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  1. It's not even about the bug. If I am honest. Just, straight up telling my motherboard does not have the feature is horrible.
  2. I'm selling my parts off to upgrade my motherboard and CPU. A really good friend of mine has been needing a cheap pc for his daughter so I'm giving him my motherboard and cpu for a cheap price. The person who the motherboard and CPU is for cares quite a bit about aesthetics and my motherboard (ASUS Maximus VIII Hero) comes with Aura lighting. Says so on the box and their website. I understand that when selling used you shouldn't care about looks as much. But its a friends youngish daughter. Trying to be a good friend you know. I never really bothered to change the lighting on
  3. Use it for a long time. However, I would not want my CPU to be around 92 degrees at full load.
  4. You might have to select one or the other. It doesn't just automatically detect.
  5. Also, if you are using a different input for iGPU such as hdmi and then display port for GPU check what input your monitor is looking for.
  6. Would it not plug directly into the PSU? What am I missing?
  7. Check what input the monitor is using.
  8. It's mainly the speed of the RAM that actually matters. If you have two sets of RAM with different speeds. Both sets will automatically default to the speed of the lowest set. Since, presumably, the type of memory is the same and the speed. It will not matter. Even if you use a different brand of memory all together.
  9. Firewire? Isn't that ancient macbook tech?
  10. Yeah, dont forget the extra fittings you will need. The quick disconnect doesn't attach immediately to a gpu water cooler like yours. If you send them an email they will sort you right out. They helped me a bunch
  11. Could always buy a kit and just add your gpu to the loop. You'd have to do the building yourself though. hmm
  12. https://www.ekwb.com/shop/ek-mlc-phoenix-240-radiator-core-module Here it is. But, unfortunately I believe they no longer make any other parts of this modular design. Damn shame. Sorry!