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  1. Shimejii

    Power Options

    Cant hurt anything by doing it so why not
  2. Why did you get a Asus Rog Strix vega 64, just to mod it like this?...... Why not get a much cheaper base model and do it, since the 3 fans were already pretty darn good. You generally have to use Speedfan for these kinds of custom mods, as it controls Fans, although sometimes you can do it through afterburner if it gets picked up
  3. Someone was on a site that they shouldnt have been, or they opened up the wrong set of emails. Gotta teach everyone about internet safety. There is very minimal chances this came from a direct attack vector, and injected into their systems, but it can be a possibility.
  4. Shimejii

    Content Creation PC Upgrade Help

    You can get a 8700k and z370 obv would have to gotten. But i dont think its worth it unless you are actually making $$$ from it. Otherwise stick to what you got and make better and more consistent content
  5. Shimejii

    Content Creation PC Upgrade Help

    TBH Thats still Perfectly fine. Getting a 8700k or 9900k will improve it A bit but honestly? Your going to just be fine with what you have. Dont upgrade unless you are making money off content.
  6. Shimejii

    memory+cpu help

    Read 4 sticks in 4 slots, then 2 slots in 2 slots hrmm
  7. Shimejii

    memory+cpu help

    It will be fine, just wont be in dual channel mode if you fill the other slots. 2 Ram slots in the correct spots (usually marked grey but check Mobo manual for the spots) will give dual channel
  8. Shimejii

    sorry for being annoying but im new to the pc part world

    Yes. Not very good but yes
  9. Shimejii

    CPU is too hot

    Were you able to before? This is a low end Dual Core CPU, with a Low end 830m Graphics chip, i dont expect this to be able to do all that much
  10. Shimejii

    2080 ti - question about oc memory

    Any overclocking can cause Crashes and artifacts to appear
  11. Shimejii

    Can’t play games with my fancy new 2070

    Sometimes it just happens, they list certain PSU's as 850 750 or 650, but they can only handle so much load like 400-600 before power failure. Ive had multiple CX units that were labelled 750 just fail when over 450 watts was applied.
  12. Shimejii

    Can’t play games with my fancy new 2070

    Its the PSU more then likely, it may be a bad unit struggling to give all the power needed.
  13. Shimejii

    Cpu advice? Please?

    z390 is only worth it for the 9900k, All other cpus are not worth it. as 8700k and z370 would becheaper and perform better ;or equal then everything but the 9900k. 2700 (or 2700x) is a bit behind but not by much, i would get the 2700(x) just on the price, as its a great performing cpu.
  14. Shimejii

    Cpu advice? Please?

    9900k Is better overall then a 2700, But its NO WHERE NEAR double. 2700(x) all the way here.
  15. Shimejii

    My computer gets super hot, what should I do?

    That pretty much is it, you just have to clean the vents making sure they dont accumulate dust, and just have it running like that. Stress benchmarks arent very good for laptops, they pretty much push them to the max. 90 and 84 isnt all that bad concidering some go to 100.
  16. 1650 usd for 7700 and 2 2080ti? That sounds like a scam and you should avoid it
  17. Shimejii

    Upgrading GPU ?

    If not then yes you can get a 2080, 2080ti simply isnt worth it for 15% performance for 2x the price.
  18. Shimejii

    Upgrading GPU ?

    if you play First person shooters, 240hz Monitor Cannot be beat, use a 1080ti/2080/2080ti and be fine for the next 3-4 years. I reccomend 1080ti for around 450-525$ triple fan and such. If you dont like 1080p do 1440p, better resolution and picture and can still do 144hz. DO NOT GAME AT 4k, its pointless and not nearly as enjoyable, sure it looks nice but the frames lost are simply not worth it.
  19. Shimejii

    2080Ti purchase help

    You could do it as the Trio is 98% of the Lightning except for the power mods, but honestly just be careful with certain bios. Just makes sure its legit
  20. Could be your router or modem, or the line itself could be comprimised. Are you wired into your computer or doing Wireless?
  21. You have good speeds surprisingly, most of the time its less then 10 mb up and down. its just the location of the servers and the distance is what gives you the much higher latency and ping. Unless you move closer to the servers your gonna be stuck
  22. Yeah most US states are stuck with 1-2 options, in smaller areas usually you get one. So your not alone in that regard. It sounds like they are just providing you with shit connections
  23. Shimejii

    2080Ti purchase help

    Both really arent worth it, the price is insane and honestly, if you get a regular one triple fan, youll get 98% of the performance.
  24. Basically you have a internet provider that has to go through a different pipeline, if one is overloaded it tries a new one, and as the last resort it chooses the third one. Do you get the 98 when nobody is on? Is 110/150 During the Midday?
  25. Shimejii

    Buying RAM off Ebay?

    Do you really want RGB ram? You could get 3000 16GB kit for around 100$ instead