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  1. I'm just asking about the education path for whether the CS minor has any significant benefits on top of a degree in Information Technology.
  2. I was wondering if majoring in Information Technology and Systems and minoring in Computer Science is worthy to adding to resume.
  3. I have an issue with the MSI B350 Tomahawk with blinking red bug LEDS for the gpu and cpu and I have done everything I've found on the internet, but nothing has worked. It is running with Ryzen 5 1600.
  4. I'm looking at buying a used Meshify C, and I was wondering what's included inside the accessory box? Thanks
  5. I have an HP pre-built system and I decided to upgrade power supply. I'm using a corsair CX450 (grey) and my motherboard has a 6 pin to power the motherboard while my PSU has a 24 pin.
  6. Is 100 for this gpu a good price?
  7. I have a prebuilt pc that is small form factor and wanted to know if it fits. Thank you
  8. https://www.evga.com/products/product.aspx?pn=02G-P4-3753-RX I can only find that it says double slot
  9. What is the width in centimeters or inches of the dual slot in the 750 Ti?
  10. $120, Texas, eBay, zero reviews on eBay
  11. I'm buying a used GPU, and I don't know what to really check for so I put pictures below
  12. I have a pre-built Lenovo H520s, and I was looking at the fractal design nano s. I was wondering if the motherboard of the Lenovo H520s in the small form factor will fit in the mini itx. The reason I want this case is I found one used for a good price, and I need it since I will be getting a gtx 970 used as well with a new power supply of course.
  13. I need a bigger case as this case won't fit either graphics card I think
  14. I have a Lenovo H520s pre-built with an i5 3330 and 6gb of ram. I was wondering if I should get a 1050 Ti 4gb for 150 on craigslist or an MSI 1060 6gb for 240? Also, what should I check for if I were buying a used graphics card? Also, what power supply and case would you recommend under 50 dollars each?
  15. I have read that verizon phones are unlocked. I would like to confirm it since I am going to buy a used Verizon phone to use with att.