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    i5 4670K
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    MSI Z87-GD65
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    G.Skill Sniper DDR3 1600 2x4Go
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    Asus Strix GTX 960 2GB
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    NZXT S340 Elite
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    EVGA Supernova 550W G2
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    Asus MX239H
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    Hyper 212 Plus
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    Corsair K70 (original)
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    Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum

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    A long time forum lurker willing to answer any tech related questions.

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  1. Overclocking 4670k

    Seems like yours is better than mine at least. With the same setup at 1.25v my 4670K peaks at 82°C under Prime95 (stabilising around 75°C) and that's with a Gentle Typhoon fan on the Hyper 212. Serious case of Intel toothpaste here I guess
  2. Overclocking 4670k

    1.3v is gonna be too hot for the Hyper 212 and is about the max Vcore you want for Haswell for 24/7 operation with any cooler (some may say 1.35v but I don't recommend that) If you can't push 4.4GHz at 1.3v then unfortunately 4.3GHz is the max for your particular CPU (Haswell is not a very good overclocker anyway). Now you can start dialing back to say 1.25v or even 1.225v or even less until you find the minimum stable voltage so your CPU will run cooler
  3. Keypad with a thumbstick?

    If anything they might just have it recognised as Xinput or at least as a generic analogue thumbstick I really doubt that Razer would leave it as a glorified D-Pad since both products are very expensive for what they are
  4. Amp/Dac for HD6XX's?

    A better amp like I said earlier but it falls outside of your budget then. The Bottlehead Crack with speedball here is commonly considered to be the best match for the HD 600 series by the audio community
  5. Amp/Dac for HD6XX's?

    It's going to be fine with the Fulla 2 All you need to know is that less power just means you won't hear them at their absolute best it's not like the lack of power is suddenly going to make them terrible but the Fulla 2 should give plenty of power for them to thrive.
  6. Amp/Dac for HD6XX's?

    The impedance is the resistance of the headphones it's not really a mesure of power just an indication of how much resistance they have towards whatever source they're plugged to. You can plug them to a phone but they won't sound all that great and you'll have to crank the volume to the max to hear anything There is more to that than just signal strength though. Each amp have they own sound signature and will distort the sound to some extent and is hard to objectively measure to establish which amp sounds the best because sound preference is subjective.
  7. Amp/Dac for HD6XX's?

    Should be okay, it's a fair bit more powerful than the E10K
  8. Amp/Dac for HD6XX's?

    It can though it's not ideal. You'll be better served by something more powerful like the Modi 2/Magni 2 combo though I'd get a Vali 2 instead of the Magni (slighly more expensive) A lot of users prefer tube amps for the HD 600 series and the most popular is the Bottlehead Crack with Speedball but it's limited to high impedance headphones and tad difficult to get outside of the US
  9. It still worth it even on a B350 you just won't get XFR2 so won't boost nearly as high but can be somewhat circumvented with a bios upgrade and overclocking. Zen+ have better ipc than original Zen and better memory support and Zen2 is still TBA. Unless you get a super good deal on original Ryzen going for Ryzen 2000 will get you better overall performance
  10. Well you have to keep in mind that you can find i3s which are hyperthreaded in prebuilts and that counts as well
  11. When everyone and their dog have X tech/product I start to think that I'm sort of part of that group as well but in fact I'm not. It's psychological but that's just me I'm sure this doesn't apply to everyone
  12. Sometimes I just assume that some technologies are 'normal' with all the hype around them and how common they are I've never used a hyperthreaded/smt CPU in my desktop and never owned an AIO cooler yet I still feel like I've used both Edit: also Blu-Ray in any form and stationary consoles (the Switch doesn't count as one to me) What's yours guys?
  13. New Gaming Rig

    Two years worth of savings will get you there! And 2019 is probably going to be a hot year full of new hardware releases so the timing is perfect
  14. New Gaming Rig

    Don't worry, the new generation isn't that far ahead and you've got a great deal by buying used anyway I think your PC is more than adequate for at least the next couple of years (it is in fact very close to my current main rig in terms of performance with the main difference is that I have an unlocked i5) so I'd suggest you to save up so that you can get yourself a truly badass upgrade (which is what I am planning). The 1050 is not really an upgrade to the 960 in fact it's a little bit slower with the only advantage of using less power (about 30W less) if you worry about the 960 dying I'd say depends on how it is being treated but I don't think it would die that soon because Maxwell isn't that old (I have a 8 years old HD5770 still running in my mom's office PC)
  15. New Gaming Rig

    Ryzen 2 is literally coming out tomorrow so depends if you consider waiting 1 day is worth it Yes MMOs tend to be really CPU intensive however they are not always optimised for multiple cores which might favour high IPC cpus, you should do some research on different MMOs (GW2 is well optimised even during massive sieges for example, but I've played one running CryEngine 1 that never used more than 30% of my quad core) Do you want a good quality panel with accurate colours like an IPS one or you don't mind going for cheaper TN ones? Do refresh rates beyond 60Hz matter to you? 4th gen Intels are still decent if you've got something like an i5 (still rocking one and runs everything I throw at it just fine). You might want to upgrade your GPU first though