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  1. hhmm havent tried nvidia but ingame blur is disabled
  2. Hi, for a long time i had a small issue in certain game like battlefield 5, star citizen and war thunder and it was as soon as i moved the camera, either the textures would blurr out and for star citizen and war thunder, dials, stars and moving element would dim and blur out, would it be an issue with the gpu or the monitor, using a Aorus 1080 Ti and a Gigabyte G32QC
  3. I am planing to do a complete pc setup this year and headphone are in the list, i didnt really have thought about a dac/amp and i don’t know what you would describe as a decent mobo output, i really havent touched mid to high end hardware so what might be decent for someone is going to be amazing for me
  4. Oooh nice thread, also the ad700x seems pretty interesting
  5. Too smooth for normal use?
  6. Are the sennheiser 598 a good pair?
  7. One thing tho about audio creation hardware (wich the m50x seems to be) is that it should have a flat eq, ive never had something with a relatively flat eq
  8. Also, on multiple occasion i read/heard that surround sound 7.1/5.1 is sorta useless. But in games like r6s or pubg i do feel that it could help. I also play on ps4 and pc
  9. Yeah i know, i might have to split it into 2 different pair
  10. Hi, im looking forward to buy a new pair of headphone with a budget of around 250$. I mostly play video games and listen to music. For the gaming side, i love it when the bass is punchy, when you feel the gunshots and the explosions. As for the music, i love to hear all the small details of a song. I know that audio stuff can be hard to choose but im sure there is something out here for me.
  11. Thank you alot that clears alot of question!
  12. Hi, next year im planing to build my first gaming pc but 1 thing is throwing me off. Pcie lanes. I am have a lot of trouble finding a cpu that fits my needs. From my understanding, everything connected via pcie takes up lanes and the cpu has a limited number of lanes. When i went to see the cpu specs of intel cpus (1151 cpu), most of them have 16 pcie lanes. A gpu already have 16x speed so am i left with nothing left? Like if i want to add in a NVmE M.2 ssd im getting a speed decrease of either my gpu or ssd? I may do an sli/crossfire setup in the future and with 16 cpu pcie lane, well lets just say i am confused. Do i need to go x299 or x399 to get the most out of my gpu and ssd? I know ryzen has 20 or so but im still confused.
  13. Damn, i tought you could replace it, well anyways thanks for your informations ?
  14. I know that in some laptop you can change the cpu and i would like to know with what cpu i can change it for. I own an acer aspire v5 with a pentium 987 in it. I think it's a bga1023 socket. I know it might not be the best laptop but i just want to squeeze the last bit out of this pc. Thanks in advance!