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  1. Well then, if it's not the ram and ther problem persists on a good mobo, then the CPU is the only thing left that could cause problems I think...
  2. oh and also if your system doesn't see the ram the memOK button is going to be useless too...
  3. I don't know the specifics of your board but to me that looks like a quick memory test to see if it works properly i guess. It can probably help you diagnose but it's probably not going to solve your problem...
  4. Glass is absolutely a must have for me too, for the feel, durability (i rarely crack my screens but often scratch them, so plastic would be a nightmare) and the look of it. For me battery life is less of an issue, I feel like current gen folding phones have decent enough batteries as it is, because when I would be in a situation to use the ''big'' screen It would be to watch content for a little while, and that's most often near a wallplug! The fold also would have to really fold flat (or very near flat) like on the nokia phone because of esthetics and stuff would definitely get between the screens in my pockets and scratch the screen to hell. I rarely have just my phone in my pocket! Oh and i'm definitely not getting one before they drop below 1000$ ! I don't see how a bigger screen justifies that much more money.
  5. @cl_handsomeboi 1 don't forget to @ me if you post again if you want me to see it
  6. first, reseat your CPU. this looks like some pins aren't making proper connection. If that doesn't work, and you're absolutely sure it's not your ram that's the problem, your board is probably bad, but maybe since it's 2 slots it could be about a problem with dual channel, i would maybe try looking into bios settings to see if you can't find anything fucky, and even maybe updating/flashing a new one.
  7. So I have finally gotten myself a mechanical keyboard and a nice gaming mouse, and before that I didn't care that much about how clean my mouse/keyboard was but now that I have nice things, I want to keep them nice you know? The problem is, I don't know how to clean those and i'm a little worried about water and electronics, especially on my keyboard. How do you guys do it? Any good tips? It would be greatly appreciated!
  8. So I'm running windows 10 and I have 16gb of ddr4 memory installed and somehow at idle i'm using almost 9gb of it. Nothing is running apart from what would normally run like steam in the background but that alone can't be the problem here can't it? I've checked what was running in task manager and can't seem to find what's using so much and i'm not the type to install a thousand programs running in the background... You would think that it would be malware but my cpu usage is like 1% at idle so I don't think that's the problem here... What do you think is causing this?
  9. wait a couple of weeks until the RTX reviews are in and you can get an idea on the performance gain from the new cards.
  10. if you know how to you can always order a printed pcb from a number of places around the web.
  11. Honestly getting some separate speakers and using that instead of buying a DAC will most certainly produce a way better sound
  12. well, for the audio problem you probably need to download audio drivers...
  13. oh yhea. But you should know that both your p=options are pretty bad
  14. IT is but it causes XP to have memory problems, so not reccomended.