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    Cornwall, UK
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    Cameras, PCs, Cars, Audio, Video, Tech.
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    I make videos on older hardware for the majority of us (who can't afford 1080Ti's and iPhone X's).
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    Intel i7 7700K / AMD R7 1700
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    Asus Z270-A Prime / MSi B350M-Mortar
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    8GB BX Sport / 16GB GSkill RipJaws
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    Bitfenix Nova
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    Sandisk 240GB SSD, 2* 3TB 'cuda's, 4TB Toshiba, 1TB WD Blue
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    LG 25UM65-P, Acer XF240H, Acer CB241HQK
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    Hyper 212 Evo
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    Logi G810 RGB
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    Sony 770BN
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  1. Alright so I have a question. I have pre-ordered FH4 on the Windows Store and I live in the UK. So will the game be unlocked to me at midnight my time or do I have to wait another 5hrs for ET to get to midnight? Would be a right pain if I had to wait for the murrcans Any info is appreciated! <3
  2. Hi all. I was bingeing Linus' Honest Answers series and I really like the episode on getting sponsor devices. Now I was wondering if 20,000 YT subs with substantial growth (from what his SB says) was even worth considering by mobile phone companies. As Linus stated, some review units are borrows and some are to keep (sponsored videos). But as someone who reviews low end and used devices, would a company even consider his channel for these kidns of things? In my opinion his quality is great, his opinions are thorough, the only thing is that he only uploads 2 or 3 times per week. Just wanted to start a conversation. Thanks.
  3. Alright so this has been an ongoing problem for about a year now. Source footage: 50mbps UHD 24p footage from GH4 All drives are separate (scratch, export etc.) I make my videos and then try to export at H.264 at YouTube 4K preset. Gets to 5% in 10 seconds and then the rest takes about 2hrs. Pleas help. This has happened on the following systems: 7700k 16GB RAM 1080FE R7 1700 16GB RAM 1080FE Late 2013 Mac Pro 16GB RAM 2x D500 :'(
  4. Try reseting CMOS. You can find this in your Mobo manual, or take out and put back the CMOS battery. Hope this helps.
  5. Here are the facts as I understand them. My PC blue screens with memory_management and attempted_to_write_to_read_only_memory. I've run Windows memory diagnostic with 0 errors. Same with Memtest86 v5. Premiere Pro no longer renders my videos without crashing and AME renders them with an exponential curve of how long it takes to complete. Almost like a car going through gears and accelerating. I am completely lost for words. I almost missed upload schedule today and I cannot have that happen again. Please help 16GB RipJawz 5 2400 R7 1700 MSI B350M Mortar Windows 10 Pro 64 (probably should install 8.1 again but hey ho)
  6. So confused. I have 8GB RAM and TechnicPack locks out at 1GB MAX. how do I fix?
  7. Hi guys. I own a B350-Mortar from MSI. Will it be compatible with this? (plus a couple of antenna of course.) https://www.amazon.co.uk/Intel-Dual-Band-Wireless-AC-7265-AC/dp/B00U8IUTNM/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1515753605&sr=8-1&keywords=m.2+bluetooth
  8. Guys, quick Q. Does pushing more amps to your battery generate more heat?
  9. So confused. Ran the tool and loaded up to 'No memory errors were detected'.... Well, Microsoft
  10. Alright so at this point I've just about had it yup to here with Windows 10, but thi sis something else, I'm sure of it. My PC isn't low spec by any means (r7 1700, 16GB DDR4 + GTX 1080) on a 240GB SSD, but EVERY program has started crashing, mot responding and I keep getting blue screens with Memory management issues. Pls hehp. What do I do???
  11. I'll give it a go when I'm back at the office. Thanks sir.
  12. Sorry forgot to say, Windows reports 8.
  13. Alright so I've had 16GB RAM for the longest time and my R7 1700 just suddenly stopped recognising that amount. I'm so freakin confused. Any help would be massive x