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  1. DevoChip

    College Question

    I'm just asking about the education path for whether the CS minor has any significant benefits on top of a degree in Information Technology.
  2. DevoChip

    College Question

    I was wondering if majoring in Information Technology and Systems and minoring in Computer Science is worthy to adding to resume.
  3. I have an issue with the MSI B350 Tomahawk with blinking red bug LEDS for the gpu and cpu and I have done everything I've found on the internet, but nothing has worked. It is running with Ryzen 5 1600.
  4. I'm looking at buying a used Meshify C, and I was wondering what's included inside the accessory box? Thanks
  5. I have an HP pre-built system and I decided to upgrade power supply. I'm using a corsair CX450 (grey) and my motherboard has a 6 pin to power the motherboard while my PSU has a 24 pin.
  6. DevoChip

    GTX Evga 960 FTW 2gb

    Is 100 for this gpu a good price?
  7. DevoChip

    Evga 750 Ti Width

    I have a prebuilt pc that is small form factor and wanted to know if it fits. Thank you
  8. DevoChip

    Evga 750 Ti Width

    https://www.evga.com/products/product.aspx?pn=02G-P4-3753-RX I can only find that it says double slot
  9. DevoChip

    Evga 750 Ti Width

    What is the width in centimeters or inches of the dual slot in the 750 Ti?
  10. DevoChip

    Used GTX 970

    $120, Texas, eBay, zero reviews on eBay
  11. DevoChip

    Used GTX 970

    I'm buying a used GPU, and I don't know what to really check for so I put pictures below
  12. DevoChip

    Upgrading Case

    I have a pre-built Lenovo H520s, and I was looking at the fractal design nano s. I was wondering if the motherboard of the Lenovo H520s in the small form factor will fit in the mini itx. The reason I want this case is I found one used for a good price, and I need it since I will be getting a gtx 970 used as well with a new power supply of course.
  13. DevoChip

    Upgrading Pre-Built

    I need a bigger case as this case won't fit either graphics card I think
  14. DevoChip

    Upgrading Pre-Built

    I have a Lenovo H520s pre-built with an i5 3330 and 6gb of ram. I was wondering if I should get a 1050 Ti 4gb for 150 on craigslist or an MSI 1060 6gb for 240? Also, what should I check for if I were buying a used graphics card? Also, what power supply and case would you recommend under 50 dollars each?
  15. DevoChip

    Verizon iPhone 6

    I have read that verizon phones are unlocked. I would like to confirm it since I am going to buy a used Verizon phone to use with att.