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  1. so Intel is dead until 10nm comes out in 2020, but intel 10nm for desktop is cancelled so Intel is dead until 7nm comes out in 2022.
  2. my point is how much better does it preform stock under best conditions and overclocked? not much as intel's overclocked CPU, because the are basically in a way overclocking at stock settings.
  3. all 3 CPUs have 6 core 12 threads. here are the specs for all three cpus Ryzen 5 3600 3.6GHz base, 4.2GHz boost. Ryzen 5 3600x 3.8GHz base, 4.4GHz boost. Core i7 8086k 4.0GHz base, 5.0GHz boost. speeds bins 3/4/4/5/6/10 (with slowest core boosting to 4.3GHz) Clearly 8086k should be faster, but it gets destroyed in multi-threading and just about beats 3600 and 3600x at single threaded workloads. Now of course i7 is manufactured on 14nm++ process and ryzen is made on 7nm process. but intel 14nm++ parts similer to AMD 10 nm parts in density of transistors. so, shouldn't be that much difference in architectural performance . I'm thinking of buying the upcoming i5 10600k which is rumored to have similar specs as i7 8086k but with slightly lower clock speeds. 6 core 12 threads at 3.7 GHz base, 4.7GHz boost and 4.9GHZ single core boost. Now on paper it looks like i5 10600k should destroy 3600x even multi-threading with is 12 threads boosting to 4.9 GHz. but if 10600k preforms similar to Core i7 8086k then there is no point of buying this, and just go AMD.
  4. source? if that's the case then stock 3900x is just an overclock 4.6 GHZ 12 core CPU, given that there is enough cooling
  5. I was looking on CPU benchmarks on the internet and it looks like stock AMD CPU are preforming much better then they should. Could it be possible that AMD CPU are dynamically boosting all core to max boost speed. Intel's mother boards have a setting called Enhanced Turbo which boosts all cores to max boost clock which you can manually enable or disable.
  6. lets say we have the sufficient cooler. What AMD grantees each core will boost to considering no overclocking is applied. So, what are the official speed bins numbers for Rzyen chips?
  7. Intel has exact number for max boost clock for each core. for instant core i7 8700k individual boost clocks: core 1 4.3 GHz core 2 4.4 GHz core 3 4.4 GHz core 4 4.5 GHz core 5 4.6 GHz core 6 4.7 GHz and base clock is 3.7 Ghz. why are't there slimier numbers for Ryzen chips
  8. I can't find any information on the max boost clock for individual Ryzen cores. lets take 3700x for example. Base clock is 3.6 GHz and max boot for the fastest core is 4.4GHz. Whats the max bost clock for other 7 cores? surly it cant be 4.4 for all core then that would be just 4.4GHz overclock.(kind of) linustechtips.com admin (not really)
  9. my mate recently built a PC and after a couple months it kept turning off (only for first 20 mins and then worked normally). We thought it was either bad PSU or 24pin not making a good connection with the motherboard. or maybe power issue with power switch. We checked all this and none of this fixed the issue. After reading about it online people suggested that we should update the bios. So after bios completed updating, PC restarted and there was no video. We left if for good 10 minutes and nothing was happening so we force restarted it. and nothingwe almost tried everything we could think of and still no video:Cleared CMOSmoved the ram to different slot removed the drivesconnected one monitor to motherboard and one to GPUremoved the GPU entirely.tried bare bones boot part list CPU - 8600kMotherboard - MSI Z370 gaming PLUSPSU - EVGA super nova G2 650 wattGPU- Gigabyte RX 580 Gaming 8Gwhat do I do?/ any help is appreciated.
  10. we're talking about i5s. you're mentning i7 and Xeon His mobo confirms he has 2nd gen i5 but if he's Right about clock speed, it could be one of those low power CPUs like Core i5-2400S or Core i5-2405S
  11. it's an atx board. you have 6 Sata ports to plug in the 2.5 SSD drive but 4 of those are slower 3Gb/s. make sure you plug the SSD in faster 6Gb/s port for best performance.
  12. or follow these steps On the keyboard, hold down the WINDOWS key and then hit R. In the Run window, type MSINFO32 and then click OK. In the System Information window, click the File menu and then Save. Set the desired folder to save to, enter a file name, and then click Save. and share the NFO file
  13. if it had 4 numbers then your CPU is good for gaming.
  14. i5 7300HQ might only boost to 3.5 but it has 7th gen core and newer core are faster.
  15. 2 cores. 2 logical processors in a physical processor. your laptop has 4 cores.
  16. I think your Pc has Core i5-670. and your laptop's i5 7300HQ is 100% faster.
  17. Also 2011 CPU which would be Sandy Bridge CPUs, but there is no 3.5GHz Sandy Bridge i5. This probably means your PC has original dual core i5
  18. according to future mark(GPU benchmark) your laptop's GPU is 49% faster than you desktop's GPU.
  19. well at least RGB stuff have on board storage, I can just download my profiles to the device and get rid of the software.
  20. I have corsair keyboard , Logitech mouse, steel series headphones and Asus Graphic Card. And I have to have 4 different software installed just to control the RGB. So is there a software which let me control RGB for all my RGB components?
  21. I have R9 380 paired with 4690k. I want to game at 1440p and this card is just not enough for good 1440p experience.
  22. I never won any thing. I just wanna win something.
  23. keyboard because it has mechanical keys!!!