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    DragonTamer1 got a reaction from I need a better name in Can we start calling windows 10-   
    How did I do? Can I have a cookie now?

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    DragonTamer1 got a reaction from I need a better name in Can we start calling windows 10-   
    How did I do? Can I have a cookie now?

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    DragonTamer1 got a reaction from I need a better name in Can we start calling windows 10-   
    How did I do? Can I have a cookie now?

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    DragonTamer1 reacted to Ramamataz in Black Ops Shit 3   
    So after managing to win a beta key giveaway I decided to play some of the beta
    General Game Play
    So first things first, its well kind a strange for aiming with the mouse first time like BO2 aiming where your movements don't exactly line up with your movement which is idk just strange as shit. In order to remedy this you have to turn off mouse filtering.
    Gameplay still kinda same old same old but with Titanfall running on the walls which can be fun and being able to hide underwater. Lots of reused weapons and such nothing really new in terms of that.  However their are classes you get to make from certain characters called  " Specialists " now when you choose a Specialist character you play as them in the game.
    But cool thing is that each character has a various abilities and weapons well ok it's really only one for each character but still kinda fun to play. So for example I chose a character that could use a special vision sense to see through walls and such, however you need to fill a bar which I don't really know how it fills however I think you just kill people and do the objective.
    The Community/Players:
    The players in the community ehhhhh....still pretty much assholes towards newbies or people that have lower K&D more Deaths than kills you know the usual. They have changed the term newbies or noobs, to shtties now. My answer get off your high horse its just a fucking game asshole play the game and encourage people to get better. However there are sometimes players that are extremely hostile and just won't stop hating on people. My solution a shovel to the face or kill their ass and get a higher K&D ratio to shit talk them.
    There are the "Invincible Players" my personal term for them, which means a player whom manages to get nearly 40 or 50 kills within a match constantly and no matter what or how many players shoot at them they just manage to survive and kill everyone, with some minor deaths. On the servers which am not sure how they do it, but they just do.  <--- Those guys are scary.
    Network issues :
    Some they finally learned how to give out PING numbers now and also have in the menu a little status bar that constantly monitors your ping over the match, that way you can see if you need to change some router settings etc.  Not entirely sure if we are connected to dedicated servers or not but I think we are most people's ping didn't vastly change except those with very crappy internet.
    Graphical Issues:
    Plenty first time I played with my setup it just tanked left and right. Not to mention it uses nearly 7 GB of RAM! Not even GTAV does that on my system! I started messing around with settings constantly the only solution for me is to change everything to low but still even with that it still tanks at certain parts. Even with everything on low everything welp stayed the same to be honest, not even sure there is a difference high graphics in COD compared to low, seeing how they keep using a nearly 2 decade old game engine because who cares about innovation
    Well controls are kinda weird, you need to look at them before you play as the game doesn't even offer a small tutorial or you can use a controller off the bat. Also you are forced to map some keys if you want to slide or properly do prone or crouch with PC controls.
    Overall I think its somewhat better than Titanfall, Titanfall failed due to the fact there was barely nothing to be honest except like 4 guns. However I hope they do fix somethings for AMD/Intel CPU's not sure about Intel issues but maybe they exist. Maybe they can also offer a nice story this time like BO and BOII. Still its kinda bland at times, even spawns are still garbage, not sure how hard it is to spawn people on flags and not behind enemies which can be cool for you however crummy when your just running and get shot in the back when you also have your allies behind you. The end
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    DragonTamer1 got a reaction from BurgerBum in Post Your Battle Stations and Build Setups!   
    Nothing special:
    Saitek x52
    Headset for coms
    Speakers for sounds/music
    Extra monitors for flight plans/inflight entertainment (youtube)
    Crappy 8 year old PC that I refuse to let die in peace
    PS1 that I use to entertain myself on long flights
    Direct TV receiver for the same reason