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  1. Well for fittings you need to look at the size of your tubing and match that up. For the INNER DIAMETRE. The outer diametre of the tubing doesnt matter. And you need 2 for each part (rad, pump, gpu block)
  2. Hey. Nooby audio question So I built my pc And I need a mic but mics like the at2020 are expensive as hell where I live. And decent camera mics are quite cheap. Since most of them have 3.5mm plugs can I just plug them into my pc? http://www.jansen.co.nz/ATR6250 Thats what im looking at right now. So i just gotta know. Thanks for any help.
  3. Portal Stories: VR builds on the foundations of the award winning Portal 2 modification Portal Stories: Mel. Portal Stories: VR has a brand new mini story set in the Portal Universe. Lets look at the steam page.
  4. It has been months though. THe original rift was released ages ago.
  5. That's 5 years ago. 5 years ago is a huge leap in technology.
  6. THey didnt make that game. That was made by the developers of Portal Stories Mel
  7. Shipping? Plus I dont want to wait months to get the full package.
  8. Please remind me when they made those games?
  9. Sources? Please? Youre spouting all this bs about how rift is better. The vive has better technology. If you're calling out people for being a fanboy. Take a look in the mirror. Vive costs more because it has better technology inside of it. Also a pair of high end Sennheiser headphones don't come close to planar, hand custom made headphones. Like im sorry but if Oculus is wasting its money on shitty headphones. Instead of putting more money into their lacking product. Which is only popular because there is nothing else on the market. It seems that the vive is much more universal. Most reviews say that the vive costs more for a reason. Because its better plain and simple.
  10. Buying virtual reality is mostly for prosumers or developers. If you have the money to use there is no reason not to. But you're going to have to deal with the enormous hassle of setting it all up. And the PS VR system aint that bad. Just lower quality.
  11. VIVE is universally reviewed as a better experience. It costs more for a reason. The headphone quality is horrible compared to what most people who enjoy technology would use on a daily basis. I use planar headphones so the difference in sound quality would be huge.