precision T1600 not detecting graphics card

    I've done a bit more troubleshooting with a PCI network card and a PCI-e 1x wireless card to test if there was any issues with the slots and the PCI slot along with the PCI-e 1x slot above it were working as both card were detected in the BIOS, and when I moved the wireless card to the PCI-e 16x slot that I had the GT610 in it was detected there as well, but it would still fail to detect the GT610. I decided to go YOLO and tried the GT610 in the bottom 16x slot (which in only capable of 4x) and it actually detected in both the BIOS and in windows and I originally thought that the bottom 16x slot was the full 16x slot and the top was the 4x slot since I thought that an nVidia card wouldn't work in a 16x PCI-e slot that is only capable of 4x, but when I ran GPU-Z I found that it was running in 4x mode which meant that as I'd said already it is the 4x slot. I also found after running GPU-Z on the GT610 that the UEFI box wasn't checked and considering the way it was booting now that I have the monitor connected to it and the fact that I have the dell set to UEFI in its BIOS I'm putting it down to it not allowing legacy graphic cards to run in the top 16x slot when it's in UEFI mode and since I'm going to putting a more current GPU in it in the near future, I'll find out then if that is indeed the reason why it wasn't detecting the GT610.
  11. How to bypass Blu-Ray drive's region lock?

    I highly doubt that it's a firmware issue since it's either down to the software not having the most current protection coding (if that is what it's called) which would stop certain releases from running, or it could be that even though it states that it's region free the disc might contain geo locking data which restricts the disc from running but that would show a message when it is started so I'm going to put it down to the software not having the coding required to make the disc run. Also drivers won't affect if a disc runs or not since as I stated, it's normally down to the playback software.
  12. Dell Precision T1600 not detecting graphics card

    There are no video settings in the BIOS, let alone any for changing from iGUP to a dedicated GPU (also as I stated, the card is not shown in the list of PCI devices in the BIOS). I did say that I'd gone through the dell BIOS with a fine tooth comb and found nothing.
  13. To make this as short as possible, I decided to move a GPU from a computer I was taking out of service for future servicing (that being an EVGA GeForce GT610) since anything would be better then intel HD graphics (since I can't even change the amount of RAM that is allocated to the GPU) which is where I hit a wall since even though the card gets power from the PCIe slot (I did do the test to see if the GPU fan was spinning) the dell refused to acknowledge that there was a card installed in that slot and continued to use the integrated graphics. I've already ruled out the card suddenly developing a fault since I put it into another computer that I actually needed to test was fully working (since that board didn't have any integrated graphics) which it is, and I've also ruled out a power issue since the FSP PSU I used with the gigabyte board to test it had a lower maximum wattage then the stock PSU in the dell plus I've gone through the BIOS with a fine tooth comb and found nothing that could get it working (I actually checked the information on the service tag and it never shipped with a graphics card) and I'm not even sure if I should try to get a GPU working or even put any further money into it (I did get it for the wonderful price of nothing) since I was planning on turning it into a gaming system. I won't bother with most of the specs since they aren't going to be necessary, but the processor is an intel pentium G645.
  14. How to bypass Blu-Ray drive's region lock?

    If it is set in software, then why is there a changes remaining notification in that image since that would only be there if the region code is set on the drive itself like it is with the DVD side (as I said, kodi bypasses the internal region coding of the drive in its settings).
  15. can anyone tell me which video was this

    The only casualty of that drop was the motherboard which was killed.