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  1. visitor2015

    The World’s Most Powerful Cyclotron

    Fermilab has many similarites for superconducting linear acceleration technology to FLASH at DESY or XFEL.
  2. visitor2015

    The World’s Most Powerful Cyclotron

    Hi, this was an impressing video about that facility. If you ever will be in Europe soon, don't miss out on DESY/XFEL in Hamburg, Germany. See https://www.desy.de or https://www.xfel.eu and get in touch with our PR department. I think they might be interested to show you around. Don't miss out on visiing the actual accelerators itself like XFEL, FLASH, PETRA, HERA and more. I love to see other research institutes seen through different eyes. DM me for details.
  3. visitor2015

    The Fastest Xbox of All Time

    It's very satisfying to just lift out the connector from the PCB without using any force.
  4. visitor2015

    The Fastest Xbox of All Time

    I think @AlexTheGreatish needs a selective wave soldering machine to remove those pesky DVI connectors without barbaric angle grinding.
  5. visitor2015

    A Surface Pro for HARDCORE Gamers!

    It looks like they have put in a FHD or 4K screen in the device. Instead they could have also used a 16:10 WUXGA or QWUXGA panel to get rid of that THICC ugly chin and the unnecessary ROG logo.
  6. Kudos to Dell: Once I had to call the Dell support about a problem with my Dell Latitude D830 which was just 1.5 years old and I have ordered with 36 months NBD onsite serivce. In end of 2009 I had to call the business support here in Germany because the main board died on a Saturday afternoon. The phone lines were already closed at that Saturday afternoon, but I called on Monday and arranged an appointment for Thursday morning after I got put through after max. 10 minutes to an operator. The service technician appeared at my parents home while I was still at work and replaced the entire motherboard of that machine without any questions asked. This machine which I bought in February 2008 is still working today and never had any problems again with this machine. My machine at work (Latitude E7450) needed twice NBD support during it's 36 months period. Both cases were perfeclty addressed by very competent technicans direclty in my workplace. So why is anyone still buying that consumer crap these days when you can really get very charming and competent and well working support for your business grade machines?
  7. visitor2015

    We FIXED Apple’s New MacBook Pro

    Uhm, acutally the liquid metal application almost gave me ASMR. lol.
  8. visitor2015

    Apple REFUSED to Fix our iMac Pro

    FYI, the refusal of repair is also summarized in the German tech magazine Heise-Online.
  9. visitor2015

    2017 Thinkpad vs.1997 Thinkpad – 25 Anniversary Edition Review

    @Tankers I also thought about linking that video. I hope that Lenovo leared from that and will bring better devices with their upcoming Tx80 series at CES 2018. By the way: I still love my Dell Latitude D830 which will turn 10 this year. The newer Latitudes have worse screens and keyboards than my machine. Although I would love to have a middle button for my PointingStick. But the most intersting topic Linus forgot to mention: Bottom side docking port on the T25 for a proper docking station. There is nothing better than just smash your notebook on a docking station and use your favorite displays and input devices connected to it without ever having to touch any cable at all. The notebook itself can then just rest in the station without need to open the display lid.
  10. visitor2015

    2017 Thinkpad vs.1997 Thinkpad – 25 Anniversary Edition Review

    Finally, the video I was curious about. I hope someone at Lenovo got the idea why people love the ThinkPads and the classic keyboard. with the Trackpoint. From my feeling the trackpad could also profit from additional mouse buttons below to further decrease size and improve palm rejection clearance. Honestly 3" diagonal for a trackpad is large enough. But what I miss most is the 16:10 AR screen which turned out to be the first choice during the past polls in the R&D phase of that project. Instead of *yawn* FullHD they could also have gone to WQHD (2560x1400) if they had to use the horrid 16:9 AR. This would certainly make it a machine for 2017 instead of a machine of 2014 (as in T450). Because ThinkPads are also well known as good devices for Linux, the next step would be to ditch Windows 10 and finally install a proper operating system on that machine. Can we now hope for a review of Dell Latitudes and Precisions or more Lenovo ThinkPad T and P series?
  11. visitor2015

    The ULTIMATE Macro Pad? - Elgato Stream Deck Review

    The small 10 key-less brother of that is available for $1500 US: https://store.artlebedev.com/all/optimus-popularis/
  12. Jesus, torque is specified in Nm (Newtonmeter).
  13. visitor2015

    Razer Blade 4K Review + Our Blade Issues...

    So when is the Lenovo ThinkPad T25 review video coming on?
  14. The ThinkPad T470p offers also quad core KBL CPUs with dedicated GPU. If it's not terribly urgent it might be good to wait for Coffe Lake. Personally I wait for a T480(p) and would like to see if they carried over some good stuff from the T25 like the 7 row keyboard. Unfortunately the T25 was only available with 1080p screen. I want at least 1600p (2560x1600).
  15. visitor2015


    Is it really motion blur or just a strange combination of panel refresh rate and camera shutter?