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    Tech (obviously), cameras and coffee
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    A long time forum lurker willing to answer any tech related questions.


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    i5 4670K
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    MSI Z87-GD65
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    G.Skill Sniper DDR3 1600 2x4Go
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    Asus Strix GTX 960 2GB
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    NZXT S340 Elite
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    EVGA Supernova 550W G2
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    Asus MX239H
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    Hyper 212 Plus
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    Corsair K70 (original)
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    Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum

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  1. light-v

    I need reliable local storage solution

    Thanks for the imput! I'd like to know how people typically configure their local storage when they also have a NAS? Do they still use raid configs? I have 3 computers at home and most of my local storage on my main rig is used for games (which is not critical) so is it a good idea for me to leave it as it is and transfer all the important files to a NAS?
  2. I've been running a single 1TB drive along with an SSD for years. The hard drive is over 7 years old and is still working flawlessly but I'm running out of storage so I'm considering an upgrade. I want to keep some files on local storage but I keep hearing single HDD is not that safe which I agree my 1TB Caviar Black just happened to be a really good one. I have a S340 Elite so only space for two 3.5" drives. What's the best setup for this kind of space? Should I get a NAS as well? I think I will stick to mechanical drives as I don't have the budget for all SSD storage
  3. light-v


    At least you won't starve to death in case of zombie apocalypse because you've learned how to open a can without a can opener
  4. light-v

    Are multiplayer games even multiplayer anymore?

    To those pointing out the phrasing of the title, it's on purpose. Now think about it. If there is no human interaction between you and other players, what's the difference with playing with bots? Admittedly bots that may vent their rage or aren't exactly predictable and might beat you. It doesn't change the fact that if you play at home and you don't get to see who you are playing with or against and without human interactions makes me question the point of multiplayer. Figuratively it's dead to me but I'm surprised that many people here treat the title so literally.
  5. light-v

    Are multiplayer games even multiplayer anymore?

    Well I wanted to discuss the current social aspects of gaming. Yes you are correct in the sense that if there is more than one player then it's multiplayer. The title is irrelevant. I am sorry if it mislead you to click into this thread but the real discussion here is about how isolating online gaming feels these days.
  6. Modern multiplayer games feel hollow to me personally. Battle royal is the hottest genre right now but it just doesn't really encourages people to talk to each other imo. I don't enjoy playing BR games they just feel empty I don't see the point of winning even if it's a difficult objective to achieve I care more about the experience and with who than bragging rights on social media. I feel like the social atmosphere of the 2000s/early 2010s (peak popularity of MMOs) is now gone. I remember back then that I could effortlessly make friends in online games and even formed communities that way. These days, people seem to simply not talk to each other or when they do it's just to vent their frustration. It feels like everyone is playing in their own bubble in multiplayer games and it just feels wrong. Even the bigger MMOs like WoW seem to have fallen into the same pattern where players just are not as connected as before during vanilla all that in the name of accessibility. Have you guys felt this way too? Are there any games that still have this component?
  7. light-v


    That's likely, just a few degrees make a huge difference in terms of how hot the phone feels in the hands. I go to Hong Kong every year and it's one of the most unbearable weather in the entire world and my phone always gets toasty there especially when charging. It does heat up during heatwaves here in England as well but not nearly as much and newer phones with more efficient CPUs tend to fare better in the heat of the summer
  8. light-v

    Do you have a 'comfort zone' game?

    Yes that's a common frustration for new players, it's a known issue that the game is difficult to get into especially with updates adding a lot of content that older players didn't even have. The game used to be much simpler with much less to do so goals were kinda easy to reach (but it was much easier to get bored of the game too). Stretching play time over a certain length of time is a good practice and will reward you in the long run. Platinum is great when you're impatient especially when you progress very quickly
  9. A game that for whatever reason you keep coming back to despite always saying that you'll quit. Every time something hot comes out it's heralded as the new game you'll call home only to be disappointed and go back to where you came from. I used to have two of these games but one (Aion Online) died so now I'm left with Warframe. I do play other games but can't resist coming back to it
  10. Most PC enthusiasts like to look at their PC so yeah desk for sure. Tho if I had crappy budget case it would be on the floor away from sight haha
  11. light-v

    Should I build now?

    Misread, but still K i3s are bad buy regardless of them being unlocked
  12. light-v

    Should I build now?

    Going for an old AMD bulldozer CPU will be worse than your current CPU. Which games are causing lag? The i5 2300 shouldn't be that bad even with its age
  13. Temperatures seem reasonable. The dips might just be caused by loading screens
  14. light-v

    Beyerdynamic DT 880 or Steelseries Arctis Pro ?

    You don't have to get a combo unit for the headphone and microphone. Only the headphone would benefit from a good dac/amp setup. USB is best in this case because it avoids interference from the components within the PC. I'd suggest getting the Fiio E10K which pairs pretty well with the DT880. If you prefer a colder more analytical sound then the Schiit Fulla 2 is a good fit. Obviously you are not limited to those two but they're good entry in the realm of quality audio. The Modmic will run perfectly fine on your motherboard audio (unless it has some major hissing issues, which is fairly rare these days). If you're just using the mic for voice chats you don't really need dedicated hardware actually.
  15. light-v

    CPU upgrade for AM3+ socket

    AM3+ is basically a dead end. The sooner you ditch it the better you will be down the line. Even an entry level AM4 board with a 2200G would better than any AM3+ CPU whether you plan to upgrade or not