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  1. Not going to sugarcoat this, LM on a 2600x Is pretty fucking stupid. Its Not a hot cpu, so you dont need to use it. Do not use LM for Heatspreader to Cooling plate, its generally not a good time and especially if anything were to drip out. Liquid metal cooling a GPU is not a good idea at all. The coolers are not designed for LM, and you have to do a lot for it to even make it safe to use on it. Generally you arent going to gain all that much performance, a few degrees is nice worth the risk to component here.
  2. Honestly it depends on the Ram kit itself. If its a cheap Gskill kit, dont buy it as it pretty much wont work at XMP speeds. Best thing if you are new to Ram is that you want the Best balance of both the Speed (Example 3600 mhx) and Cas latency (CL). A good 3200mhz Kit at CL 14 will perform pretty similar to that, and you generally have much better odds at getting 3200mhz cl 14 to work on your CPU then you have 3600 mhz cl 16 to work. Unless you are doing something that utilizes ram to that much of a benefit, id go with Either 3200 mhz CL 14, or the 3600 mhz cl 16.
  3. There are differences, Quality, speeds, controller, Thermals. Samsung tends to be the Best balance of Speed and reliability, Corsair just rebrands all their crap, Think WD has a 4.0 Drive as well. Generally its all about Balancing out what exactly you need and getting the best one for that. If you need the Fastest speeds AND reliablity, id go with the samsung one if you just need the best quality ones. Sabrent is a good budget option, they tend to be slower, but generally a good chunk lower in price too
  4. I mean those are pretty much the ones that most people buy. Really isnt a point in buying a super low end PCIE 4 SSD o.o
  5. Red dead is a VERY unoptimized game and its pretty shitty. Try other games and adjust settings.
  6. Okay first why the hell did you do that to the text, dont do colored text . Please dont do that crap. 2nd you should be fine as long as you followed the instructions for flashing the bios.
  7. Doing 20TB worth of Editing through USB and they consider themselves a Media Company? Not sure i can see that Generally you need to give a budget. SSDS are 100% worth it, A Good PCIE 3.0 SSD should be fine, and if you get a x570 or a TRX Platform PCIE 4.0 SSDS are available too
  8. Probably not on their site. You can buy it at the same spots you can buy a 3090 and 3080, not sure why you think otherwise.
  9. Im not sure where you said the device is for the router. If its in the same spot as the previous one and getting much worse then your older one, id see what port you are supposed to use. IMHO get rid of the software, it tends to be garbage. Just use the normal means of connecting to wifi. Certain devices are super finicky when it comes to 5 Ghz and certain configs without the proper authentication will spit out errors. Id 100% triple check the password, or do a simple quick reset and see if that fixes it.
  10. I do not see any compatibility with ECC memory on the list so i dont think youll be able to have much luck there
  11. Idle means you arent doing anything. So when you start doing stuff like web browser activity and such your thermals are going to go up. If they bothered you that much id suggest you adjust the fan curves or get quieter fans.
  12. Are you playing different games that are utilizing the GPU more? Have you cleaned out all your filters? Is your room or the Average temperature hotter ? Ram will not effect your GPU temps. So you can take that out Generally when i see this type of change its just coming down to Utilization. One game may only load the GPU a bit and doesnt get it hot. Another game may be a LOT more gpu bound, causing temps to go up. Anything under 80 celsius is fine.
  13. It happens over time if its sagged, or during shipping. Looks like the PCB is mostly okay, the Cooler though holy fuck is it bent. It seems to be mostly making proper contact and as long as thermals are okay you shouldnt have an issue
  14. On desktop youll have to run a Monitoring software. Hardware info or Ryzen master and then see what your voltages are. Resetting to default on auto then manually seeing them. Each board follows a pattern but its not exactly the same.
  15. I would be astonished if it was a noticeable difference unless your 3600 was just a defective product. Like it shouldn't be more then 5 FPS and you should already be well above the FPS threshold. 250$ for it because a friend works at amd? That doesnt make much sense they dont sell their own CPUS o.o but i wont question that further Well youd have to wait a bit, the only CPU youd be able to buy would be the 5800x at 400$, the 5900x is going to be 550$ while the 5950x will be 800$
  16. Turn off PBO in your BIOS, see if they still occur. PBO has been known to do this. Precision Boost Overdrive in AMD OVERCLOCKING settings.
  17. Depends on what you are doing. What im saying is a 3800XT is not going to be much if at all any better then a 3600, especially in gaming. They are currently behind intel in performance vs the 10900k/10700k by around 10-20% in Gaming at 1080p. At 1440p and 2160p, there is pretty much no difference between most of the games on those cpus with a few exceptions. IMO you should return the 3800XT and wait for the ryzen 500 series to come out, look at the reviews and see what you like. They should be much better for what you are looking for.
  18. Not sure you are going to be able to find many with Thunderbolt on x570, pretty sure that Asrock one is one of the only few that have it. All x570 MOBO support ryzen 5000, so you will be mainly looking there with all your requirements. You can always do an Add in card Thunderbolt Should work just fine. You are going to be buying a 250-300$ Mobo if you want all those slots, just keep an eye out for which one you like.
  19. You dont need a 3090 at all. Im curious how much you paid for a 3800xt if it was on sale. 3900x around here go for 370-400. Also how is a 3900x out of your budget, but a 3090 isnt? You didnt really upgrade much if im honest with you. You didnt really reduce the "bottleneck" with performance, if you are to believe the new CPUS Rumored performance, they will simply be a much better option then what you got, but you probably wont be able to buy them for a while. If you Game at 1440p/2160p you wont really notice a difference, but if you are a 1080p gamer then there is a slight difference between the best ones at what you got.
  20. If your keyboard isnt starting before windows that sounds like a keyboard issue, you have to find a different keyboard than those two. Unless you have turned off certain USB settings in the bios or in windows it shouldnt do that.
  21. I mean the 3900x should have been the same price and would clock about the same. What exactly are you trying to not get bottlenecked by? In gaming they are going to be pretty much the same, what other tasks do you do?
  22. Honestly i wouldnt have gotten a 3800XT, Why would you get that CPU? You may just want to try not having a Manual Clock speed, rather try out different settings for PBO and see if you can get more performance. If not 4.4 tends to be the sweet spot for 3800x cpus usually around 1.325-1.375v. If you cant edit without bios crashing or freezing, flash the bios again.
  23. They couldnt figure out why their computer was turning on and i asked them quite a few times to make sure they had the PSU Power switch in the on position and was told that was disrespectful that i would ask something like that. Ended up going in person, they were turning the smart fan option on the PSU on or off. They dumbfounded look on their face was quite amusing, they stopped questioning me after that.