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  1. sorry for the delay, yes she has tried but it just sends her to a screen that has "please press (button) to enter bios"
  2. tried that and it takes her straight back to the menu to access bios and it wont let her do anything else but the bios
  3. Hi there, i am here on behalf of my friend, her PC is stuck in the bios and she cant get out. she does not know the specs of the PC as it is her brothers and she is still in bios. can anyone try and help us thanks p.s. if i find out anymore info i will try and add it to the thread
  4. There is no light on the monitor when powered on, it’s a amd machine. It has been working with my pc for the past two weeks because I only built my pc at Christmas. I have had my monitor since October and it has worked fine with my Nintendo switch and Xbox one
  5. Gpu is Radeon 5700xt my pc works fine
  6. I have moved it to several sockets, it hasn’t turned on when I tried it
  7. Hi, I have a msi mag271c monitor and it’s not turning on, I have tried unplugging and replughing back in the cable but it will not turn on, does anybody know how to fix this? I had both hdmi ports filled as well as the dp port and the usb and headphone jack.
  8. I see, thank you for your help and have a great day!
  9. ok, thanks for the help! just wondering if the tomahawk motherboard will need a BIOS update from a previous gen chip
  10. hey again, was wondering about some things related to motherboards and wonder if someone can answer these questions 1. is it worth paying extra for a motherboard with built-in wifi or should I just get a wireless network adaptor 2. does anyone know good motherboards for ryzen 5 cpus 3. is it worth getting a motherboard with 4 RAM slots if I want to go from 16gb to 32 gb here is my upcoming build for reference: PCPartPicker Part List Type Item Price CPU AMD Ryzen 5 3600 3.6 GHz 6-Core Process
  11. ok, thanks! just wondering, will the gpu be able to get over 60fps the majority of the time?
  12. yes it is, the budget for my build is £1,200, here is the build for reference https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/user/zane4560/saved/Pn4hgs
  13. hi, im building my first pc and I am don't know what graphics card to buy, I have a budget on my gpu of £300 and I would like it to work with my 144hrtz monitor got any recommendations? cheers