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  1. I can tell you for the Vast majority of jobs, Certifications Are useless garbage that are just there to be annoyances rather then helping. They do not benefit most people, they do not come up for most IT situations. Id rather colleges and such Focus on whats actually beneficial, what you need to know and things that are good to know. Certs are often cram studied for, and never thought of or used again.
  2. Certs are a crapshoot and i generally view them as money grubbing schemes. Certs should only be done depending on what the jobs require.
  3. Im going to be straight up honest again. 99.5% of users do not need an NVME SSD. What exactly are you doing that would require the High End 970 Pro (soon to be 980 Pro PCIE 4.0)
  4. Discussion is okay, Tutorial involves showing how to do it and such isnt My comment still stands.
  5. They do not allow Hackintosh tutorials here. I would Assume based on the hardware of the laptop, it wouldnt work.
  6. Your cooler is likely Not working. Does not matter that it was just working beforehand, its not working now. Either your pump is dead/not plugged in, or you are not making contact.
  7. Do a few speed tests, see if its the connection or the wire/wirless card. Other things usually are the Server the games are connected to, sometimes the amount of downloads happening on that server, how much bandwidth they allow. Tons of things can be limiting it.
  8. AMD graphics drivers are currently not in good shape. Gamers Nexus has covered this being a prevalent issue. Unfortunatly you will have to either Return the cards and get the Nvidia alternative, Try installing older Confirmed working drivers, or wait for new drivers.
  9. This Pc was working before correct? Maybe check the outlet that you are plugged into. Generally double check all power connectors, it sounds like its a Power problem with the PSU, so double check all connections.
  10. Its within reason, some XMPS run it at that or higher, ive found it to work with my motherboard, yours may be different.I wouldnt run it higher, you could also be having memory issues, B450/x470 boards did have memory issues so it wouldnt suprise me if it doesnt run as well.
  11. I run it at 3200 mhz at 1.4V for the Memory. Seems to have worked for me. Look up where your Ram Voltage is.
  12. Yeah it happens, ive had issuses getting my 3600 Mhz kit running at spec, i can only run it at 3200 mhz. Try running it at 3000 mhz.
  13. Multiple factors go into the phone getting slow. Battery life starts to go, which the phone auto adjusts the amount of power it can allow, so it will start to slow the CPU down over time. Bloated software on the Storage drive, eventually if you dont keep things clean, restarting the phone every day, occasionally full reset can help, but generally phones get bloated and slow down, as per the design, they make them become obsolete.
  14. i mean if you can get it at 1.35 Volts Easy do that. My 3800x is 4.4ghz at 1.375 so GG there. Ya beat mah binned CPU
  15. 860 Evo would be fine
  16. Yes It really is fucking trash. It has 0 Reputation among anyone with integrity like Gamers Nexus, Hardware Unboxed. Do not use the software and expect it to be correct, for it to be an accurate representation
  17. Turn off Malware bytes or windows defender, but otherwise never use userbenchmark for anything. Its trash
  18. User benchmark is absolute fucking trash. do not Use it. Either Use Samsung Magician, or Crystal Disk mark.
  19. 3800x is kind of a pointless cpu at 380$. If it was 20$ more then a 3700x, it would be worth it, but not 80$. Go with 3700x or 3900x/3950x Open box/used or w/e. Or if you are JUST gaming, 9900k is still the king for now. Get rid of the Gen 4 SSD, you will never utilize the speeds. Games barely saturate the Sata Based SSDs, let alone Gen 3 NVME, They will never touch Gen 4 SSDs for at least 5 years, due to compatibility issues. Honestly you could probably find a good used 2080 Super in the next 2 years, maybe even 2080ti when Ampere series comes out.
  20. Click bait Trash. They havent ditched intel in the least bit. Yes they now have new lineups with Ryzen cpus which is great, lets not do stupid shit and go theyve ditched intel. Thats not what is going on at all, and is a Buzzfeed level trash of click bait titles.
  21. Its an RX 470-480 or 570/580. You can tell based on the Die direction, theres only one type of gpu at that angle
  22. depends on if its CPU encoding instead of GPU recording.
  23. If you are honestly this worried about this just stick with your air cooler. This is not going to be an i told you so moment if something goes wrong.
  24. AIOS are very safe now adays from reputable brands such as Deepcool, Corsair, NZXT and such. If its a cheap knockoff brand, then yeah its probably that way for a reason.
  25. Do you have any need to upgrade to 32 GB in the near future? Also the cooler is a pretty simple install, but its a choice if you want to spend another 120$ on a AIO. I do not reccomend buying the 3000 series GPUS until they are properly tested. I prefer buying the used previous gen, saves money