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  1. Sparky_Fr

    Average fps in fortnite

    Sounds like a CPU bottleneck.. It bottlenecked my i5 2500k @ 4.6Ghz.. (4thread) If you really want to play it I'd suggest a CPU + Motherboard upgrade.. If you have a low budget I suggest sticking to AM3 or trying to find a 2nd/3rd gen i7. A bulldozer 8150 should do a darn sight better than that APU. It's still DDR3 so keep your ram, you should be able to find an old high end cpu + Mobo for under 100£ / $ / euro
  2. Sparky_Fr

    Is some micro-stuttering normal?

    PC spec? Refresh rate? Gsync/Freesync? Need more to be able to help
  3. Sparky_Fr

    Gigabyte gtx 1080 windforce oc

    I just got a 1080, I do not regret it! Great GPU! If it's in your budget it's worth it! Make sure you see it working before buying it..
  4. Sparky_Fr

    Rtx 2060 and gtx 1080

    Well I was in this conundrum about 1 month ago.. I went for the 1080! Never looked back.. I play High res, do not care about RTX.. I think I'll wait a few generations as I feel like RTX costs more than it should!
  5. Sparky_Fr

    I can't decide which card to buy!

    I just moved from a gtx 1060 6G to a GTX 1080.. I found one for 290£... Best purchase that I've ever made! I'd say get the cheapest high end card you can find. If the 1080 is cheaper than the Vega 64 where you live then go for it!
  6. Sparky_Fr

    GSYNC Issue on BFV

  7. Sparky_Fr

    BF3 low fps on gtx 1080!

    Hi All, I recently got back in to playing BF3 as it's one of my all time favorite games.. I only get about 65fps max! Low or high settings... 1080p or 4k! Same story! Cpu usage is no more than 28% / GPU usage no more than 33%.. PLEASE HELP! Obviously there are no bottlnecks.. VSYNC off etc.. I've updated my drivers..
  8. Sparky_Fr

    GTX 1060 upgrade, please advise

    Thanks, the guy got it new as the rtx cards were released, he had the warranty for it anf evrything so I hope it'll last!
  9. Sparky_Fr

    GTX 1060 upgrade, please advise

    I thought about it but couldn't find any non blower cards under 450£!
  10. Sparky_Fr

    GTX 1060 upgrade, please advise

    Thanks for the tips, Just to give you all an update.. I found a GTX 1080 Gaming X going for 280£ near where I live so I grabed it! I'm happily satisfied!
  11. Hi all, I have an asus VP28UQG 4k Freesync monitor and a GTX 1080. I used to play BFV with freesync on and no compatibility issues, Since my upgrade to a 1080 I get rather bad stuttering with Gsync turned on.. I know this is a software issue and that my monitor is not fully supported by Gsync.. Has anyone else encountered thiss issue? Any fixes? Thanks, Adam
  12. Hi all, I'm currently on a gtx 1060 6gb (2600k @4.7Ghz, 16Gb 1866Mhz RAM). I blay Battlefield 5 in 4K. My 1060 only manages BFV on low, 4k with 80% resolution scale.. (about 70 fps consistent). I borrowed a 1070 from a friend, I can now get 70 FPS with 100% resolution scale with a mix of medium - low settings. I can get a 1070 aftermarket card for 230£, a 1070Ti (reference) for 310£.. May I have any suggestions? Is the 1070Ti worth 80£ more? I would OC the card... No mater what I get! I try avoid blower coolers... Also I'd be happy with an AMD card if it would fit in the price range! Any helpful input/suggestions welcome! Thanks
  13. Sparky_Fr

    Asus G750JX GPU upgrade

  14. Sparky_Fr

    Asus G750JX GPU upgrade

    Hi all, I have an Asus G750JX, Highest spec model (i7 4860QM, SSD, GTX 880M, 32Gb ram...) My question is.. Can I upgrade my GPU to something like a GTX 1060 / 980m ? The 880m can pull 150w so I know my cooling can take it.. Just not sure on MXM compatibility. All I've found is old 7xx series cards from this PC on ebay and they don't look standard MXM format. any suggestions are welcome! Thanks, Adam
  15. Sparky_Fr

    HELP! Google Sheets

    Thanks all! Grateful for the help!