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  1. Yes I am, here are some store i consider buying from. https://www.jumbo.ae/?gclid=Cj0KCQiA6JjgBRDbARIsANfu58EQz80ry3EtnYK4pHfgg0UPh88cKmbV7ezRL5wPQSZG-MLoZDhmniQaAoIfEALw_wcB https://uae.sharafdg.com/ better if price would be under AED 1,000
  2. 1 kg to 1.5 kg? Again if theres one thats more lighter is better. It doesnt have to be top of the line. It just have to get the job done. Probably with a decent screen.
  3. I am from UAE, Budget is on the cheap side as long as it has the capabilities I mentioned. weight- enough that when i lift it by the edge with one hand, my wrist wont get straine with a decent battery life (3-4 hours maybe?)
  4. Sorry, Im from UAE. budget is hopefully the cheapest there is that can do these.
  5. Hi I am looking for suggestions for non-gaming laptop that is: -Small -Fast enough for browsing (ram and internet hardware) -Fast enough for excel, word and powerpoint -not for gaming, dedicated GPU not needed (I already have an ASUS Scar with GTX 1060 and with I7) -Lap-able (my gaming laptop is too big to use while in bed and heavy - 17 inch) -can play 1080p movies well -has good screen -reasonably priced, reasonable enough for a secondary laptop -with ssd boot drive and 1 tb HDD (hopefully upgradable) edit: I am from UAE, Budget is on the cheap side as long as it has the capabilities I mentioned. weight- enough that when i lift it by the edge with one hand, my wrist wont get straine with a decent battery life (3-4 hours maybe?)
  6. Sorry to bother. I just came from thier store today. And found an asus strix gl502 on display which was not on thier online site. Came back home to do research. Any thoughts on this laptop?
  7. Here https://uae.sharafdg.com/c/computing/laptops/?hFR[taxonomies.taxonomies_hierarchical][0]=Computing > Laptops > Gaming Laptops&post_type=product
  8. I need help on making decision for this purchase. Dell 15 7577 with 1050ti vs Acer Helios 300 with 1060. I know the 2 GPUs has big difference here but there comes the consideration of prices. Acer cost 1,633 USD vs Dell 1,207 USD( coverted from AED), my games are Dota 2 extensively and other games occasionally like GTA 5, and PUBG. These are 2017 models. 2018 model are not yet available here with no actual date of availability and I need a laptop now. Please do enlighten me with the screen pros and cons as well. The Acer im looking at has 1 terabyte more than the dell for storage. I love the Dell's looks and design, its not gamery. I do consider to upgrade maybe a year from now. Name Dell 15 7577 Acer Helios 300 GPU 1050 TI 1060 VRAM 4GB 6GB CPU i7-7700hq i7-7700hq Model 2017 2017 SSD 128GB 128GB HDD 1TB 2TB Screen IPS anti glare Acer comfyview IPS LED LCD RAM 16GB 16GB WIFI 802.11 ac 802.11 ac
  9. I need suggestion for an $800 laptop that can play Dota 2 in max settings and PUBG in decent settings. Ps. I prefer playing on wifi. So... a good wifi hardware might be prefered.
  10. Yeah. I would agree on this. What i mean is . 1080 is top of the line currently. Im looking at this for say 2 to hopwfully 3 years proofed from now.
  11. Been planning to buy my first gaming laptop. I have seen the zephyrus and i have instantly fell in love with it. But I have these cons(personal) that kept me hesitating. -price ( i can afford the price, but is it too much of an investment? Im just trying to be smart... ) -storage (how many NEW AAA games can i have in a 512gb space) I obviously want a laptop that wont get outdated on me in long time hardware-wise (1080). Any suggestion? Considering the feats that i love about this laptop -design... man i dig the design of the zephyrus. The orange highlight and opening panel at the bottom sucks me in so much. Not to mention the powerful hardware.
  12. Razer blade please! I definitely need a laptop. I dont have one actually. I do love to game.I usually play on my desktop which is rocking a G3258 and a pending dedicated GPU. I hope i will be able to play those triple A titles with you guys handing me that blade. I can make a great use of it for sure. Thank you so much! HOPING, RCA
  13. Noted. Thank you for the reply. Question: Can this AnalogX NetStat see/tell what the other devices connected to the modem are doing? like sites?(I dont aim breaking privacy, but can it?), and also tell applications they are using like Torrent applications specially. Or it is limited to my computer only?