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  1. Hi all, I'm planning on buying a new monitor soon.. but am struggling to decide what one to get! My criteria is : Good color reproduction At least 144Hz 27" and under 500£ I've found the LG and ACER... I like the LG thanks to it's amazing reviews and DCI-p3 range.. I also like the ACER due to it's 165Hz refresh rate... Please share your opinions.. Maybe propose another monitor that I've not found! Thanks, (my PC specs are in the signature)
  2. I'd say get a gtx 1080... I got mine for 280£ on the facebook marketplace a few months ago.. They are between 280£ and 330£.. See what you can find locally! CEX is a good idea, but you won't know what card you are getting... so maybe visit a few and pick out the best aftermarket card locally! If you go for marketplace, make sure the guy (or gal) is willing to show you the card working before handing over the cash! 1080 blows away anything at the 300£ pricepoint.. Just stay away from the hydro versions (AIO) and the blower cards!
  3. Once you've seen 4k or 1440p .. 1080p looks terrible! I'd suggest whatever 1440p IPS/VA monitor has the highest refresh rate you can afford. Avoid TN panels.. They look pretty bad.. FYI I play at 4K 60fps.. I'm moving to 1440 @144-165Hz.. (in my opinion it's the best res/refresh rate for fast games)
  4. That cpu is at least 45w and that gpu is at least 80w.. An ssd consumes about 1.2w/ hour.. (M.2 / NVME / SATA have similar consumption) A sata HDD is anywhere between 3w - 8w depending on speed - load etc.. At idle it can be as high as 5.5w (SSD @idle =under 1w) (edit) - Done some more research : 3200mb/s uses at most 6w/h for a 1tb version.. As long as you stick to SSD for your NVME/M.2/ SATA you'll not add any noticible power consumption! Screen brightness is another large consumer that is usually overlooked! Turning down your brightness and RGB keyboard will change battery life more than adding multiple ssd's! Hope this helps!
  5. I'd suggest going waterclooling if you need to fiddle with it! EK have a few designs that are fully designed for it.. Some youtubers such as "Timmy Joe PC Tech" or " GamersNExus" Have managed to install a cooler from an MSI R9 280 and R9 380 (MSI twin FROZR varient) Might be woth watching a video or two... But it's not very pretty looking Best of luck!
  6. That was what I was thinking of.. Or I could make my own pad with standard case fans..
  7. It's simple.. I have a 2600 @4.2 Ghz on all cores with my hyper 212 evo.. It never goes above 72c after many hours of gaming.. If you want to save some cash get the simple and effective 212.. If you want good looks then pay more and chose anything non low profile
  8. What's your budget? I have a 2600 OC'd to 4.2 on all cores with a hyper 212 evo.. It's cheap and keeps my cpu at no more than 72c after hours of gaming..
  9. MSI Afterburner should do it! Not sure if it will be able to control the fan though! It's worth downloading it just to monitor temps and fan speed
  10. Hi All, I have recently acquired an Alienware 17 R3 (6700HQ, 32Gb DDR4, GTX 965m) I am trying to find a cooling solution similar to this : Click here My problem with these coolers is that they all seem to pull air away from the laptop, are there any that blow air in to the laptop? It would obviously need to be able to support the weight if the 17" alienware.. My temps are fine, but in the long run I'd like to buy a graphics amplifier and be able to use this as a desktop type solution.
  11. Sounds like a CPU bottleneck.. It bottlenecked my i5 2500k @ 4.6Ghz.. (4thread) If you really want to play it I'd suggest a CPU + Motherboard upgrade.. If you have a low budget I suggest sticking to AM3 or trying to find a 2nd/3rd gen i7. A bulldozer 8150 should do a darn sight better than that APU. It's still DDR3 so keep your ram, you should be able to find an old high end cpu + Mobo for under 100£ / $ / euro
  12. PC spec? Refresh rate? Gsync/Freesync? Need more to be able to help
  13. I just got a 1080, I do not regret it! Great GPU! If it's in your budget it's worth it! Make sure you see it working before buying it..