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  1. eGPU support

    I would say don't buy a mac for gaming at alllllll. but since your name is Drmacintosh i dont think I can chnage that. Gpu over thunderbolt behave just like a gpu that is connected if they are connected properly, just install the drivers.
  2. PC no post, but fan spin.

    clear CMos
  3. I have seen a OCguru guide that was saying put the voltage to like 1.4-1.43
  4. are higher voltages ok with ryzen 2 ?
  5. So im currently running a ASUS x370-F Gaming Voltage is 1.375 SOC 1.2 LLC L4 Current 120% Current type is Asus Optimized Currently at 4.05ghz Kinda a let down, I believe ryzen 2 Takes higher voltages. Passing the CPU-Z stress test every time CINEBENCH seem to hand at the same spot about 25% of that time and passes the rest. My cooler is good, thermal are no worries.
  6. Electronics/ computer store that matches prices that matches prices like memory express in the us(+ the discount). Online store that is. Does amazon or newegg do something like this and I don't know about it?
  7. Java server host off my laptop window s 10 64 bit. Is there a video for something like this so I can set it up? It's a server for my discord but few people might try to pull something so I want to just cover up the ip
  8. That is my best guess but idk if that will work
  9. I want to make a Minecraft server from a Discord and also im port forwarding but I don't want my IP to show to everyone on the server is there a way I can cover it up and also make the server I'm not good at networking stuff.
  10. After leaving the comuter in plugged for 15 minutes it turns on most of the time. Whe I boot into window drivers are not being detected for the gpu
  11. Yes but that will be hard to get to ATM. If this keeps happening I will test it however
  12. So my specs are a GTX 980 TI a ryzen 5 1600 a Asus x370 gaming f and I have a 1200 watt Rosewell 80 plus gold Photon power supply. I have a very strange issue where my graphics card doesn't seem to power on other lights that are controlled by the pcie power light up on the card but the card does not be appearing to get pcie power. I have tried different slots on my power supply replacing the cables different sockets on the wall different power strips and I just can't seem to figure out why the the graphics card won't get power. The strange thing is sometimes that the computer will completely boot up fine other times when I hit the power button at the computer will flash on for a second then turn off other times it will boot up and then the graphics card wall flash a few times I think this is normal though then it will boot into safe mode other times the graphics card will turn on successfully with no problems and the system will boot up just fine giving display output. I know the GPU is not getting power because there are two lights next to the 8 Pin connectors on this card that are not lighting up when this issue is happening I tested many variables and I just do not know what is going on anybody can give me any insight or information please ask questions I've been dealing with this problem for about 4 months now sometimes the computer turns on fine other times I have to spend 5 hours trying to get it to turn on not exaggerating. Please share all the information you can thank you.
  13. Suggest for headphones under 70$

    Looking to buy some over ear headphones, open back or closed don't care
  14. Live stream hardware encoder?

    CPU impacts prefomance alot R5 1600. And the Nvidia encoder looks like ass
  15. Live stream hardware encoder?

    So I was wondering if there's anything like a pcie card for encoding a livestream that I can use. Or some relatively affordable Hardware encoder I know these encoders are out there but I don't know a bunch of about them if someone would like to share some information about them and the options that are out there that be great thank you. I'm talking about streaming gameplay to YouTube or twitch not home network streaming