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  1. So i have this older 1tb from a dell computer and i cant format it or anything. its like completely locked down by dell. (came form dell desktop I no longer have) I just need to completely clear it. im running windows on an ssd in that computer and the HDD i want to clear will be the main storage but i just cant seem to clear it in windows. Also how do I test and make sure the HDD is working properly.
  2. Looking for a new phone 100-200$

    well i just broke the digitizer on my phone so i need one now-ish
  3. it must work on cricket wireless sd card storage usb type c 5-6 in display that's all I care about
  4. how did you go about doing this
  5. I pay 50$ for 10/2, the ping issue is because the network is congested while im the only one home everything is great. What do you think for that price i should be getting ONLY internet,,, nothing else with it.
  6. I am personally a pc gamer a and the speed that my family of 3 currently has is 10/2 we did have 30/6 but then Comcast raised the rates and my father did not dispute the price at all and now we have stone age internet. While gaming and someone is doing anything on the internet I cant play online game AT ALL. the ping is 250 and the stability of the connection is fucking atrocious. I wish to do everthing I can to get a stable connection and I wish that I dedicvate half the bandwith all the time to my pc so I don't lag like hell and games are playable. I just want a stable connection. What can I do to help this problem becuase I hardley know anything about. networking 10 /2 is the worst thing on the planet and to anyone with lower speed god bless your soul I hope you are the only one living in your house
  7. So I have a Nzxt s340 and bought a 140mm nxzt fan and it is actually vibrating the top case like MAD and it's super loud. The fan has rubber feet but it's still vibrating the case. I'm sure it's not the fan making the sound also. Any Ideas? It's making a low humming noise that I can hear clearly with my headphones on.
  8. Re activating windows after hardware change

    I also NEVER had windows 8 on this hardware. I was running non activated windows for a long time and used this key on windows 10 and it just worked never had 8
  9. Re activating windows after hardware change

    only the motherboard and I already called them and got no help
  10. So I changed the hardware in my computer and tried to reactivate using the same key. the person at Microsoft said it was a window 8 key EVEN though I used it to activate windows 10 4 months earlier. W10 pro 64 btw. why did this key work on windows 10 and when I called Microsoft they said the key was windows 8 key? I'm just trying to reactivate it. I did try the changed hardware option under activation. still did not work.???
  11. https://www.asus.com/us/Motherboards/ROG-STRIX-X370-F-GAMING/ I have looked ALL over the specs and other things and I can't find it for some reason. help plz
  12. What thermal paste to buy

    No thermal grizzly liquid metal WILL oxidize the aluminum. with that paste you must have a copper plate that contact the it or it will actually chemically react
  13. What thermal paste to buy

    I have used my tube of arctic sliver 5 and wondering what I should do form here. I have ryzen 1600 and a 980ti extreme gaming and I'm thinking about going with liquid metal. i'm replacing the thermal paste on both.. AND NO my hotplates are not Aluminum they are both copper... What thermal paste should I buy. is the liquid metal to dangerous because i'm not scared of it... what do you think.?!??!
  14. CPU Upgrade

    Well we dont really know if the current ryzen chip set will work with the new cpus so ehhh. would wait.