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  1. The big difference between this and a smart whiteboard is that as long as you're working with Microsoft products, Excel Word Powerpoint, which you moooost likely are in your office for general business meetings, the files are sent back to everyone in the group with those annotations. This product really sells itself in the integration with presentation workflow
  2. I run a 770 on my old rig. Plays most games fine at 1080p. Typically I'm playing on medium settings on games like Overwatch or Destiny 2. I played all 3 Crysis games on this card on medium to low depending, decent frame rates and the games still looked gorgeous.
  3. Absolutely a fantastic use case for the technology. Makes me think about other situations where a rescue team would have a difficult time getting to someone quickly but a drone could give immediate, albeit temporary, support
  4. My dream is that these alt coin prices crash and these miners are left in debt. But I’m not a nice person and have no pity for people who fuck up a market for everyone else due to a fad.
  5. So it took 5 minutes to scan the face They specifically didn’t state whether or not “attention required” was checked off which I take to mean they didn’t have it checked. And on top of that if they failed the face recognition then it would force them to switch to the passcode. We don’t know how many attempts and resets it took them to get it to work. This is supposed to be the big “gotchya!” To Apple?
  6. I don't care that it would be more cramped, I want to watercool the smaller case so badly.
  7. I don't care if anyone else likes what I like, but I care that what I put a lot of money or effort into (both in the case of my builds) is aesthetically pleasing to me and doesn't get in the way of my workflow.
  8. Still can't decide if I want the SP4 or the SB. I have a desktop for rendering so this would be a sketchbook and for Zbrush/low poly modeling. Probably have to use a bluetooth keypad regardless because an attached keyboard is less than idea for art. Anyone have suggestions?
  9. ^ This. I just want to use zbrush and mudbox while I'm sitting outside (weather permitting) or on my couch. I don't need to game and I don't need to render. That's why I have the desktop.
  10. For the price this is crazy bad. You can get a EuroCom laptop (or any of the other resellers) for the same price and be a better laptop in every regard by large margins (except for thinness and weight).
  11. It was at the Windows 10 Press Event in late January of this year. That's where they announced W10 features like Cortana and Continuum as well as the HoloLens and the Surface Hub.
  12. Not to cause useless arguments but you're not correct. The hololens camera tech evolved from the kinect from 2007 and officially began devlopment in 2010. In 2012 Google released its first concept video of what Google Glass could be (and it showed no actual google glass product, only an After Effects video of what Google Glass could be). Then at I/O 2012 Google showed a bunch of extreme sports where the only functionality of the glass was to record video and be a GoPro. By 2014 the Glass Explorer program was dead and the design and iteration of the device showed zero sign of incorporating AR. Using this information it is a safe bet that Google didn't start trying to incorporate AR into Glass until Fadell recovered the project in January of this year. This is the same month that Microsoft unveiled the HoloLens
  13. Competitions is good. Hopefully the competition between this and the hololens forces both companies to improve the usability, features, UI, and size and formfactor. The dream is a pair of normal looking glasses that can achieve more than what Holo Lens delivers.
  14. The entire argument boils down to - Amazon doesn't have to sell competitor's products on their own store BUT other companies operate stores through their marketplace and telling them they cannot sell competitor products in their store is anti-competitive due to the market share size of Amazon as a marketplace. Meanwhile Apple has a single app store which every app must be licensed through them. So it is an entirely different situation and comparable to any physical store one might walk in to. They own the store and license the products being sold in their store so they have full control over what is sold. Honestly it takes a strong ignorance and hatred to bring up Apple at all
  15. All I want out of the new SP4 is 16GB of RAM, a skylake cpu, and a better digitizer. Really excited to see how W10 phones stack up and their use of Continuum. What's the bet that they reveal half way through the presentation that everything on the screen was coming from one of their new phones? Just like how at their HoloLens presentation one of the monitors was secretly the Surface Hub