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    Ryzen 9 3900x
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    ASROCK B550 Steel Legend mATX
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    2x16gb Corsair Dominator RGB @ 3200mHz
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    NVIDIA 1070Ti Founders Edition
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    Phanteks Evolv mATX
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    HP M.2 PCIe SSD 512 GB, 4tb 7200rpm HDD
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    SeaSonic EVO Edition 620W 80+ Bronze Fully Modular
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    BenQ 1080p 24" 144hz
    Some random dell and Acer monitors
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    Reddragon KUMAURA RGB
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    Razer Naga Chroma
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    2x Samson A8 8in Studio Monitors
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    Windows 10
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    Asus Zephyrus G531X
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    Pixel 3aXL
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  1. Disappointed this isn’t more beef, that woulda been funny. that gradient loading time tho
  2. I’d say the scarlet would be a better choice if you aren’t going to need many inputs or sound effects right there. My 2i2 has been doing great for years and sounds great outputting to my 990s or other speakers.
  3. Banned for assuming they were assuming.
  4. You aren't going to be able to take full advantage of such powerful cards with a lower end CPU in the vast majority of situations. There might be a few, but probably not common ones Will you get 1080p144? Depends on the game. But it will still be a big upgrade if you're using the iGPU in the 3400g no matter what (if you can find one that is)
  5. I'd love to see a video of trying to game on an LED wall. You can get some crazy high resolution/scale "screens" out of them, and might make for a sick gaming experience (depending on input lag and if you can drive it with a mortal PC. Would be interesting to get into the processors and dedicated equipment that go into them as well (signal processors, what the actual segments of the wall look like, etc) Probably could find a production rental company around the Vancouver area that would be into a collab too
  6. If you go to disk manager, right click on the boot partition on your C drive, there should be an option to expand it to fill the drive
  7. Have you considered you might be holding it wrong /s
  8. Yeah at least. To be safe I'd go with a 850w, which would also leave more headroom for a higher end CPU down the line, but a 750w should do fine. I wouldn't push it and go 650w, the cards have spikes in power draw that can trigger overcurrent protection
  9. And I bet you'll still fill it up in a shorter amount of time that you think you will lol, happens to me with my SSD all the time
  10. If it was there when your card was shipped, it's probably part of the design and shouldn't be touched. The die has horrible thermal paste application RN, try repasting it
  11. I wouldn't be worried if it's under full load for an extended period, but if it's only like 50-70%, then you might want to try repasting it 88c won't damage the card