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    Intel Core i7-6700K
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    Asus Z170 pro gaming motherboard
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    16GB Corsair Vengence LPX DDR4
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    Nvidia GTX 970 x2
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    Corsair Carbide 300R
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    240GB Kingston SSD + 2TB WD Black
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    Corsair CS 750M
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    Samsung U28E590D UHD Monitor
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    Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO
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    Corsair Strafe - Cherry MX Red switches
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    Logitech M280
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    Some terrible speakers I brought for £5 + Audio Technica ATH M50X's
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    Windows 10

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  1. Oh sick, yeah I'll grab one of these and get a DC power supply! Looks like a 5V DC input on the side there? I'll check the specs listed on wherever I find one from.
  2. Yeah, you don't wanna work with RAW just starting out with video, the file sizes are absolutely insane and the workflow can be convoluted! 24mb/s files are quite workable, for flexibility I'd recommend recording with that. Recording settings wise, looking at the specs 1080 50p or 1080 25p would be your best bet. Avoid 50i at all costs...
  3. You can try some way of implementing "gating", essentially this reduces the gain of the mic when the incoming sound is below a certain volume. As long as the noise you are trying to filter out is quieter than your voice, this could be quite effective. On the OBS audio mixer, try going on settings, filters and noise gate and have a play with that! Otherwise, getting closer to the microphone will help. Ensure you have good mic technique too, try to face on-axis towards it, and if you are quite close, lean away when shouting or laughing to ensure you don't clip the audio! Also ensure your mic is switched to the 1st setting, as this will make it more directional. Hope this helps!
  4. Hi all! I wish to run a sort of window ventilation system just to force some cool evening air into my room over summer, I've looked around for suitable units and they don't seem to exist in the UK market... Anyway, essentially my plan involves running PC fans externally to a computer... Are there any power supplies that just give you some 3-pin outs you can connect some computer fans to? If not, I'll give up and tie some USB fans together instead. Thanks for the help, please don't eat me
  5. Hi all, Wanted to hear your thoughts on micro 4/3rd lenses in the second hand market that may be good for video. Low aperture would be good but depends on the lens. I'm interested in some more 'vintage' style looks, I actually really like how say anamorphic lenses start to lose depth of field going outwards in the image. I think what I'd like is to break away from the clean, clinical look of many modern lenses. I've already got a lens which does it rather well! That said, if there's any good all round lenses that typically go for a good price second hand I'm more than open... Also aware Micro 4/3 is quite a new lens mount so vintage might not be so easy to come by ':)
  6. i7 6700K Asus Z170 Pro Gaming 16GB DDR4 RAM GTX 970 X2 240 GB Kingston SSD 2TB WD Black HDD The lights come on and the fans speed up but the system won't post. ? I've tried unplugging the graphics cards and just booting with one stick of RAM in. Tried resetting the BIOS. Nothing seems to be able to get it to post ?... Please help. I encountered the problem after plugging in one fan.
  7. Doubt it was the temperature that caused it but it defiantly got broke in transit. Send it back.
  8. My OnePlus 3 just came back from repair today! My Surface 3's Charging Port now doesn't charge. The micro USB port has just bent and broke. Any idea whether the laptop can be charged through other ports or whether it can be repaired?
  9. Just started shooting on film over the summer. Currently use a Canon EOS 300 and Agfa Vista Plus 200 (which can be obtained for a modest price from Poundland...)
  10. Yeah It's strange how on benchmarks in games my setup supposedly roasts a 980Ti yet in real life I don't get anywhere near that level of performance. What issues were you having with your SLI setup? Also do you know what GTX 970's resell for these days? Might be worth selling mine for a 1070 or even a 1060 6GB.
  11. From the owner of a 970 SLI setup, get a 1070. Seriously my SLI setup is working so badly, my browser keeps blacking out the entire screen when browsing websites and my games lagged so badly I had to disable it. SLI is just awful. I'd of been better off burning my money.
  12. I doubt it would take the pilot out. Anyway the copilot would be able to land the plane. If planes could be brought down by exploding phones and laptops there would be accidents all the time. Engines have to withstand bird strikes (which happen surprisingly frequently without any issues) and the airframe has to go through large pressure changes and freezing temperatures. Planes are pretty durable.
  13. Quite a lot of innovations have been made in plane cabin design. Pretty much all the materials, including seats and carpets are made of fireproof materials. Cabin fires can usually be dealt with quite effectively and shouldn't spread. That said, people really shouldn't be taking these on planes as they could cause burns to other passengers. Also people aren't really fond of exploding things on planes...
  14. Ahh now I've just realised that would require a web browser so you might want to use a portable version of something like Firefox or Chrome temporarily to allow you to re download it?