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  1. On AMD balanced power plan, running cinebench R15, I am hitting 82c with a NH-D15s. Are these normal temps?
  2. yeah, when I checked properties on that folder it said 14tb. I think because some of it was based on the cloud (google backup) so the readings were inaccurate, but i have no idea,
  3. Thanks, completely forgot about hidden folders. Google back up and sync had some bloat file in there (tmp.drivedownload), uninstalled back up and sync long ago. The file was taking up 60gb (the amount that setting storage said). deleted the file. Thanks a lot.
  4. I'm trying to clear up some space on my c drive. On windows settings storage it is saying that the desktop folder is taking up 64gb, when I know for a fact that it is no larger than 200mbs, mainly shortcuts. Now when I go to file explorer and check properties of the desktop fold it say 14tb. the drive is only 500gb so its impossible, (secondary drive is only 2tb so wouldn't make any sense at all for the file to be that big). How do I troubleshoot this problem because I am confident the drive usage reported by windows is faulty.
  5. Wow, would never that considering AM4s compatibility. Thanks a lot though
  6. Ryzen 5 2600, Asrock B550 Phantom Gaming 4, (tryed with) RTX 3090/3070 and GTX 1650 Super. Aegis 2x8gb 3000mhz CL16, Seasonic 1000w Prime Gold, Stock stealth cooler,
  7. Basically i had 2 PCs all working perfectly fine, but I decided to swap the motherboards for pcie slot spacing issues. Now when I try and boot it is not working. Since the PCs were working fine before, I see no reason for the components to suddenly stop working. I went through every trouble shooting process. I swapped GPUs (gen 3 and 4), I reseated ram, clearing CMOS several times (unplugged from wall), Replugged all power cables (CPU, pcie, 24pin) used a only a single stick of ram (trying both sticks, different slot, and an entirely different kit), swapping PSUs, booting without CMOS battery,
  8. Now checking my rmx850 connector (which was originally connected to the board), it is identicle to the seasonic one, and it was working fine with that. Could it be my ram slotting?
  9. Yes everything. Even checked the modular power supply, and all these components were working in other systems.
  10. Yes it says in bold cpu. It used to work of my Asus strix b450f
  11. Basically, the CPU connector on my seasonic 1000w prime gold does not match up with my motherboard (asrock b550 phantom gaming 4), and it is not booting. They are plugging in but the semi round and square is not matching. Should the machine still work (is there most probably another issue causing not to boot) or would I simply need an adapter or another cable? Edit: I was previously using this board on my corsair rmx 850 which appear to match up with the CPU connector and was booting.