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  1. Ok, will probably get something like an es dynamite. Now wanting to pay full price for a cloudlifter.
  2. Will eventually upgrade to a motu m2 or something similar just for the phantom power but for now it shouldn't be needed. Thanks for letting me know my options though : )
  3. No phantom power is fine because I will stick to dynamic microphones because of untreated room and noisy house. Thanks for telling me if this ever changes.
  4. Turns out that I can go without the shock mount for now and get the m-audio air 192 4.
  5. Hello, I am looking into getting a microphone and I have chosen the rode podmic. All I would like to know is if the m-audio m-track solo with drive the podmic. Please help, thanks in advance
  6. They are 35ohm 93db sensitivity planar magnetic headphones if that helps, I only need an amp because the line out on my mobo will be fine for now.
  7. Hello. I have recently been considering getting the hifiman he-400i, however the amp I have been recommended (schiit magni) is unavailable in the uk. I am currently looking for alternatives to drive the he-400i, no dac required. Budget is £100 please help, thanks in advance.
  8. Just wondering because my pc has line out on the mobo. Hoping that the inbuilt amp is to blame for the noise. Thanks for the advice
  9. Would the line out with amp on my mobo sound cleaner than the speaker out? Just because the speaker out has hiss and whine. Looking at the magni for the amp so that I could later get a modi to make a stack.
  10. Hello, in s recent post I came to the conclusion that I should go with hifiman he-400i, however, I need a dac and amp. In the last post I was advised to get one of the samsung usbc to 3.5mm Jack, however I was advised to connect it to a schiit magni because the 3.5mm dongle will not power the hifiman he-400i correctly. All I would like to know is how I would go about connecting the dongle to the magni because I think the dongle gas a built in amp. Please help, thanks in Advance.
  11. Will probably get one of the cheap dongles however I just hope they can drive the he-400i because it is only 35ohm but the sensitivity it 93db.
  12. I'll probably get the he 400i 2020s then because it frees about £100 for the fulla if needed and if not needed I might get some closed backs for different listening conditions ( I currently have soundmagic e80 iems so a pair of closed back and open back cans to finish the set would be nice ) is the noise is unbearable though, I will probably just get the fulla
  13. Only reason I'm looking for a dac is because with every headphone or iems I've tried, the inbuilt audio has audible whines and hisses, I'm also looking specifically at the he 4xx because it is cheaper when converted from dollars to pounds. However I am concerned about shipping and customs price. I'm in the uk btw for any other suggestions l.
  14. Would probably get a magni modi stack when I next get the money but for the moment I think the fulla is a great option, thanks