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  1. Soundcard or DAC for FPS Gaming

    The main point of a standalone DAC is to eliminate interference from internals and cleaning up the source so that you don't get exacerbated sound artifacts when you amplify the signal it's not mandatory but nice to have if your current source is prone to interference. Audio quality improvements are minimal here unless you have a pair of very high end headphones that are capable of resolving even the tiniest details (and flaws) like the HD 800. The amp just does what it says: amping up the signal which is most obvious with high impedance headphones like your K612. It generally means clearer, more extended bass and highs and more soundstage. You'll notice that with time it's not day and night different at first but you won't want to go back once you get used to it. All in ones are great especially if you want to bring it with you but standalones generally offer more power and modularity. For example if you get a pair of DT990 later, they'll sound harsh on the Modi/Magni but much smoother if you swap the Magni for a Vali or any tube amp. It really depends if you want to expand your setup in the future or not.
  2. Soundcard or DAC for FPS Gaming

    A DAC can drive headphones on its own but I'm not a huge fan of that and it's not powerful enough for high impedance/low sentivity headphones the K612 being of of them. I would buy an all in one solution if price was a concern like a Fiio E10K or a Schiit Fulla 2. Do bear in mind that the DAC in your motherboard should be decent enough and an AMP would be a much better upgrade over a stand alone DAC like the Modi
  3. Soundcard or DAC for FPS Gaming

    You need both, the DAC for decoding and the amp to drive the actual headphones But yeah you should pretty much go external and Linus made a video about this recently.
  4. I personally despise any type of "Why I..." videos or blog post. It's not content to me they are just justifying a decision that nobody questioned them about and feels like a rant and is clickbaity even if the post was good. They could do it differently imo.
  5. That's not really the same thing. Try to get a cheap Pentium powered laptop. They typically have terrible TN displays, are very heavy for what they do and cheap construction like wobbly hinges (good hinges are very underrated imo). Yes you can surf the Web and type notes on it but you'll probably hate it. Good stuff come at a price. Why would people buy expensive German sedans when a small cheap subcompact can get you from point A to B with the same amount of time? The engine doesn't matter if you respect the law anyway. If price is a concern get something like an Amazon Fire Tablet and a Bluetooth keyboard or a Chromebook with limited features.
  6. Kaby Lake is a bad value these days with Coffee Lake and Ryzen around. Ryzen's memory issues has been resolved for the most part. Go with either: - Ryzen 5 1400 or 1600 if you want the best bang for the buck - i5 8400 if you plan to upgrade to a high refresh rate monitor later
  7. It's not always about specs. The build quality on the XPS 13 is amazing and feels much better to use compared to a cheap 300$ laptop. I personally use a MBP 13" and again I wouldn't switch to a cheaper laptop. Heck I can edit 4K footage on it with Final Cut Pro so it's not weak by any mean.
  8. Camera recommendations?

    EVF doesn't factor in-body processing especially if you shoot jpegs. It's not a 100% depiction of what you get just like OVF and some have different colour gamut compared to the LCD especially if they use different display technologies (often OLED in the EVF and IPS for the LCD). Also an EVF no matter how good they are will always introduce latency (obviously) but it's not really that bad with higher end models like the A9 but that's something to note. Some people feel more connected to the scene when looking through an OVF kinda like watching a concert in person rather than through a smartphone screen to watch it later. I consider either equal and it's a matter of preference really. Personally I prefer using the LCD on my mirrorless because it's more or less the same thing just without the isolation and stability but far more convenient to use. OVF is great in low light situations or when I need AF speed. I'm also far less concerned about burning my sensor in a bright sunny day with my DSLR.
  9. If you're running Windows 10 juste move the hard drive to the new PC. Otherwise look for cloning software. Virtual machine are not used to transfer an OS. Also if the system is radically different you should perform a clean install regardless otherwise you'll run into a bunch of issues
  10. Try to leave you camera still and play with lighting using a flashlight instead. Brandon does that all the time on his b-rolls. Also sound is just as important!
  11. PC Freezes randomly :/

    Surprisingly enough even the PSU can cause freezing if it's bad enough. I've had that issue with a cheap dying PSU and thought it was the graphics card but it worked fine in a different PC. Changed the PSU now the issue is gone
  12. Gaming at 1440p effectively.

    Ryzen 2 will probably drop the price a little and depreciation in general (even if you buy Intel). Also Volta may enter mass production but there is no guarantee.
  13. Is it worth getting an Amp?

    Probably not with your current headphones they are designed for mobility so that a phone could drive them. You generally hear improvements with high impedance headphones like the Sennheiser HD 600/HD 650 or balanced armature earphones like the Shure SE535. Don't listen to people who claim that motherboard audio is crap. It's been pretty good for a while now.
  14. Realistically it won't make a huge difference but I would populate 4 slots anyway if both kits are at the same price because 2 sticks on a quad channel motherboard looks wrong to me
  15. Will a GPU with no video mine?

    Depends. No video output can mean anything, even if the fans are spinning doesn't mean the GPU works. You'll have to test it with the integrated GPU or another graphics card if you have one