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  1. 102c is still not a very good temp to run it at. Do you know the pad size?
  2. Using rancher to add a cluster to my ubuntu VM server. I am copying the command that rancher gives me when customizing cluster. When I paste this into the server terminal, it asks me for my password, then after it just responds with a long string of numbers and letter on one line, nothing really happens, how can i fix this to properly work. please excuse my noob way of explaining this, i'm quite new to linux/docker/rancher and trying to learn more about it.
  3. Ok thanks, I figured it was something along those lines. What is the command for displaying ip address also would that have to be set to a static one?
  4. I am very new to Linux and the command line. Wouldn't be surprised if it was easy fix. As mentioned in the title I recently installed ubuntu onto virtual box on windows 10 on a home server. When trying to SSH into the server from a LAN PC it says permission denied, please try again, while I am 110% sure the password is correct. this is my format "ssh (ubuntu username)@(static ip of Win10 server)" without brackets "ssh zakar@"
  5. Memory runs 106c on full load memory pc 1200+
  6. Was planning on changing the thermal pads on the msi gaming x 3090. I couldn't seems to find a definite answer anywhere online about the right thermal pad sizes. Do any of you know what sizes I need to order. Thanks.
  7. But I am now using m2_1, not 2 or 3. It says nothing about disabling ports when using m2_1. Please correct me if I am wrong.
  8. My issue is with a B550 Phantom Gaming 4 and a WD Blue 500gb sata M.2 ssd. There are three m.2 slots on my mobo. M2_1 (PCIe4), M2_2 (WiFi), M2_3 (PCIe3). I had some drives connected to the sata ports, some were not being detected, then I remembered that installing m.2s in certain slots disable some sata ports. The manual said when using m2_3 may disable sata ports 3/5/6. So I then proceeded to remove the wifi m.2 (from m2_2) which I wasn't using, and took the sata m. 2 from M2_3 and put it in m2_1. So now m2_2/3 are empty and m2_1(PCIe4) is in use by the sata m.2. Now all Hdds driv
  9. Nvm did a hard reset, unplugged everything and and held the power button to get rid of any charge. Thankfully it works now.
  10. Basically I have a primary and secondary monitor and the primary randomly disconnected. It is not showing in device manager and display settings anymore. I tried a different cable and port but it is still not working. The strange part is that when I power off the monitor, windows makes a disconnected noise, and vise versa for when i turn it on. If you know anything that could help that would be great.
  11. On AMD balanced power plan, running cinebench R15, I am hitting 82c with a NH-D15s. Are these normal temps?
  12. yeah, when I checked properties on that folder it said 14tb. I think because some of it was based on the cloud (google backup) so the readings were inaccurate, but i have no idea,
  13. Thanks, completely forgot about hidden folders. Google back up and sync had some bloat file in there (tmp.drivedownload), uninstalled back up and sync long ago. The file was taking up 60gb (the amount that setting storage said). deleted the file. Thanks a lot.
  14. I'm trying to clear up some space on my c drive. On windows settings storage it is saying that the desktop folder is taking up 64gb, when I know for a fact that it is no larger than 200mbs, mainly shortcuts. Now when I go to file explorer and check properties of the desktop fold it say 14tb. the drive is only 500gb so its impossible, (secondary drive is only 2tb so wouldn't make any sense at all for the file to be that big). How do I troubleshoot this problem because I am confident the drive usage reported by windows is faulty.
  15. Wow, would never that considering AM4s compatibility. Thanks a lot though