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  1. Just a question, how much did the building itself cost? It seems like you could live in there if you really wanted to
  2. I would, just make sure it has enough wattage to support the 970
  3. Anyone else notice the change in his voice at the end? lol
  4. Gregrs

    My game

    Make's you go through a setup process? Nahh...
  5. What about the Motorola Droid TURBO?
  6. I'm looking for a new phone under $200. Basically, the one I have right now (HTC 816) is just flat out terrible. The camera is garbage, I experience constant slow downs and freezes, and sometimes the phone just completely crashes at least once a day; and I won't even be doing anything intensive. I'll just be on snapchat, go to take a picture, and there will be a picture of something i just sent (basically glued if you want to think of it like that) to the screen, and the only way to fix it is by restarting snapchat. Enough of the rant though. Basically, I'm looking for a phone under $200, but not to use it was a phone. What I mean by that is, I'm not going to be calling and texting on it, I need it for snapchat, instagram, messenger, clash of clans, stuff like that. Because right now, my phone can't even handle snapchat. It has to have a really good camera though, I'm sick of all these grainy pictures even when it's in focus.
  7. I'm not looking to make them quickly, maybe in like 2 months or something could start messing around with it? I'm a pretty fast learner, but I don't know if that would matter to much.
  8. Maybe a server? That processor isn't that great for anything at all in today's standards.
  9. Never heard od scratch, but with construct. You just right-click, insert new object, and select what you want it to be (usually a sprite for game models and stuff) then it opens a window where you can draw the sprite. When that's done, you can click on the sprite and click on behaviors, then you can give it stuff like 8-direction, and solid (so stuff cant movie through it). Then say you want to shoot a bullet (after you make the sprite) you go to the "programming tab" and just add an event where "if key is pressed (space) then spawn "bullet" on layer 1" It's fairly straight forward to be completely honest with you.
  10. I had a "programming" class last year (10th grade), and we were using construct 2. I do understand the basics of game programming, but I've never done any actual coding. Construct 2 was more of a drag and drop, but create your own sprites type of thing. Other than that, I'm a pretty smart person, I usually understand anything if it's explained to me. I just don't know how reliable Construct 2 is for understanding the basics, I'm pretty sure it's good though.
  11. I want to be able to make games; nothing super complicated or graphically intensive, something more like balloon tower defense, or terraria.
  12. How well would this handle skyrim at high/max settings? My friend has the FX-6300 and 7870 and he is able to run it on high (some settings medium) with no lag at all.