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  1. First time really overclocking my gpu

    Well this is not the first time but I know how to do the basics but this is not A normal card it's really me asking how do I get the most out of this card... Because this card is a beast and not a normal mid tier card I'm used to
  2. First time really overclocking my gpu

    Everything is at stock right now with this card.
  3. First time really overclocking my gpu

    I know a bios flash can help in some cases
  4. First time really overclocking my gpu

    I have a 1200 watt gold psu so power is fine
  5. So I have A 980ti extreme gaming form gigabyte and I really want to get the extra prefomance potential this this has to offer. One of these https://m.newegg.com/products/N82E16814125837... Anyways I know there is a lot of things you can do with A gpu get to get the extra prefomance. This thing has an extra 6 pin connector even in it's side for extra power for extreme overclocking. But I have 2 dedicated 8 pins and I feel the extra 6 pin is to extra. I have also recently replaced the thermal paste on my gpu so the overall temp is now lower. In short I just want to get all the preformance I can out of this thing. Except maybe the bios flash that scares my but if it is easy I will do it
  6. are you keeping a book on bad stuff msi makes? or am i just an idiot
  7. https://m.newegg.com/products/N82E16820231941 it's that exact model but red (like that makes a difference)
  8. I may just get one Idk. 2800 should not be that bad. I also have an asrock B350 at home but that preformed worse at lanch
  9. I can have more control over my ram with this b350 then most what should I try and change to get the most out if it.
  10. I have a MSi b350 tomahawk and g.skill rip jawz 3200 16 ram. What tweaks can I make to get this ram to full speed. I have the latest bios update but still to this day can't get my ram to 3200. Currently at 2800 14 or 15 latency
  11. So when I originally bought by computer I bought the cheapest case I could possibly buy. Now after buy A 1600 and A 980ti extreme gaming. This case just seems a little under par for what my wants are. I Plan to overclock everything as high as I can but I want A decent case to promote good air flow. I Don't really want to spend more then 60$ however. I'm cheap Ik. Also plan to replace the thermal paste on my gpu to get the best temps possible... Anyways a good case I really like the new Corsair HAF case that just came out but dont want to 150 for a case.
  12. Looking for a better wifi solution for my desktop

    at home im 40 feet form my router and here im like 20 feet
  13. So right now I'm running a single band use wifi stick that is about 10 years old. I have to use wifi because my university blocks Ethernet I say my max price is 40$ but really want to pay less then that, i don't know very much about wifi adapters or how wireless works, but I know for a fact i need a dual band adapter also. Pic-e PCI or Usb I dont care just whatever works the best... And Windows 10 compatible, im aware that some adapters have problems with windows 10
  14. Which CPU+GPU Combo

    this. get a b350 mobo and its a easy overclock to 3.8